The military came a step closer to creating a hologram of the battlefield

This is one of those grand ideas that word of mouth passed Pentagon scientists, and come up in the press every few years. "The Face of God" will beam holograms realistic battlefield, projecting the image of a deity "to incite fear in soldiers on the battlefield."

The last time we heard about the holographic weapons two years ago, when the University of New Hampshire has worked on some projects funded by the Pentagon. Since then, another team of researchers has made a hologram in reality, not as a weapon of war. At least for now.

Optical scientist Nasser Peygambarian and his team Universtitet Arizona demonstrated that New York Times calls "a hologram that can be moved, taken from the same point, and then projected and viewed from different points."

Hologram Peygambariana created using 16 cameras using lasers to write on the "smart" plastic, located at a distance, and then illuminated by the special light, the picture looks as sustainable 3D. Team partner of Columbia University exploring the transmission beam holographic data over the Internet, to allow 3D video chats, or instant holographic maps, drawings or medical images. Peygambarian says to technology has become affordable and widespread, it may be necessary for decades.

Earlier holograms have been used in the military headquarters. A company called Zebra Imaging holographic plastic cards sold to the Pentagon, its main customer. The military sent the company data, and then they played on the holographic images, such as the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan. Does not require any 3D glasses, and only a special, custom-made LED-flashlight to "activate" the image encoded in the plastic.

Zebra's technology has both military applications, such as on-site examination of an improvised explosive device, write to the company's website. "Analysts can try to understand the nature and design of the explosive device, for a picture from a scene in 3D is much better than the usual flat image."

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