The slave trade and neutering of slavs in the middle ages

Jewish slave and castration of the Slavs in the MIDDLE AGES

In 1996, the Moscow publishing house «VIM» 5000 copies published work

famous Swiss Orientalist Adam Metz «Muslim Renaissance».

This book is a translation from the German edition A.Mez «Die Renaissance Des Islams»,

Heidelberg, 1922.

In this book, only a few pages are quite remarkable information

about the history of the slave trade in medieval Europe. It turns out, there was a slave

and who would have thought that doing it, mostly representatives of the «persecuted

and the long-suffering people «!

All further text — quotes from the book of Adam Metz.

In Europe, the slave trade was almost entirely Jewish. Goods come mainly from

East Slavic lands. Bishop Agobard Lyons (IX century AD.) Mentions in his book

De insolentia Iudaeorum number of cases where Jews kidnapped Christian Franks children, or even

received from Christian children for sale and sold them to the Spanish Muslims.

With the slave trade due, apparently, to the settlement of Jews in vostochnosaksonskom

Magdeburg [Caro, Wirtschaftsgeschichte, I, str.191].

During the transportation of slaves slave faithfully robbed,

at least the Germans, for example, customs ulozhenie g.Koblentsa

required from each of the head servant of 4 pence, and the bishop g.Hura in Switzerland

charged on the customs outpost in Vallenshtadte to 2 dinars.

In the X century, Prague was the center of the slave trade. St. Adalbert stepped down in 989

bishop of Prague, because was not able to buy all the Christians

purchased by a Jewish merchant [Caro, Wirtschaftsgeschichte, I, str.191].

Jewish merchants brought Slavic slaves in Muslim countries. Women and girls

intended concubines in harems, and the youths, after castration, the eunuchs.

According to the laws of Islam and Muslims is forbidden castration provide job

Jewish doctors. Medieval Arab historian al-Muqaddasi writes that the main supplier

White eunuchs in Muslim harems were «Slavs, the country which lies behind the Khorezm;

castrate them, and then are transported to Egypt. «

Slavs brought to the Spanish cities, populated by Jews, and that they were castrated.

Jews in the Frankish empire also practiced castration, and little known

used in this respect the Jews of Verdun [Dozy, Gesch. der Mauren, 2, p.38]

As for the operation itself says castration medieval Arab historian Ibn al-Athir:

«At the time of castration skrotum cut up and removed the testicles. Often, during this operation,

boy is frightened and one testicle goes up. Doctor-Jew looking for him, but do not always find it

possible, and then drop it when the cut is zarubtsuetsya.

If it’s left testicle, then the eunuch will libido and sperm, and if it is right,

then grows his beard «[Ibn al-Athir, IX, page 39].

Only a small portion of the slaves survived after such an operation, but the survivors were very expensive.

[That is, in modern terms, for Jews it was a very good business].

[In conclusion, like the roll of centuries, we can consider «fashionable» today operations

sex change. Who carries out these operations? Who are these «doctors»?

Who are the «sexologist» who plant in Christian countries

friendly attitude to homosexuality?

Questions, questions … Answers, the answers …]

«In Europe, the slave trade was almost entirely Jewish. Goods come mainly from the East … From the slave trade due, apparently, a bundle of Jews in eastern Saxony Magdeburg and Merzenburge «****.

Metz suggests that we are interested in the Middle East region of the Caliphate «category was limited to white slave Turks and members of the inexhaustible tribe that gave its name to the Europe class, ie Slavs. It is valued above the Turks «*. «If there is a Slav, then take the service of a Turk» — told Al-Khwarizmi (Hatim, IV, page 116).

Much larger article of export from the main town of the Volga Bulgars — Bulgar — were slaves who were brought there by the Amu Darya (Muqaddasi, page 325). Plagued the west Rus raids Teutonic Teutonic Knights, for which, as a black crow, followed by slave traders from Zion, Get down to the Order contracts for live goods from Russia.

«The second way to export slaves Slavs went through Germany to Spain, and in the Provencal town and Italian port cities of the Mediterranean Sea» ** …

«During the transportation of slaves of their Jewish slave conscientiously selected, at least the Germans.» *** Jewish slave trade freely walked through all the restrictions of the Christian Church to sell Christians into slavery. A purchase of Christian slaves of the Jews church often could not simply for lack of funds. So, in 989 sv.Adalbert resigned as bishop of Prague, because was unable to redeem all Christians, a Jewish merchant, purchased ****. This specification is very valuable, as evidenced by the fact that the Jewish slave traders, long before they have created on the ruins of the Temple of Solomon the Teutonic Order, already well-trodden path to Western Russia from Prague — this ancient slave trade transit point in central Europe.

The active participation of Zionism in 1968 events in Czechoslovakia shows how deeply entrenched Zion beast in this Slavic country — a country descendants cheeks.

