The prophecies of the Magi

Executed again by Knyazhev lyutu decree,
From the ashes will rise to fight, and fight lead.
And the faithful twice returned did not flinch once.
Strong and beautiful, and live forever Tales.

To learn how to fight for the land and lived violently.
How in the mist night campfire feasted.
But the gray crows circling above us again,
And the bright stars in the darkness without a trace burned.

Seven thousand years ago on the territory of modern Russia there was a state, which bore the name Iriy (Arius Yary, Vyry). Our planet was called by the ancient Slavs fingers, and the whole world at that time was in a calm and quiet. Reigned on earth eternal spring, and nature was so rich that the Slavs did not have to work day and night to provide food. After a thousand years of the Slavs began to settle on the ground, moving further and further away from their ancestral home, their children and grandchildren will never come back to the ancient Iriy, acquiring new territory, a rich animal and bird. At that time there was no need to till the soil, so the main sign of prosperity had the opportunity to hunt, gather berries, nuts.

But if something has changed in the world. Slavs are faced with people who are not like them, and they passed through the territory in which there was little forest, for food they become more killing of animals, and then learned to cultivate the land. Three thousand years later Iriy was perceived not as a real place, but as a mythical paradise. "Government Iriem Svarog in Irii feasting heavenly gods and Iriyu same milk flowing river." Ancestors of the Slavs was told about a place that does not have to work, where just enough, where there is no reason to kill and quarrels. It was seen as something unusual, unearthly. Grandparents said that the kingdom of heaven is brighter on the other side of the clouds, and far to the east, near the sea. Rather, they said, that Iriy besides the sea and fog covered Iriy often enough, but the Slavs, who had not seen the sea and of the mist, felt that grandparents talk about the mountains, the tops of which are constantly hidden by clouds. Today, so many versions put forward about the location of Iria. Someone thinks that this could be a sea of Baikal, one speaks of the White Sea. It is believed that Iriy located in the Far East, and the Ainu living here — the descendants of Slavs. While this is only a relatively old version of Iria. Another is the state called Yasuni, Arta. However, for seven thousand years, the name of the Slavic ancestral changed often enough, and today still do not know exactly where Iriy.

Vedic mythology tells us about Aria — the forefather of the Russian people, and Dazhbog son alive, on Bohumír — Slavic Noe, of Kieu — Aria son and founder of Kiev, of the gods of the Rus — Veles, Dazhbog, Perun, Rode, Svarog, Svyatovit, Semargl, Stribog , HORSE … All these gods and demigods Iriy inhabited. But in the Vedic legends Iriya no binding to a specific location in the former Russia, and therefore the last four thousand years Iriy perceived not as a state but as a mythical paradise. In the tales say that the universe is arranged as a tree: the roots — the realm of the dead, Hades, the barrel — our world, and on top of the tree in the crown of leaves and branches located Iriy. The meaning of stay of each person on Earth — up the stairs of perfection and righteousness and reach Iria.

The same tradition is known that Irii lived and magicians. We also know that the state was Iriy and wizards, magicians, priests. Freed of the need to fight for survival, not just ancient Slavs lived under the laws of nature, they were talking to the trees and animals, flowers and stones … they improve the world in which they lived, and who gave them everything they improved and changed himself. We also know that the first Slavic magician was Alexis. All of today's Slavic magi — the descendants of Alexis, all the magic school in Russia to seek support from Alexis, all magical rituals in Russia start with "your name, Alexis …" and "yours, Alexis, the kingdom and the power and the glory …" But Alexis character is quite real, it lived on earth Slavic magician, let seven thousand years ago, but the magnetic man. And Alexis left a prophecy that is discussed today magicians, soothsayers, astrologers. At the last symposium in Austria magicians world prophecies topic Alexis was one of the principal. Though the prophecy hardly ever be published, communicated to the public and unlikely to be publicly discussed. Decided that the Russian magicians themselves have to understand what to do with the legacy of their Master.

