The matrix in the solar system


The first time I came across this article in the April 2001 one of the sites dedicated to space news, omit the address of ethical considerations, as the site is, in principle, interesting. This news could not leave me indifferent, only tormented soul worm, as are the rest is overlooked. But let's start in a row — read-ka article …

Scientists at the end of the past millennium labored decoding DNA at the start of the new century pleased with another stunning world of discovery.
Without going into the terminology and gipernauchnye links, the result of their work can be formulated like this: "The Matrix of life in space there is."

Fellow Arizona observatory Sovern Chang, put on, you can say, the last point in this is not a hypothesis, but the absolute truth, in an interview with "Irving neycheral" (Irwing Natural) in a fit of ecstasy exclaimed: "I saw it. And that is God." At the very least, a giant formation of the solar system, code-named MatrixBQI-33087, has the reasonable grounds to claim the status of world demiurge.

A history of the discovery has actually more than 30 years, when the then young staff Astrophysics Laboratory in Seattle, Danil Robbins, Ron Jeremy and Sovern Chang began collecting the crumbs of information about strange matter, scattered, as it then seemed, within the orbit of Mars and Neptune . Scientists still can not answer many trivial questions: where, for example, lost the whole "pieces" of solar energy on the way to the boundary of the solar system? What linked the appearance and disappearance of the red and white spots on the body of Jupiter, making some solar system objects that seemed to show signs of life, such as Jupiter's moon Io, the planetoid Chiron and Saturn's moon Titan, and even our most "Mars" Mars, the suddenly die out, so it seems that someone is playing on the nerves of Space Explorers and literally mocks them, without being seen?

Why change dramatically the flight path of many large comets as they strive to suddenly run into one or another resident of the solar system as it was five years ago, the comet Hale — Bopp, has made a sudden turn in the face of Mars and American research vehicle "Voyager"?
Information on MatrixBQI-33087 literally going bit by bit, and Ron Jeremy now says that he initially did not believe in "this nonsense" and even did not tell anyone about what logbooks every day becoming more and more voluminous. In addition, astronomers feared that their work if it fell into the hands of the CIA or the FBI, there will also be kept secret, and they will be disqualified for one reason or another from further research.

What exactly are the MatrixBQI-33087? Imagine a huge rarefied cloud having the shape of an elongated egg and spread out the orbit of Venus on Pluto's orbit is almost 10 billion miles. The only question that researchers have no answer: what, of what matter is this cloud. But most importantly, it lives, responds to what is happening in the solar system and the universe as a whole, and in particular on what is happening with us, living on the Earth.

Recent events that responded "matrix" — a devastating earthquake in India, which led to a 200,000 victims perished, the approach of the comet Ikeya — Seki and the explosion of a supernova in the galaxy ball M3 in the constellation Canes Venatici.

Accidental witness of this reaction was the same "Voyager", who turned out, apparently in the thick of things on the way from Uranus to Neptune. This satellite has long been not transmit anything but rare radio, but the February 14, 2001, he suddenly spoke up and coming forth of the whole symphony. Subsequent observations have confirmed that the presence of strong perturbations in this part of space. Sovern Chang calls them like the excitement of hot air a kind of mirage.

Thanks to a happy coincidence was found, and in particular the fact that the matrix is powered by solar energy, it is moving and at times produces tentacles that surrounds one or another planet. This has given scientists reason to compare a matrix with an amoeba, which checks the safety of the kids around him.

Most interesting is that, by the "madmen in Seattle" (as they were dubbed the conservative scientific community), the last two or three years is a tentacle enveloped it with you our planet Earth. And now remember how many times reported in news reporting, literally next to us were flying giant asteroids! It flew by, surprisingly, although many were calculated to face us.

Name of God
Speaking live on British television, Danil Robbins being modest and say that the work on the study of the matrix is just beginning, as it finally joined several reputable organizations, institutes and observatories, including Houston, NASA, the French center "Mont Blanc" and the New Zealand "Universe Infinity Station." The question and the participation of a number of Russian scientists in the project. Already got an invitation astrophysicist, Professor Egidas Laurinchyus from Dubna, who also worked in this direction, calling his hypothesis "solar nebula."

For more information, pictures of the array 10-15-year-old and the most recent, interviews with perpetrators and further details of their assumptions can be found on the page on the Internet.

It turns out that the name of God — MatrixBQI-33087?

Danil Robbins: "The Matrix controls everything that happens in space. Once I was fascinated by astrology and now I can confirm Kepler's conjecture about the existence of a hypothetical planet Apollo, but it is not a planet, and in fact the foundation of life in our solar system, though, judging by some scattered facts that still need to check, at a distance of 716 million kilometers from the apogee of the orbit of Pluto matrix forms a kind of seal that can be called by the brain, or, if you like, the planet of Apollo. was beautiful all the same god … Take Nostradamus, Century 4 , quatrain 78: All is meutriks (English — "Everything is meutriks"). envy I afford? do not know yet. "

Sovern Chang: "We can not be suspected of knavery only because we have acted and roamed the expanses of the universe completely disinterested. We were not going to turn the world and we apologize if it happened. Matrix sometimes scares us, because it is from a human point of view can be cruel. Because that's all it produces and it kills all the same. "

Ron Jeremy: "When the earthquake happened in North India, we have seen through the eyes of the telescope as a matrix wince. Moreover, changes began to take place in two or three days before the crash. Now I know that everything in her power!"

Shocked? Me too. And how can I, a lover of astronomy in early childhood, this is not noticed. After all, even created a website at leisure, dedicated to the solar system. And the elephant is not noticed. And I rushed to look for all the objects mentioned in the network and the individual spaces.

Especially shook search result Ron Jeremy — whether he threw astrophysics and began acting in porn movies, whether man was lucky with the namesake. The others mentioned persons, magazines and sites in the network in general was not, but the source was — entertainment publication "lump". In the circumstances, and was vyshepomeschennaya article. (№ 1-97). Dispelled, but sorry. I really wanted to update the heading Fingerprints of the Gods.

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