But every cloud has a silver lining: yesterday’s boy-slaves sold by Jewish merchants in the Middle East, there were the ruling class — the Mamluks. They have achieved a dominant position in Egypt and Palestine. The legend — says N.Lisovoy — how regal rose-bey went then with magnificent suites in their homes, at Ryazanschinu and Tambov, and invited him into the «Holy Land» is not only relatives, but also fellow and entire villages that then went down the Volga and the Don through the Crimea to Palestine, where they received the best land, honor and respect of the local Arab population.

Thus, as part of the Mamluks, who ousted Templar and other Crusaders from Mount Zion and the surrounding area, attended a very significant element of Russian origin, who has made a significant contribution to saving the world civilization from the imminent Jewish slavery. Slavic slaves slave trade turned against plans hosts golden pyramid.

And who knows if it was only a coincidence or some still unexplored by historians close ties between Russia and Palestine are hiding the defeat Teutonic knights on the ice of Lake Peipus in 1242 (8 years before the defeat of St. Louis), and in the apparent benevolent neutrality Alexander Nevsky the Horde — Provisioner Russian boys in the ranks of the Mamluks?

The great statesmanship Alexander Nevsky told him that the whole force of a crushing blow Russia first of all should be directed to the Teutonic Order. It originated in the same hospice house in Jerusalem, and that the Order of the Temple, and almost simultaneously with it. Tactics and actions Teutonic Teutonic knights, so similar to the actions of the Assassins and the Templars, were designed primarily against Eastern Europe, and especially against Russia. And Russia first hit the brat of the Levites, the product of the light on the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. The backbone of the Teutonic Order was first broken by the Lake Peipsi and completely overcome the combined forces of the Slavs and Lithuanians in the Battle of Grunwald July 15, 1410.

The time will come and set up a grateful Europe, somewhere in his heart, a magnificent monument standing together colleagues to eliminate global Judeo-Masonic threat — Alexander Nevsky and Philip the Fair, in spite of the fact that their battle with the Masonic Order of Sion shared 70 years.

Desionizatsiya. In Emelyanov.

In 969, Prince Svyatoslav Pereyaslavets decided to make the city on the Danube capital of their state, because, in his words, «There’s the middle of my land, there are flocking all the benefits: from the Greek land of gold, canvas, wine, and various fruits, from the Czech Republic and Hungary silver, and horses of Russia the fur and wax, honey and slaves. «

Venerable academician Likhachev in his translation of this chronicle monologue replaced just one letter «a» in «y,» and now in «The Tale of Old Russia 11-12 centuries» on page 149 th in 1982, we read that came from Russia Pereyaslavets in furs, wax, honey and fish. And why send the fish on the Danube, and when its there nowhere to go? It boggles the mind! But now you can say that «we are not slaves. Slaves did not we. » Jews from Russia did not supply slaves. Russia is not the slave trades. And anyway — what kind of Jews we?

picture clickable «Slave gentiles in Russia» Khazar Golden Horde as cents Goiskoye trafficking.

See for yourself: ibreologov And there are already many reasons to believe that the northern boundary of the Khazars, until Ivan III and his Sephardic Palaeologus, was on the Oka River, just 100 miles south of Moscow .

Bargaining in the Eastern Slavs.

Journal article «Young Artist» in 1988, even before the Revolution. It should also reflect the personality of the artist and his actual knowledge of the subject. What he painted on the canvas? Online about it is not much, it did not seem ibrei PR and that’s good. Find a high-resolution, better look. This is how the painting in 1988.

The slave trade and neutering of slavs in the middle ages

Ivanov SV Bargaining in the Eastern Slavs

The painting depicts a scene of bargaining in the Eastern Slavs, an area somewhere closer to the possessions of the Khazars, a scene can be imagined by archaeological evidence and written evidence. In the background is seen the town — or Slavic Khazar, built on the bank of the river, where the waves were coming and the, Slavic and foreign guests. These foreign guests were shown in the left part of the picture. First sitting, cross eastern customary feet Arabian merchant in his white mantle, had brought to sell weapons and jewelry — beads blue and green, made with a special composition or glass and somehow especially like the Slavs, the men and women as decoration. In Slavic graves of these beads — a common finding. Next to an Arab, we see a Jewish merchant from the Khazars or from the same Arab states, like his neighbor, with whom he guarded well-armed cuirassiers both merchant, perhaps, arrived after a long, affording all manner of adventures and dangers of wandering into the country of the Slavs. Next sitting eastern traders from Central Asia, followed by the Arabs, and with them to learn well in the Caspian and Volga way to the country of Khazars, Bulgars and Slavs. Near them is perched some buyers from the steppe inhabitants, according to their caps. Perhaps because tribal kinship, they are more or less difficulty, but still directly attributed to a visiting Asians.

More in the background, is a Jewish merchant who issued scarlet nose Varangian boat, moored to just speculations. Clad in iron, throwing shoulder scarlet korzno owner boat, Viking, who arrived from distant Scandinavia, preparing to descend to earth, experienced eye eyeing unfolded before him a picture to immediately decide whether to be a merchant here, or rely on your sword and damask loyal squad, descend with the battle cry, and learn the power of all those brought here wealth.