Slavic sorcerers claim that a thousand years since the creation of Iria (not paradise, and country), under the direction of Alexis went part of the Slavs to the west, made a long and established transition state, which is now known to historians as the Seven Rivers. After two thousand years (four thousand years ago), following the prophecy of Alexis, the descendants Bohumír and Aria began "the outcome of the Seven Rivers." First wizard Alexis ordered the Slavs to fulfill his orders to leaving, the Slavs had to destroy everything that had to do with magic. So they did throughout their history. Until now, historians are not clear why they did it. Historians do not find the answer to why 6,000 years ago, the city known today as Maydanitskoe, was abandoned by its inhabitants and burned. However, here it must be said that only those and burned villages and buildings, they lived in the community of the Magi. It remains a mystery why he was leaving the Arch of not more than 50 years. Great city, which was inhabited by about 500 people, and they were wise men. Ten Slavs at that time had two or three kings. Slavic ancient culture was the culture of the magic. Magee based their knowledge and teachings on the nature, knew the properties of plants and stones, easy to read the future of man, possessed the key to the thin, parallel world.

Iriy and subsequently Seven Rivers, located at the crossroads of East and West, between Europe and Asia. It is believed that Europe and Asia are always fighting each other. Their gods are often "crossed their swords in heaven." And the magicians participated in the battle of the gods. They defended and fought Yasuni Dasunyu. It was long thought that the Yasuni means Iriy, Heaven, heavenly gods. Dasun same — dark realm inhabited dasa — demons. Alexis prophecy tells a different story: Yasuni — Slavs Dasun — non-Slavs. In other words, the Yasuni — white people, Slavs, Europeans … Dasun — yellow people, Asians … It is possible that the magicians has been burning their villages in order to destroy the valuable knowledge that could benefit them Dasun hostile. Nothing that gives even a hint of magical knowledge of the Magi, was not to fall into the hands dasuney. In England, Stonehenge is in Egypt — Pyramids … In Russia, there is simply no such monuments. In addition, all structures, buildings were wooden. The prophecy mentions Alexis tower a thousand measures. Slavs, led by the wise men, was built at the beginning of the second millennium BC in Chelyabinsk Contemporary wooden tower height of 700 meters. It is impossible to imagine this can not believe it … When the tower was completely rebuilt, magicians climbed to the top of it. There, for seven days, they held secret rituals to communicate with the gods. Then, this wonder of the world was on fire. Vedic culture says that Iriy (heavenly paradise) is located in the crown of the world Dubai, where the gods dwell. To ask for their advice, magicians build the tower and climbed to the top of the abode of the gods. "And they are the wise men their faces and were taught and instructed them …"

So Wonder stood for seven days, after which it was burned. Work of hundreds of people, many days and nights consumed the fire. Nothing should get to dasunyam. Magi believed that it is impossible to recognize the forces of evil in the world. Magic allows you to change the world only to the elite. Magician opens the student how to penetrate into other worlds. After the student knew and saw the power of magic and become the master of all that had to do with this knowledge, must be destroyed. Only to dasuni could not penetrate into the ranks of the initiated. The city covers an area greater than 200 acres, built in the sixth millennium BC, stood a hundred years. Then was abandoned and burned. Knowledge magicians never recorded. Way transfer of knowledge was possible only from the teacher to the student. The "invisible struggle between Yasuní and Dasunyu will always …" Iriy, Seven Rivers, Russia have always been at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Slavic magicians tried to keep the line between worlds, between nations and between different cultures and different teachers. Another great tower, which was mentioned in the chronicles, was built north of the lake about six thousand years ago. Magi also climbed to the top platform, conducted rituals and after also burned structure. After that they went to the East and reached the eastern sea. And on the beach, they built a new tower … Alexis tells that at the top of the towers coming down the gods passed magi magic art, knowledge, reveals the future, set up to fight the Magi. The Magi were the last redoubt of restraining dasuney. And the magicians came to earth dasuney and built there the city. And then, having there own secret rituals, these cities were subjected to burning.

According to the prophecy of Alexis, "… Dasun prevail in the world. And the pain and the fear and the darkness will fall to the ground. And it will be until the gods of the East is strong and invincible, cunning and cruel … "Seven thousand years ago, wise men knew that their fight was doomed. Alexis claimed that the end came after seven thousand years — in our time. For two hundred years Dasun absorb Yasuni. Asia enslave Europe. It already is today, probably. "Magic Dasuni very weak, but dasuney will be many times more …"

"The number of Slavs fall while (2000-2200 years — approx.'s) Many times. Born from a pair of only one child, and in many cases — not one. At one son Dazhbog have dasuney hundred sons. Nav swallow reality. Rules will be broken, the children Dazhdbog will be destroyed. Perun is defeated, Velez lead the Rus to the afterlife. Iria come to earth other gods who supersede those whom we worship today, and our descendants will worship almost seven thousand years … "

