The oldest bird in the world brought seed in 62 years

 Female albatross named Wisdom ("wisdom"), which is considered the oldest bird on the planet, the sixth consecutive year, lays eggs, despite its venerable age, according to Discovery News.

"It regularly raises new offspring and annually makes flight across the Pacific Ocean" — are reported words of the head of the Programme of nesting birds of North America (NABBP) Piterdzhona Bruce (Bruce Peterjohn).

Scientists estimate the age of Wisdom in 62 years, while in the wild albatross usually live to 15-20 years. For the first time this female albatross found and ringed biologist Chandler Robbins (Chandler Robbins) in 1956, when the bird hatched laying on one of the islands of the Pacific Ocean. At that time she had to be at least five years, or she could not have done laying. However, most of albatrosses first offspring appears when at least eight years, the report says.

Females lay only one albatross egg, then the bird spends almost a year out to sit through it, raise and train the chick. Due to the fact that the education of young takes so long, albatrosses do masonry every year. But Wisdom lays eggs sixth consecutive year. According to scientists, this female albatross reared for more than 30 chicks during his long life.

Besides the fact that Wisdom famous longevity, she managed to survive the Japanese tsunami off the coast of Tohoku in 2011, which killed many sea birds, as well as not become prey to rats, cats and other predators introduced by people on the island, where nesting albatrosses.

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