The men from the Dominican Republic increased female breasts


Three twin brothers Ramirez of the Dominican Republic is very much surprised that they have started to grow a real and still very beautiful woman's breasts.

Because of this unusual anomaly brothers have not only started to feel uncomfortable, but they forgot a couple of years about what is "normal life."

Over simple teens 11, 12, and 17-year-old laughed and mocked them even beaten and called homosexuals and hermaphrodites, so Ramirez brothers had no choice but to turn to doctors.

Local experts have identified a rare genetic disease, but could not find treatment — only offered to take the unfortunate brothers hormonal agents that increase the percentage of male and female hormones in the body in favor of the first — and testosterone inhibit estrogen.



However, when this does not work, the father of such unusual Dominicans named Philip asked the surgeons to conduct operations for unnecessary amputation of his sons chest.

As a result, the surgeon Pedro Antonio Delgado agreed not only to carry out surgery, but his clinic is fully paid for expensive operations.

Now the brothers Eri, Gabriel, Daniu (in shocking photos before the operation) is incredibly happy to have become a "full-fledged" men are hoping that will change all their lives for the better, and they will even be able to find yourself a girl.


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