When we say that Orthodoxy — the true faith of our ancestors, we agree and show our ignorance. We go to temples and pray all-good God who calls the other cheek rapist, murderer, robber. We — servants of God, and the slave must not resist. We forget that, in general — Jesus Christ — a Jew. When we celebrate the Lord in churches circumcision, it was not too much to look at her man's distinctive feature — it is like our ancestors Russes or have his foreskin cut off? Jews accused of having betrayed Jesus Christ, but it may be, still it is their internal affair? And if our own, so why not? After all, many people adhere to the Christian religion, and a thousand years longer pray to the Christian God, but do not tell the Germans that Christianity is the true faith of their ancestors. Italians are not seen in the truth, the Greeks worshiped their gods, too, though, and pray to Jesus. Why would the last who joined Christianity declared it his true faith? Complex, difficult question that is not answered … It is known that the Christian Church has once betrayed his flock, when she went to a deal with the Tartars. In churches sang prayers to the glory and health Tatar khans. Any resistance to the Tartars by the Church. For the Tatars did not plunder monasteries. For the first hundred years of Tatar rule accounts for the rapid growth of the wealth of monasteries throughout the history of the Christian church. Now here's the story with this hymn. As you know, his recovery was supported by the current head of the Russian Church. Forgotten the recent bloody past, when the sound of the hymn Bolsheviks destroyed and looted temples and priests were shot. Alas, for the sake of conformity will be laid on the sacred altar, and memory, and pain, and the truth.

We believed in the triumph of communism, or wanted to, or we are forced to believe … In this case for the period from 1918 to 1953, we lost a third fellow, and in the first place — to play the most valuable gene pool of individuals. We pray today, many gods, Russian boys and girls singing "Hare Krishna" and other Russian boys and girls worship the Buddha, others dance dances of India, fourth seek wisdom in Tibet, the fifth in direct contact with Shambhala … And who is Svarog, who Rod who Perun, Veles, Horse? Is almost seven thousand years the Slavs, who regarded these gods reborn only in the last twenty years, so that they are willing to accept in your heart anyone of another. Slavs were baptized when they were burned, drowned, crucified, horses trampled … create a state and needed a faith servants of God, meek and obedient. True Slavs held out, though, and left in the forest, there secretly worshiping their gods. All but invisible circle narrowed and tapered to tighten the neck of faith of our ancestors painful loop. Was the period of construction of socialism and then communism, when all that had to do with runes, Slavic gods, ancient knowledge, burned, destroyed, and the people only on suspicion of involvement in the ancient cults were driven to the Gulag. Still magical nuggets of knowledge maintained and passed on from generation to generation. Alexis is a prophecy, and the world should be his predictions, as people should be their fate.

"Dasuni possess our land. Dasuni impose their faith to our descendants. Dasuni come quietly. Invisible and cunning are their actions, and our grandchildren will ask them to rule themselves … "

Russia will give Japan the Kuril Islands. Already given. Residents want the Kuriles to Japan. In Primorye, the year 2006 will be quite a few who buys goods are not in China. Profession "pomogayki" will be a "true Russian occupation." Central Asia will not need Russian in 2003. Over Chechnya and will not be a long-awaited victory is gained … Russia's prestige will fall. The northern areas were destroyed and thrown in the coming years. Criminal authorities will give their power to the representatives of the triad by 2007. Russian mafia one will not be intimidating. MPs will be given a lot of Russian land and the population approve it in 2015 …

"No we are today, not our gods, nor our descendants can not do anything. Only two hundred years will pass, and dasuni will rule the world. And because we can not allow our art to fall into their hands. While the will to live our distant descendants, while our knowledge will be conferred, Yasuni would resist black Dasun. The whole race of Yasuní will help people living in another world … "

Alexis testament never recorded, transmitted by word of mouth for centuries. It has the necessary advice, the correct execution of the rituals, the appeal to the beholder and pilgrims, the prophecy. Today, he is taught to many followers of the Magi. Do not call the wise men to the war, never abused man's faith, his beliefs, did not impose their faith. They only offered a choice, accept the elections held rigid selection. In the name of what to choose? Is there a point adjacent to the doomed? The point is, but it is available only to the chosen …

Why am I writing this? Because my rituals begin with the words "thy name, Alexis …"

