The police chief is not allowed to campaign for Neklyaeva

In the round head of the local police banned a resident of the district center Zinaida Mileshchantsy conduct propaganda rally for presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Picket fan Neklyaeva conducted in accordance with established for this location — opposite the house of culture:

"I was convinced that nothing is broken, as the police passed by and did not say anything. Then went for lunch police chief Vladimir Yermolaev. And he drove us, my husband and I stood. He asked," Where is your license? If it is not, it is a violation and I could make a record on you, but I know very well, so just warning you. Pack your things and go. "We stood with the flag" for Neklyaeva ", a portrait and a CD with music from Neklyaeva."

Says Zinaida Mileschenko, she and her husband stood in a picket of about three hours. She was sure that nothing is broken, because there was a certain power seats for campaigning. Piketovka going to complain about a policeman in Event Tourism Election Commission.

Zinaida Mileschenko former deputy district council from 2002 to 2006. She was chosen as the nominee of the United Civil Party. In the round, and it is known as rasprostranitelnitsa independent press.

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