The school has lodged a ghost


A small town in the Krasnodar region was under scrutiny Ghostbusters. Students and teachers of a school in the Krasnodar region claim that has long been forced to coexist with a real ghost. The fact that these walls created something incredible support and video recording.

Footage on the monitor CCTV security guard of the school revises probably the hundredth time. The fact that in the evenings in the building, strange phenomena have heard both teachers and children. But now it became apparent to them — at night on the porch walking ghost!

Eugene Zhuravlev, a security guard: "The dust is not dust, spider web spider web … not wiped the camera, wiped the dust, and it is still a phenomenon and remains. And it happened a few days in a row, and it is difficult to find an explanation for this! "

Noticing something was wrong, the first thing the guard Eugene ran to the director. But the surprise leadership failed. At Jury sneakers, as it turned out, there is also evidence of a ghost. In the lobby of the school next to a cleaner one of the graduates happened to notice a woman's face!

Yuri gym shoes, school director, "But then again, where is the guarantee that it is not mounting? We just have students so advanced that it can easily be done. "

To believe in the supernatural, the director of the school, he did not put on a post. But an unusual picture in his mobile phone, he keeps for nearly three years. However, rumors of paranormal phenomena in the history of the Laba school — a lot more.


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