Slavic religion evolved over the millennia. It has shaped the environment surrounding Slavic world. Slavs for their many thousands have gone through all the history. They experienced prosperity, destruction and rebirth. They lived in a perfect world, where everything was, and lived in places where the elements appeared in the guise of a mortal enemy. Iriy gave them all and did not ask for anything in return, but when the Slavs went to the West and to the East, they were confronted not only with the foreign people, they are faced with a different worldview, a different attitude. In the West, they founded the Seven Rivers in the East — Assard. And in the other country and the living conditions were much harder. Necessary not only for food, but also to protect your family, your family. Slavs encountered dismissive attitude to nature (they could not understand or accept), they faced a contempt of animals and birds (which was equivalent to the Slavs destroyed his blood), they were confronted with the other gods, incomprehensible and evil. In such conditions, to preserve the life and health of the spirit can be only one way — the right blend of everything that happens in the existing laws of nature. Knowledge of these laws did not come easy, bit by bit. They took and multiplied, they served as a guide to action, for the proper organization and all. In these conditions the person was able to correctly understand their place in the world around him. He clearly knew the nature to live in peace, without humiliating and defeating it. Then the man took the right and the unity of the world and that this world is governed by the same for any and all laws. Slavs were also aware that God, the creator of these laws, there can be a person, God can not be specifically someone, God — it is the substance that permeates all and all is contained in all and manifests itself in everything. Our ancestors also felt a particle of it all and build a practical life from that perspective.

Slavs created a system of behavior that is not allowed to disturb anyone. Laws of conduct took the form of worship. Thus a culture that makes society lifelike. And in this culture, it was all worthwhile. Religion and folk tradtsii followed thousands and thousands of years have kept the Slavic community. Having lost their traditions people killed, scattered, lost its face, its identity, its spirit. Our ancestors believed in one God Vsederzhatelya, nor sacrifice any idols were moral, and know who is responsible for what and to whom in each case must be handled. And so it was a thousand years. Even when the Slavs "left" of the Seven Rivers, and Assarda and had to fight the war imposed upon them by other nations, the great apostasy was thought to another god and another religion. Slavs burned their dead, they piled the fire and put on top of the body, believing that the soul immediately goes to the gods. When Iriy ceased to be associated with the ancestral home of the Slavs, burning the dead, believed that the soul returns to Iriy heavenly. The death was not considered for the Slavs something catastrophic, they are sad, seeing the last journey of the deceased, they remembered his former case, but not crying and tearing their hair — they are celebrating the beginning of a new life. It was only when he was the one who lived on the wrong law who broke the interaction with the birds and beasts, who took someone else's faith, he was buried in a coffin, burying it in the ground. The soul of a deceased person, lying in a coffin and buried in the ground, hundreds of years will be tied to the decaying corpse and be restless. This is a terrible punishment for our ancestors was the worst that could wait for their death below. But traitors became more and more graves appeared in border areas. Slavs have always been freedom-and did not think of violence over their thoughts, their way of life and their right to live according to the laws of nature and law. Its decisions on tribal and public affairs, the Slavs took at the gathering, the popular Chamber.

A thousand years ago, the princes decided to break the people's traditions for their own power over their people. Princes bothered by the decisions of the Chamber and the best way was to call the monarchical power from abroad. The most severe of monarchical power in those times was the Christian church, which has long departed from the principles of election and voting. In the Christian church acted principle: the clergy for the community, and the community for the clergy. It is in the interest of vlastpriderzhaschih conducted the baptism of Russia, which turned out not only to human suffering, but also the destruction of culture, history and traditions.

All of this self-destruction had something to justify. Therefore, there was the myth of the Wild Russia, which the West has brought his knowledge and culture. Russian Orthodox Church still considers its main merit of the Russian people — the creation of statehood in Russia. Somehow everyone forgot that the state (and far worse) has been in Russia for thousands of years before the baptism.

Princes trampled into the mud religion of his people. Harmony of faith was shattered and nearly all the last millennium was marked by struggle (spiritual and physical) with their own people. That he believed people zaplevyvalos and distorted. Good gods seemed wicked, good customs service depicted as demons. All this had an impact on the spirit of the people. Violence is increasingly filled Rus, until it resulted in all, including themselves and the princes, governors, kings, general secretary of the CPSU, and the presidents of the church. Russia is in a constant period of struggle. We can not create something stable, as in our country, something stable, so there and then be followed by a collapse, the collapse of the Russian … can no longer live without shocks. We need the suffering, we need mezhduusobitsy, we can no longer live in the world. Our gods, puzzled look at us, our traditions sacrificed princes, rulers, our heroes as we ourselves are not needed.

