The spiritual father of all Russia was ignorant

Late last year, the chief pop Russia again cut a poor figure. This time it was not the duty-free import of alcohol and tobacco products, who at Gundyaev, but basic ignorance is not valid for this rank …

Patriarch Kirill called Slavs animals and second-class citizens

Another scandal around the head of the MP Patriarch Kirill. In September 2010, responding to questions from the TV channel "Russia", Patriarch Kirill clearly got carried away and revealed his true colors — a cosmopolitan person, a stranger, and Russia, and to the Slavic world.

Despite the fact that the words of the Slavs Cyril, does not paint the whole of the patriarch and the ROC, the site "Orthodox World" with a slow-witted monkey reprinted the entire interview. On the question of the native North patriarch replied:

"The Orthodox Church keeps in its history, its tradition of the great names of the Saints Cyril and Methodius. In a way we — the Church of Cyril and Methodius. They went out of enlightened Greco-Roman world and went to preach the Slavs. And just who were the Slavs? Are barbarians, people who speak a foreign language, it is inferior, it is almost animals. And so it went to the enlightened men who brought them the light of Christ's truth and do something very important — they have to talk to these barbarians in their language, they created the Slavic alphabet, Slavic grammar and translated into the language the word of God … "

Curiously, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, not only as it turned out, preaches openly Nazi ideology, but poorly versed in the history of their own church.

Cyril and Methodius were neither Greeks nor Romans. They came from the Byzantine city of Thessaloniki. Of the "Brief Lives Kliment Ohridski" is known that Cyril and Methodius were Bulgarians. Thessaloniki, where the brothers were born, while was part of the Slavic territory and was the cultural center of Macedonia …


A fragment of a controversial speech Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaeva)

Reply Patriarch Kirill blasphemous statement about the Slavs

Reply Patriarch Kirill blasphemous statement about the Slavs in the interview, "Russia" September 21, 2010, that the Slavs — are barbarians, inferior, almost animals.

Dear Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill!

Co responsibly tell you that, mixing memory Slavic ancestors with dirt, you have committed a fatal, fatal mistake. The only question is the near future, when the Slavic people finally wake up and find out the truth, because the generic memory can be put to sleep for a while, but you can not kill her.

Our answer is, we start with the words of Bishop Otto of Bamberg, twice visited the land of the Slavs in 1124 and 1127 respectively:

"The abundance of fish in the sea, rivers, lakes and ponds are so large that it seems incredible. One denarius can buy a cart of fresh herrings, which are so good that if I were to tell you all I know about their smell and thickness, it would risk being accused of gluttony. Across the country, many deer and fallow deer, wild horses, bears, pigs and wild boars, various other game. In excess of a butter, milk from sheep, lamb and goat fat, honey, wheat, hemp, poppy, all kinds of vegetables and fruit trees, and whether there are vines, olive and fig trees, one could take the country for the Promised before it has a lot of fruit trees …

Honesty and a partnership among them such that they are completely unaware of any theft or fraud, do not lock their chests and boxes. We had not seen a lock or a key, and the people themselves were very surprised, seeing that pack boxes and chests Bishop lockable. Pay their money and jewelry they contain different in covered vats and barrels, without fear no deception, because it is not tested. Surprisingly, their table should never be empty, is never without dishes. Every father of a family has a separate cottage, clean and elegant, designed just for the food. There is always a table with a variety of drinks and dishes that never empty: one ends — are immediately different. No mice or mice were not allowed there. Dishes awaiting participants meal covered purest cloth. At what time or who would want to eat, whether guest, whether household, they go to the table where everything is ready … ".

On the Internet, in electronic form, a book by Alfred Mirek "Red mirage. Executioners Great Russia ", tells the story of the bloody crimes of the Jews against the Russian people.

Christian delusion, does not detract from the merits of the book, the author is not allowed to fully understand that the flow of Slavic blood were shed by Jews is only the influence of Christianity, and only strictly according to the law of Moses, the Old Testament, the Torah, because Christianity — This is a slick, versatile, blocking Zion human consciousness development, fully disarm and subdue the person turns it into a defenseless victim.

This noose with which Jews still hold Russian stranglehold over the centuries to the present day allows to do away with the Jews against the Russian people the most sophisticated crime.

The main purpose of Christianity, along with Judaism, Old Testament, the Torah — is the end of the Slavic race.

With the use of false information to further smooth the physical destruction of people, ancestral memory is erased by introducing into the human consciousness the negative attitude to the memory of ancestors, for the continuation of a kind, "And just who were the Slavs? Are barbarians, people who speak a foreign language, it is inferior, it is almost animals … "(Interview with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of TV channel" Russia "September 21, 2010).

"The Slavs, being ethnic bastards, are not able to accept and bear the great heritage of the Aryan race, and the Slavs in general are not suitable to be the bearers of culture. They are not creative people, this herd animals, and not the individual, it is not adapted to the mental activity … "(Paul Josef (Joseph) Goebbels, 1942," Diary ").

At a time when the Slavs in all ages to have children, the conception and birth of a child — it is always great and the bright wonder of nature, and the Slavic chastity — is careful and attentive man to a woman as a continuer family, the mother, the Christian dogma- trap of a single virgin birth of Jesus Christ, all human conception in the human mind automatically turns to evil, sinful, dirty, causing the person a false negative feeling shame for his race. His birth, the birth of their children people mistakenly begins to perceive as something unworthy, unnatural.

Parallel to this, cultivated criminal pathologically exaggerated, killing is a living Christian chastity, celibacy, monasticism, it was in connection with this, a woman in Christianity declared the devil incarnate, the worst of all animals, the most dangerous creature in the world, the enemy of peace. That's what the words uttered to women Jewish Saints:

Tertullian: "You — the devil's gateway, you — openers forbidden tree, the first violators of divine law. You misled on who dared to attack the devil. You have destroyed the image of God — a man … "

Clement of Alexandria: "I felt shame when thinking about the nature of women …"

Gregory the Wonderworker: "One person in a thousand can be clean, the woman — never …"

St. Bernard: "The woman — a body of the devil …"

St. Anthony: "Her voice — it hissing snakes …"

St. Cyprian: "The woman — a tool that the devil uses to possess our souls …"

St. Bonanventura: "The woman — a scorpion …"

St. John of Damascus: "The woman — a daughter of falsehood, the guardian of hell, the enemy of peace …"

St. John Chrysostom: "Of all the wild animals most dangerous — is a woman …"

St. Gregory the Great: "A woman has the cobra venom and anger the dragon …"

Later in an interview, "holy", Patriarch Kirill, in contrast to Paul Joseph Goebbels, using peculiar to Christian pastors double standards, yet how to make a reservation: "Because for someone and we were once barbarians, but in fact barbarians have never been … "

It's very interesting to see who the "we" and "for whom" citizen Gundyaev and others like him "were not barbarians"? To answer this question, just remember who was Gundyaev before he became patriarch (see "thugs in robes"), and where Kirill Gundyaev went for approval to the new position of his future. It is written in the article "ROC wants his big share." That's where rossiyanskogo patriarch, to Tel Aviv, are resistant anti-Slavic statements! That's who they were and were not barbarians — for his Jewish masters …

Oleg Zentsov

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