In the right part of the painting, those who came to trade with distant strangers.

This subjects the Khazars — the Slavs from the top of the Oka and the northern tributaries of the Dnieper and left their neighbors to resettle, the representatives of the Finnish tribes — Ferruginous Tschudi. They brought to the exchange and to sell the skins of wild animals, fur, pots of resin and tar, honey, wax — all the fruit and trophies of his heavy forestry work.

Ivanov. Bargaining in the Eastern Slavs

Led for sale and prisoner wearing a shoe on and tied unfortunate that he did not run away — it’s an expensive item, for Slavic slave, strong and hardy, undemanding, Arabian merchant will give Golden, Khazar Jew regret that bright purple, which he so tempting blinding naive inhabitants of forests, and a view not seen each other ever so brilliant, vibrant luxury in its primeval forest corners. The crowd of foreign guests and Slavs visible masts of ships and the rooks, which they both came to the market town. But not all come here with water! From the crowd issued clumsy camels — some of the Asian traders prefer, apparently, marine and waterway, maybe even the wrong way — dry and made his way here through the sands of Central Asia, in the steppes north of the Caspian Sea. That’s his business: we can not say why the camel seemed to him safer boat.

The fate of the Slavs was judged based on sound life in a country to which or through which passed the well-trodden trade routes. Slavonic land — mainly Dnieper — has long been a country on the trade route from the South to the North and a crossroads between East and West in their trade exchanges. Long before the time when the tribes of the Eastern Slavs lived on the Dnieper River and its tributaries, where they chronicle the story indicates, the way the people here knew of the ancient world, the Greek East pore of his development. Made their way here to Phoenician merchants. The ancient Greeks founded trading purposes several colo-making — on the northern coast of the Black Sea and Dnieper, Dniester, Bug and Don crawled deep into the country, which later became Slavic. Numerous finds of Greek dishes, jewelry and coins of the Middle Dnieper give living testimony of antiquity trade movement on the Dnieper.

In the Black Sea steppes of southern speech-pathways from South to North in close contact with the river a ways from the West to the East, where conver-played of the tributaries of the Dnieper and the Don, and the Don and Volga. Intermediaries-workers were here, starting with the Scythians, all Iranian and Turkic tribes, successive one another in the possession of the steppe. Much earlier VI century, when they begin to appear the first written and numismatic evidence of the existence of trade between East and West through the Black Sea steppes, the way this exchange are well beaten. Finds treasure in the whole Roman coins hundred «pieces of silver» end of I, II and III centuries throughout the Slavs, indicate a busy commercial traffic from the West.

When Slavic tribes settled firmly in the Dnieper, they were the activities of participants in this long established trade movement. First, the Slavs were only suppliers of goods for foreign guests who come, and then began to carry their own goods on the victuals market. Thanks to the Slavs entered the active force in the cycle trade-hand the life of the then people and evoked good ways and the ways in which and in which the visual image was trading life of those times. All this has made the Slavs, despite the remoteness of the country from the cultural centers of the then living, active participants and appreciable value in the life of the then European and Asian humanity.

Our initial chronicle preserve Nile lively and distinct recollection of the role that the Slavs had to play in the cycle of life then. And curiously, this memory speaks of paths that connect the country with the district Slavic world. Placing his description of the early stories of the Slavs, the chronicle exactly rushing to emphasize communication Slavic land and the people to the land and the people of the then known world.

«Be route from the Vikings (Swedish Award Winner rezhe Baltic Sea) to the Greeks and Greek of the Dnieper, and the top of the Dnieper fiber (trial dragged on dry land) to the Lo-Vati and Lovat might enter into the great lake Ilmen, from it will flow well and Volkhov vtechet a great lake Nevo (Ladoga), and the mouth of the lake (river Neva) vnidet in Varangian Sea (Baltic Sea), and by the sea to go to Rome (that is, to the countries of Western Europe), and from Rome to come to mo Ryu also to King-city, and from the King to come to the city-Pont sea (Black Sea), it is vtechet Dnieper River. Dnipro bo leak out and flow Okovskogo forest at noon, and the Dvina istogo same timber flows, and goes on and polunoshe vnidet Varangian at sea, out of the same timber leak Volga to the east and the sea vtechet Varangian, of the same forest leak Volga east and seventy vtechet Zherelo (estuaries) in the sea Hvalisskoe (Caspian). The same can go from Russia to Bulgaria on Volze (Prikamsky edge) and Hvalissy (trans-Caspian countries), and further to the east to reach a lot of Shem (the Arabs), and the Dvina in Vikings (Sweden and the Baltic countries), from the Varangians to Rome, from Rome to the same tribe Khamova (North Africa). «

Such detail and knew the old Russian chronicler directing the ways in those distant countries, which he calls. More than a century had to go out to these areas evoked from the region of the Middle Dnieper.

sale Slav slave slave Slavs picture

The slave trade and neutering of slavs in the middle ages

And the question on the «two» after him: and who was in charge of sales and transortirovkoy black slaves to America? (Google «Aaron Lopez»)


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