In "The Song of Igor's Campaign" says that there are Russian Dazhbog grandchildren. Pedigree of the Slavs brought to the main god. Chief god was considered the grandfather, an ancestor, ancestor. He guarded the family, he was a giver, giver of earthly goods. He was one of a kind, the most ancient, the oldest, wisest. Dazhbog not know the word slave, it just was not because of the Slavs and the Slavs have never been able to say: "I, the servant of God …". God has been to them all, but he was one of them, he did not consider his descendants slaves. Keeper and giver of good fortune, justice, happiness and of all goods is the White god. White god depicted with a piece of iron in his right hand. Hence the "right", "justice". Svetovid was god gifts and harvest. The gift of the gods sacrificed collected from the fields and orchards, they sacrificed and young animals. But this was a reasonable sacrifice. Never Slavs sacrificed recklessly and wantonly. Pets are not burned on the altar, and just immediately eaten during a feast. Slavs regarded their gods as their ancestors, and if the gods could not eat with the child, then they could invisibly present at the feast, rejoicing and enjoying the emotions of their children. And this is important in the pagan belief: gods ARE HUMAN EMOTIONS. Emotions of happiness, joy and pleasure. Never Slavs sacrificed people, why would God be suffering? Slavs had not burned animals on the altar, is the god to pointless destruction and suffering of animals? Our historians have agreed to the fact that at the time of the alleged burning at the stake of the dead, and here killed women and throwing them into the fire, too. Do not confuse paganism with the Inquisition, burning people at the stake of the clergy, but our ancestors did not Dazhbog grandchildren. Only Niyanu sacrificed people, god of the underworld. And these people were criminals, murderers, outcasts. They were not normal people, they have legitimate rights, but even they originally proposed to improve, they were given a second chance, second, third, and only then sent to Niyanu. Living in harmony with nature so as not to cause gratuitous suffering. And no other religion could not be accepted by Slavs. And because they were burned, drowned, were driven into the deep forest, the "cross". And even then, nothing happened. And then came the lies, deception, fraud …

Christianity could not stifle paganism, but it could fool people. So there was a holiday of Ivan Kupala. At the summer solstice Slavs celebrated bathers. On this day the sun (Horse, Colo) leaves his heavenly palace in a chariot to meet month. Was made to guard the meeting of the month with the sun on the night of June 24. Stayed up and watched as the sun plays. Observed this ritual with hills or going to the meadows near rivers. Jumping over the fire, experiencing not only skill, but also the fate. Immediately sang, danced and rivulets. High jump over the fire meant the planned execution. At dawn, everyone celebrates bathed. So they took off their bathing evil sickness and disease. Day of the summer solstice — the time of maximum development of the creative forces of nature, its potential. Naturally, in the night occurred kukpalinskuyu different miracles. And it was a celebration of bathers. The Christian Church came up to this day a holiday Midsummer (meaning John the Baptist). Estestvennno, he did not catch on. Naturally, the Slavs continued to celebrate swim and had no idea newcomers John. But time passed. The church was insistent, it destroyed the Magi, it kills those who honored the "old" faith. And now there was Ivan Kupala. Will not swim, but not John, but still Ivan Kupala. Pancake and remained in Christian Russia. Previously, it was a symbol of winter and the burning of the meeting of spring, the vernal equinox. It was at this time day winning night (after that is longer than the night), and the heat beats cold. Hristanskaya church could not win a pagan holiday, but was able to deform it, moving for many hundreds of years, the very date of the holiday. When the pagans celebrated the equinox (March 24), it was clear and understood the nature of the holiday, and celebrate what now? Slavs celebrated the sun (not Jesus Christ, Mother of God) and the image of the sun baked (pancakes). Simultaneously burning idol, which prevented the sun to give warmth. Few people know that eating a holiday is not just a pancake, and the sun. People do not just staged a carnival to have fun and celebrate the turning point in the development of a natural process. No mystery, no sacrifice (except pancakes), no violence. Only joy at the arrival of spring, followed by summer and a bountiful harvest. But when the church moved the date, the time the logic was lost. There was only a bat, an excuse to have fun, to drink (another Christian innovation).

