The phenomenon of the transition to the other world

Scientists have come to God through the painful search for the truth. Those who lived through the experience of death, trust once, simultaneously. They are an amazing transformation. In some cases, they develop intuitive abilities that are beyond "normal" mentality.

But this does not mean that these people are mentally fulfilling. On the contrary, Dr. Patrick Dyuavrin (France), who studies "the phenomenon of transition," says that the psychological balance to individuals traveling "out there" above average. That in some way these people are more normal than others.

They disappeared many diseases and psychiatric conditions have been observed before. They use less drugs and alcohol. And no drugs. Many say that their life has become deeper and more meaningful, that they became interested in the fundamental philosophical problems. Almost all of the survivors of this experience, emphasize that the most important thing in life — love for others, understanding of each individual. Many have visited "there" come to a new understanding of life and death, the nature of the other world.

Death, they say, is out of consciousness to a higher level, and in the human world is not waiting for a one-sided court, but rather the maximum self-discovery and development. During the stay "out there" to some, it was reported that learning continues even after death. But new knowledge and understanding do not come immediately. "The assumption that by dropping the body, the soul immediately knows and understands is incorrect.

I came to this new world as the old left. "According to most respondents, any radical personality change in going" there "is not happening. It remains the same as it was. All that we have built in the world, remains with us. Individuality is preserved. For people who have had near-death experience unusually long — about fifteen minutes, and was characterized by a vision of the "perfect knowledge." They went through this insight: see the whole range of existence, in which, it seemed, was attended by all — past, present and future — in a timeless state. "I have a feeling that suddenly for a second, I learned the secrets of the ages, the meaning of the universe, the stars, the moon — all, I had the omniscience — the knowledge of all that there was from the beginning and will be indefinitely . "This outbreak of universal enlightenment, some likened to a" school "," library "," institution of higher learning. "

And found out that there is some mechanism blokirueschy omniscience obtained in this particular state. All of the patients said that the feeling of perfect knowledge disappeared after their return. On the tricky question: "Why in the world to learn, if there all the knowledge they?" — One and all were told that what he saw was not only not interfere in this life, but also encourages learning. "Pytatsya find answers here on Earth — it's not stupid. I feel that this is our mission." Many are convinced that the Earth acquired knowledge play a crucial role there. "Reason is a more important part of a person than our body …

Now mind — the main subject of my worries. "Questions that arise in connection with the opening of the" phenomenon of transition, "a lot. Lot. Whether only person this peculiar phenomenon or whether it is inherent in other forms of life, such as animals? Consciousness continues to live after the physical body and your brain fall apart, turn to dust? And if he lives, for how long? Forever? lives there alone, always maintaining individuality, or eventually dissolves in the oceans of Consciousness — the information field of the universe? These and many other remains unknown in the world. "I think we have reached a certain transition era. We must have the courage to open new doors and not to exclude the possibility that modern scientific methods no longer meet the new Direction of research, "- says the researcher known phenomenon MD Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Unfortunately, in our country as long as the description of phenomena studies involved only enthusiasts . Their efforts are scattered. and no official center that would focus — for scientists and researchers — nepoznanyh information on events, including the "phenomenon of transition."

But surely there will be many of our countrymen who could share their unique experiences. Many could tell doctors and Critical Care Medicine. This information would help us better understand ourselves and the world around us. And besides, we all will have to go once to the "last line". And who knows … "Further development of science, it may make a clear understanding of some of these strange phenomena. But hardly can contribute to their understanding of their silence in the scientific and popular literature …

The question is put. Next generation of scientists or the same as the previous ones, will shy away from it, or, overcome inhibitions, will the selection of keys to these phenomena … Much is now being revised by those who walk through the world with open eyes and ears. It is important that there were also scientists … I know how dangerous it is to move into the Looking Glass. I know how to stay quietly on the wide road of science … But it seems to me that everyone in the world as best should do his duty … "(academician NP spondylitis).

Vitaly Pravdivtsev

Category: Life after death, reincarnation

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