The pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle continues to amaze with its mystery. At the end of the last century, at the bottom of it were discovered the giant pyramids. The material that was used to create them, like thick glass, and the technology of their construction is not available for our civilization.

Interesting fact, the famous soothsayer of the 20th century in America, Edgar Cayce, in a state of trance revealed that the water soon find a pyramid, and there will be a lot more than in Egypt. However, scientists and researchers have attributed to this prediction is quite skeptical.

But in 1977, the fishing vessel, which took place near Bermuda, with sonar, found at the bottom of the ocean hill. Soon, an expedition was organized, the head of Charles spoke Berliners. The pyramid was discovered at a depth of 400 meters near the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Examined it with a computerized analyzers with high resolution and sonar. The analysis showed that the walls of the pyramid is perfectly smooth, also found no seams and cracks and most surprisingly, for such a long time under water, it is not covered with corals and all kinds of vegetation.

The architecture is very similar to the pyramid of Cheops here, only the size is much larger.

And the surface is made of a material similar to glass or ice.

All these data were presented at a conference in 1991, expounded report oceanographer Meyer Verlag. In addition, in a sensational statement said discovered another pyramid, and the age of these buildings, about 50 years, which is an even greater mystery of their origin. Dr. Meier estimates were provided and the coordinates of the pyramids, for further study by other researchers and journalists.

Humanity is still unclear, some technologies that are used by the ancient Egyptians in building their pyramids. A construction technique "underwater pyramids" and does is outside the range of capabilities of our civilization.

Studies near this area is extremely difficult due to the abnormal area. Who knows what secrets we hide from the Bermuda Triangle. And perhaps the mysterious glass pyramid, only the smallest of them.

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