Slavs always celebrated holidays snakes. March 25 the time when snakes crawl out of the ground. Earth is warming, you can begin to agricultural works. The second holiday snakes — 14 September. At this time the snake go, and agricultural cycle is completed. Whether it is a holiday of snakes, or holidays start and end of cultivation. But all in pagan festivals were associated with natural phenomena, on which depended the lives of people. Christians could not celebrate the festival of snakes, is contrary to their faith, it can not be. But they were forced to celebrate St. George's Day, otherwise people would have gone from the clerics. Then feast for hundreds of years has shifted, moving away from its true value, and moved back as far as April 23. Surprisingly, and began work on the ground to start later and later. We stole nearly a month, the warm, spring month. The gods followed by people and if people decide to move the day of worship to the gods, and then changed the nature of its cycle, expanding the boundaries of winter. Today we warped natural calendar completely, we have shifted all they could. The gods are trying to adjust to their children, they still serve us. Our Gods. They try to follow us, but rebelled nature. She can not keep up unreasonable people and new religions, hence earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, floods … We have betrayed the faith of their ancestors, violating the laws of nature, have committed themselves to extinction. According to the prophecy of Alexis, we are in an age that would destroy most people. All sentences and knew about magicians seven thousand years ago. But there is still a chance. Not for everyone, for the few, for those who know and follow.

According to the prophecy of Alexis, all the people from 2000 should refer to their gods. By his own, true. It is not always easy and not always possible without the blood and sacrifice. In Afghanistan, shooting at the statue of Buddha, Islam is gaining strength in the territory, there is a return to the religion of their ancestors. In China ponemnogo begins expulsion of Christianity from their land. The temples are prohibited to conduct services, Orthodox churches are simply closed. In Germany and England, Sweden and Denmark are more and more popular images of ancient gods. Celtic charms are more and more people, runic inscriptions adorn the clothes already. In the temples of the tourists go, Pope apologizes to supporters of the "old" faith for the persecution and destruction of hundreds of years. You all have seen, heard and read, but do not see the system and found no widespread return to the religion of their ancestors. Around the world. In addition to Russia, which still believe in alien gods, who do not support, do not give, do not defend. Alexis said that the faith of their ancestors to restore Russia will not have time, can not and will not understand the need.

Today Russia is decorated with Byzantine emblem (a stranger). Rosssiya hears the national anthem (the former), which only lasted for seventy years. Russia believes in the risen Jew (this does not like the Jews.) Russia does not have its national heroes and Russia has deliberately distorted history. The people of modern Russia has a huge desire to leave their own country. Marrying a foreigner (his men loafers, alcoholics and drug addicts), to work abroad (in the country do not need a smart, hard-working no, no talented, no genius, and not pay money). And just go, run away, sail away … The Russian people do not want to live in Russia. We became spiteful, envious, lazy … And while trying to talk about the revival of Russia in the Age of Aquarius. The revival of the country begins with an invocation of spiritual sources (their own), to the faith of ancestors (even just understanding), to the priority of their own (but not foreign). Are you ready for this? Most likely — no. Hence the impossibility of prophecy Alexis priorities Yasuni true.

God — the one who has created the world, who is the cause, the source and the target. The world is born, which means that it has a parent. God is infinite, unlimited and for us — limited — God is incomprehensible and unknowable limited human mind. Our ancestors did not try to know what God is — it's impossible. We can build multiple versions and offer a variety of hypotheses, but neither will never get evidence and none of them will never be right. We can not waste time and effort in trying to understand the nature of God, but it will be a waste of time, because people by definition can not know God. Attributes of God are such that even denying it, recognize it as a different name: The nature of the universe, the Absolute, the Infinite, the First Cause. Our ancestors glorify the Creator of the universe and called him Svarog. Svarog — the beginning of sort of God, and the parent of all. There were many incarnations of Svarog. One Svarozhich — Dazhbog. "Dazhbog made us eggs (Cosmos), in whom the light of stars is shining. And in this abyss hung Dazhbog our land, so that it was held. And so the soul ancestors shining stars of Iria us … "The Slavs — the children and grandchildren Dazhbog.

Ancient books are Slavs message ancestors and gods in the books says, "And we are on Earth, as a spark." Man — charisma, a ray of light. And each person is his task on earth, each person carries out its mission. The main thing for people — to understand the mission, know his task in this life, to know why he came to Earth. Different beliefs, religion, philosophy, their vision of man's place in the world. According to the beliefs of the Slavs everyone initially has its way.

