The Law on Russian analogue of DARPA Duma has passed three readings

The State Duma RF approved in the 3rd reading of the law "About the Foundation of promising research," Russian analogue of the South American Office of promising developments (DARPA) of the Ministry of Defense. As reported by RIA Announcements adopted document which defines the main functions and regulation fund. Bimbo organization will replace the existing at the moment of the military-industrial commission, control of which is the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

According to the bill "About the Foundation of promising research," analogue DARPA is created in the form of a non-profit organization whose main objective will be Contribution of Development with the highest degree of risk in the ongoing defense and security interests of the Russian Federation. Will manage the fund board of trustees, the board and the CEO. Who specifically will head the latest company to be announced. As expected, the fund will be funded by the government's decision from the federal budget of the Russian Federation.

Brand-new organization will be managed once the Ministry of Defence and the Government of the Russian Federation. As expected, in the first step of the fund, its management will be about 150 promising projects. Clearer number of projects and the amount of funding means the plan to find after a year of the fund. The structure of the organization's regular staff in the first step will include about 100 people.

The draft law on the development of the fund July 4, 2012 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced Rogozin. According to him, fund will be engaged in the formation of "scientific knowledge" about possible safety hazards RF and placing orders for the development of advanced technologies "in the military, special and dual purpose." The scope of the organization's interests fall mechanized systems, aerospace defense, hypersonic technology and some other areas.

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