The Plant Kingdom / Kingdom of Plants to watch online

The Plant Kingdom / Kingdom of Plants to watch online
In this film, which starred in Tsarskoye Botanical Gardens Kew in London, David Attenborough will explore magnificent world rasteniy.Pri shooting the film used a variety of techniques, such as acceleration, deceleration, and an infrared filming, filming in real time, the micro-and macro photos.

1. Life in mokrovatom climate / Life in the Wet Zone.

David starts its own way inside the beautiful Palm House, a unique rainforest in Londone.Tut, he will study the plants, which are so well adapted to wet and damp environment and opens the tight fit between the business areas moist plants and animals that depend on ih.Nahodyas in the humid zone of peace He points out that the plant first made landfall, and in the House of Water Lilies (Waterlily House) David indicates how developed the first flowers of about 140 million years ago.

2. Revealing the secrets / Solving the Secrets.

David uses the new 3D-technology in order to explore the world beyond our humane emotions. He starts to move to the "Undercover plant life" and uses a sinister carnivorous plants, to show how active can be rasteniya.Puzyrchatka (utricularia) (1) One of the most recognizable in the middle of pond inhabitants, their traps shut the least than one millisecond.David reveals to us, as to the changes of the seasons, at different time scales, they change their life Regardless of the time of year. We will find insects nestled associated with plants as pests and pollinating plants. Sensitivity to UV-radiation of 3D cameras detect invisible alter ego of plants and flowers bewitches model, parallel measurements of unusual colors and stunning model, which means the plants with them razgovarivat.Pri aid of visual effects

3. Survival / SurvivalProdolzhitelnost.

David finds plants that have evolved to break its dependence on water, giving them an opportunity to survive in dry sredah.Istoriya begins at midnight in the middle of summer, when David directs his steps to the Princess of Wales Conservatory to witness an extraordinary night-blooming cactus. Queen of the night, with its cyclopean colors, is the centerpiece of a stunning symphony of cactus plants in breaking open in the desert (and Q) overnight.

World of plants

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