The laws on dual citizenship — obmyslennaya strategy or policy of clean water?

Changes in the legal documents of some of the European countries in the last couple of years forced to think about whether they would like to review the map of Eastern Europe? And how this may relate to the States of the former Russian republics, namely Ukraine? At first glance these questions may seem quite absurd, but if everything is fine obmozgovat and weigh — it becomes clear that nothing impracticable in our time there. The new citizenship laws in Romania, Hungary, Poland and now have become a prerequisite that the population of Ukraine start getting massively second citizenship, even despite the fact that according to Ukrainian legislation is prohibited.

And yet, it all started much earlier, back in 1920, when Austria-Hungary, who lost the First World War, had to agree to a contract of Trianon and end their existence. And a huge amount of land that had previously belonged to her, and went to other states. A similar shock and fell to the share of Romania, which in 1939 signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and also lost its land. But no one, no second country after so many years and could not come to terms with the loss. It is clear that while there was a Russian alliance, the return of land does not even have to think so as Russian government aggressively controlled everything that happened in the countries of the socialist camp.

But in 1991, the Soviet Union gave the order to live a long time, and then, Hungary, Romania and remembered the insults of old times.

Immediately denote what does all this have Ukraine. After the signed contracts betrothed to her departed Transcarpathian region, which belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and where the population of 156 thousand Hungarians, and Northern Bukovina and Southern Bessarabia, Romania belonged. At the current time in Ukraine is home to about 150 thousand Romanians, and even more 258 thousand Moldovans, Romanians believe that his brothers. So Macarena, all the charges and claims of Hungary, Romania and Ukraine concerning the most concrete way.

In 2010, Hungary held parliamentary elections, which was won by the representatives of limited forces — the party of "Fides." Her favorite Viktor Orban is widely known for multiple scandalous statements that need to return the lost ground on the Treaty of Trianon. When it was part of the Carpathians, he claimed it — Hungarian land. And these expressions found the reflection in the configurations of legislation on citizenship. According to them the passport Hungary can get not only the ethnic Hungarians, and Ukrainians who had Protz living in the Austro-Hungarian countryside. With all of this it should be noted that the Ukrainian legislation shall be disregarded. But the Hungarian government conducting a similar policy not only in the Ukrainian countryside, and those countries that have received lands of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Something similar is happening in Romania. At the same time engaged in advocacy of the Romanian citizenship, many municipalities of the country. For example, the Ministry of Education provides support to students who come to study in Bucharest. In addition, it also organizes trips to Romania for the young generation who live in ethnic Romanian lands, and organizes meetings with Romanian politicians. The Ministry of Justice is staring at how many new people of Romania emerged in other countries.

According to statements by the officials themselves, before the data of those who got a passport and Romanian citizenship, could have a look at the official website of the Romanian Ministry of Justice. But in 2009, Chernivtsi Regional Council wrote to President Yushchenko, who was then president, to understand the situation. Then, at the level of Ministries of 2-states had a very serious talk, followed by lists of new Romanian people of Ukrainian origin were gone. Now similar information can be found on the resources of public institutions, but this is the essence of prepyadstviya niskolechko not change.

Its policy Romania has a national-cultural organizations operating in Ukraine. Although there is no formal proof that, but the Ukrainian spetsorgany argue that the funds allocated to it nothing less than the municipal budget Romania. It mixes with politics and the church. But in spite of all the charges, the Romanian side argues that does not pretend to Ukrainian land, and only support their own citizens who live outside of their country.

Noteworthy that Romanian politicians are doing very contradictory statements. So if Anatoly Popescu, head of the Odessa Association "Bessarabia" states that Romania under no circumstances does not claim to the territory of Ukraine, the Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Chairman of the "Great Romania", in contrast, states that Romania under pressure and gave Bukovina and Bessarabia, but the situation may change at the root.

A Romanian President Traian Basescu went even further, proposing in 2008 the Ukrainian government's own kind of deal — Ukraine gives Romania Northern Bukovina and Southern Bessarabia, and in return receives Transnistria, where many Ukrainians.

Representations of the representatives of Ukrainian authorities also diverse. According to the views of Vadim Kolesnichenko, international law does not have the necessary mechanisms for the revision of the municipal boundaries, if the majority of the population are citizens of another country. Because neither Hungary nor Romania have no chance to return once lost terrain.

At the same time, according to experts in international affairs, not very many people understand that in international law envisions autonomy in areas densely populated by ethnic minority, if 80 percent of the population of these territories have citizenship other country. And if there is autonomy — and then to move to another country is not far away. Naturally, in the Ukrainian legislation such regulation exists. But the Romanian and Hungarian governments can work in the future. When is the right number of people with dual citizenship, you can go to more drastic action. On the one hand, as a member of the EU Member States, these countries will not be able to pick up a Ukrainian countryside, but who can guarantee that they will act in good faith ways? What's to stop them to order several scandals in the press about the infringement of the rights of national minorities on the territory of Ukraine?

We also say a few words about the brand-new citizenship law adopted in Poland, less than a month back. According to the views of Ukrainian politicians, this solution is more strategic in nature, if a political one. The fact is that if you analyze the migration processes, especially those that occur in the European countryside, it becomes trivial shortage of labor and a reduction in the birth rate. So Makar, the issue of dual citizenship in Poland has more legal, legal, public character, in some ways even includes the problem of labor. But again, who can guarantee that behind all of this does not hide the desire of the Polish government to recover your area? ..

Recall that in Poland on August 15, came into force a law on citizenship, according to which all who wish to obtain Polish passport, can not renounce the citizenship of another country. Polish citizen may be at least some people which resided lawfully in its territory in the past 3 years. According to the speaker of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Dikusarova, the adoption of a new law in Poland makes certain prerequisites for Ukrainian residents in obtaining Polish citizenship. But as the Ukrainian legislation prohibits double citizenship, then, according to Dikusarova, the Ministry will hunt down the situation.

But on the other hand, the track is someth
ing they can and will be able to, but there is no penalty for double citizenship Ukraine is not provided. (!) Here is the paradox … However, in February 2012, an attempt was made to change the situation — to the Parliament introduced a bill to impose fines for dual citizenship. Amount of the fine was to be 10 to 30 times the minimum. If a similar violation of the law committed by a public entity, in this case the amount of the fine to be equated with 50-100 non-taxable minimum. But the story was finished only one — a law was passed that the inhabitants of Ukraine, received second citizenship must notify the appropriate authorities … In a word, no comment …

At the current time there are no precise data on how many people got the second Ukrainian citizenship: in-1's, as people usually do not reveal similar information, in-2, 2-holders of passports of Ukraine to count one much tried.

Naturally, you can go on a constructive path, taking as an example of Slovakia — there simply took away the passports of those who have obtained citizenship other country. But the situation in Ukraine in economic terms, and so bleak, the government can not allow myself to deprive a substantial proportion of the population the ability to earn in European countries and that feed their families. Getting a second passport, namely the member countries of the European Union, Ukrainian population gives "green light" to go abroad. After all, nowhere in the Ukraine to earn.

Humanly people seeking second citizenship can be appreciated. If the native government is unable to provide people with jobs and decent wages, then there is nothing surprising. People will be like before strive to, to leave the country. Because instead of empty demagoguery, it would be better raised the national economy, and then the scale prepyadstviya were not as impressive.

At the same time, a very different attitude appears to senior politicians and bureaucrats who receive citizenship of other countries. They are something for which it is needed? Is it only in order to have the ability to "waste" …

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