"And the life of man is given as a test. All should carry out its mission, but the man does not know his original purpose, he should look for it. To find him feel a need, addressing the gods in his heart. "

Righteous, magicians, wizards are the first way, by the Government. They are people teaching about, the tasks of the person of the necessity and truth. Gov way — the right way — the way in which the gods instruct. After the death of the righteous, the wise men and magicians fall in Iriy.

The other way — the way of the warrior. "The Book of Veles" says that after the death of the soldiers in the army of Perun go and get a new life in other worlds. Warriors go from world to world as long until they become mentors and then fall into Iriy.

There is another way — a way not found his calling and did not understand their mission. After the death of these people fall into the lower realms, and they have to work hard.

Battle — are manifestations of a single law. Battle — the meaning of human existence. Those who stray from the path is right, who defy the law of ancestors, according to the legend of the Slavs turns into a pig. People who are not on their way to the battle, compared with dirty bulls, and talk about reaching a "we do not bulls dirty and clean and Russ have eternal life."

Follow the path of the Government — mean act to God, society and themselves. It means — to grow spiritually. It means — to take care of your soul. Slavs were aware that the human soul — immortal. They were not afraid of death, for they may have life everlasting. Everyone born in the land of the living creatures, including man — his destiny. And because everyone has to fulfill his responsibilities. Care of them — a grave sin. Old Russian society was divided into classes. And every person belonging to a particular class, had my way, my purpose. In ancient times, this path is the magi-teacher. He learned to position of the stars in the sky on the day of birth, as well as by birth, upbringing and personal abilities. Determine the true path — the most important task for every child and young person. The true path of each person changes over time. After completing one task, one must seek to fulfill another. If a person refuses to perform its task, it burdens the life of family and society.

But the company is responsible for what they do. At all times, our ancestors knew: to kill the sorcerer or fool — bring to a place where there was a murder, misery and suffering. And so it went. Unfortunately, this has already taken place in Vladivostok for the city and suffered in recent years and this has happened recently in Nakhodka, for which the city is responsible, and will meet the coming years. Responsible to God who tests uvelivaet residents many times.

How many evils around us. World ill suited for a happy life. We see the death and suffering of loved ones, disaster relief, the war begins. Many are desperate, not knowing where to look for support, seeing no meaning in life. And yet there is the secret of happiness, Up on the path of rules. But how? How to be happy if the discord in the family, no money, can not see the future, there is no health? Life is controlled by the gods. Life is so constructed that a person gets exactly what they deserve. For God does not matter how much a person gets what his house, if he has a car, is there any health … He looks at the heart. If a person forgets his soul if he fascinated by material values, and nothing else, then he loses everything and starts to suffer. That suffering and poverty gods have human and if he will continue to see the cause of their suffering in poverty if the envy of the rich, it will remain poor.

That is what happened to our country. Residents of the USSR has always envied the rich West, and even when Russia was given the chance and the opportunity to change things, people decided to change the relationship only in terms of material things, money, financial, and in the soul of chaos. And in return, we got exactly what we deserved. Although people receive, but do not go to work. People want to have, but nothing to do not take. Fear, envy and anger and people ruled by Russia. It should be understood that the troubles, like life itself, is given to man as a test. And try to understand what it is you are wrong. Upset if things work or you may even have lost their jobs in what is the reason? We should not think that the reason your relationship with the head or anything directly related to the job. Do not think that to blame the government or the Democrats. Reason: you might have forgotten about their responsibilities to parents, you could forget about their ancestors, their patrons, and life teaches you that way. Now not only you, but many at once, as most of the people have forgotten the way. Unfortunately, according to the prophecy of Alexis, the people have chosen the way of forgetting their ancestors and the path of betrayal own gods, for which he will pay. Alexis did not see a way out of this situation, and believed that the Slavs are doomed.

Our ancestors had a very special relationship and to his enemies. They are taught that if you can not forgive, then fight fire with fire. But always consult with a heart: whether to destroy the enemy and whether excessive violence. And never at no malice Taita, and decide the question of their ability. Our gods are taught that if the enemy is stronger, lay off and forget, but not his heart Sears malice. If the enemy is stronger, attack and die, but not copy malice in his heart. As you can see, there is a choice of what to do: to die or eat crow, but not aggravate heart.

Each person has his own way and always have to think whether you need is what you seek. Alexis prophesied that at the transition millennium power, greed, money will be perceived as constituting one thing — power. Today, the power of money without the desire can not be, it is also inevitable, and ruler of all levels of government does not want only money simply can not be. As if to some it may sound insulting, but the power is currently used for the money, everything else (including improving people's lives) — the last. This is not a rebuke rulers, they — hopelessness.

