The scandal at the airport: Shin Bet discovered in a suitcase Pope donated blood


At the time when on the tarmac at the international airport, Ben-Gurion, Israel's first face saying goodbye to the pope, in the relegation zone scandal broke out. Representatives of airport security and Israel's General Security Service (Shin Bet) demanded that the Vatican take pre-flight inspection. Especially the Israelis insisted on checking luggage, in which were packed gifts received by the head of the Roman Catholic Church Benedict XVI from the Palestinians.

The newspaper "Maariv" writes that the requirement of airport security caused a storm of protest from the Vatican, which recalled the diplomatic immunity of the Pope. However, the objections were not accepted. Airport security staff supported the Shin Bet. Fearing that the special flight of "El Al" may be delayed, persons who accompanied the Pope, had to submit to the demands.

Bags with gifts were passed through the X-ray machine, "translucent" baggage of passengers.

Special attention was paid to the "strange suitcase" Pope equipped with cooling chamber. Although Vatican officials claimed that the suitcase is "ambulance box", this also had to open the suitcase. In drug therein were found four portions of blood. Vatican officials have said that blood was needed in case Benedict XVI during a trip abroad urgently need a blood transfusion.

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