A critical task for a man is to find his spirit-protector, a protector and defender. When mixed delivery rooted in opposing dynasty (such as lunar and solar) can occur internal conflict, the man himself will be unhappy with himself, his backers will mutually weaken each other. You must either choose an ally of one of the patrons, and the second fight, inevitably weakening, or the need to seek a higher patron, standing above the spirit Rodowicz. It is very hard, it will cause resistance to both lines. But it is necessary to overcome the resistance, it is necessary to take on all the sins of their labor, accumulated in opposition. Of course, very few people want to spend my life in the struggle and testing of negative trends, it is easier to choose preoyuladayuschuyu in religion and worship the gods of the migrant. And it predicted Alexis and he said, "there is almost no warriors and wise men, and the family of the Slavs in the invasion had to be dissolved."

In the spiritual world is always a struggle waking and Navi. And in order to embark on the Government to choose its position in this fight. Need to feel its meaning. This struggle manifests itself always in polysyllabic plexus confrontation various forces, various elemental spirits of the gods. And in this struggle, it is necessary also to love. The main question asked Velez souls of the dead at the gates of Iria, is: "We loved you on earth? '. Just who loved to open the way to heaven, for the father of all things alive Rod commands — to love. Rhode divided within itself two incarnation — male and female. In cosmic whirlwind Love was born and her birth has identified the first law of the right: the eternal rotation of the male and female in which and in love.

Last millennium since, as in the fire was humiliated Russia faith was destroyed Love, Joy has been destroyed. From the darkness of space on Russian land came Chernobog. And no matter that he came to the monk's clothing. Just came fear: fear of death and fear of life, fear of the end of the world and the fear of a slave of the Lord. Today Slavs inspired image of Death — a bony old woman with a scythe. But Slavs saw it in another incarnation: the black-haired girl with a naive and slightly sad face. This image is hidden one of the deepest mysteries of the human mind. Mystery, in which very few people recognized. Mystery of love to death. Slavs understood that love and life — are transient, and death — eternal. And just because they had a special relationship to death. That is why, seeing people in the last journey Slavs tore their hair, beat in sobs, for them it was Trizna — special holiday. Modern Slavs it is very hard to understand: "the servant of God," the fear of death most of all, he does not know where to go to heaven or hell. Death for him and test, and the mystery and the unknowable God's choice or hell. Our ancestors understood that after death comes new life. No paradise or hell, just different. If you loved on earth — live in Iriii, if not loved — go into the lower world. But neither there nor there is no boiling pot with resin and no eternal pain for sinners. This is just another world, another planet …

In the twentieth century, the world rocked the hitherto unseen war and revolution, nearly destroyed civilization. Killed millions of people, razed the city. The war is still going on the planet and the planet itself is destroyed. According to the prophecy of Alexis Chernobog win again. Chernobog destroy agriculture "and blinded people destroy themselves over their flocks, destroy fertile land and trade, mechanize human souls, faceless stand up house-fortress …". Cows have destroyed — it's "mad cow disease". Agriculture suffers from droughts, navodeny, tornadoes, earthquakes. This century will be destroyed and people will trade zombie machines.

Alexis has predicted that the twenty-first century — Time of the Wolf. According to Slavic magical tradition, we live in the last century, the era of Chernobog. The next few years will be more difficult, terrible, devastating. In Russia — even more so than anywhere. Russian capital will suffer. The war with the aliens begin soon. "But the soldiers will become slaves of verbosity, and lose courage, and become slaves tribute and gold coins, and want to sell the coins for the enemy …". Russia will start to lose their land, selling, paying rent. Dumb to be reunited with former Soviet countries, it further aggravate the economic situation of Russia itself. By 2020, our country got involved in the most bloody war of all that was. Prior to that, too, was one of war, but still less destructive. Descendants of the Slavs assimilated among alien people that will dictate their will. After the start of the Slavs in Iriy outcome, the return to basics. But it is for the very few …

Both Russia and the Slavs have no choice and no choice. It is only for those who honor their ancestors and the ancient gods, in whose heart is the love lives who have chosen the right path and follow the path of law, who honors their parents and who has knowledge of the law to people who do not consider myself a slave who wants to help and who helps. Such — a little. But they are. Maybe someone who reads this article, may be one of those who are close to you, may be one of those to whom you listen. And this is the one whose heart is not sears malice, fear, jealousy.

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