The West and the Eurasian Alliance: Globalism vs. Eurasianism

Starting a conversation about the dilemmas that may face the Eurasian integration, is once again mentioned that fundamentally feature occurring in the post-integration process is that our association is not overshadowed by the burden of history with which we have to deal besides the European Union. Suffice it to recall how many times in the past 150 years were the war, Germany and France — the countries that make up the core of the European Union, to realize that our chances of genuine reunion very significant. From a historical point of view, 20 years of separation — nothing in comparison with many common past and hunt believe, common future. Also hunt to believe that despite the fact that the basis of perceived until reunification are purely economic motives, common civilizational component will play in this process all the more important role. Let us not forget the role of the fastening of the Russian language and culture, is a common cultural code for all people of great historical RF, making our place even more solid, allowing many dozens of people living on our land, to find overall language and see the future.

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Because isolating prepyadstviya threatening our reunion, it makes sense to direct the focus on external causes, one way or another opposing this process is at the moment. There is nothing unusual in the fact that there are forces in the world, actually intrigued to prevent the reunification of the Eurasian geopolitical space. It seems to be neither justified favorites member countries of the integration process, saying that it is not about the restoration of the USSR in its form or another, in the West clearly understand that in the coming couple of years on the mainland there is the world's largest inter-state entity having common economic- economic, historical, cultural and civilizational roots, and besides, the common political goals, but still striving to expand on the basis of all of the same set of features in common, inherited a legacy of many years of co-existence in a single state. In short, in the face of the Eurasian Union or, if you wish, revived the great historical RF, West will get a new geopolitical rival, is even more awkward than the Soviet Union, as it will be more obvious, and the spiritual benefit of a large international prestige, will not distribute any ideology, not counting the ideology of peace, kindness and humanity, based on a set of standards, developed in during their extensive development.

So, what are the main risks faced by the peoples of the fraternal reunion which began?

The main danger is the continued integration of the Eurasian sample creation in the member states of the unification process "fifth column." Can not say that makeup the "dissenters" in our countries have not carried out — different forms of political support for the opposition of all stripes have been in the past. But in the near future and the specific indirect foreign interference in the internal political life of our countries is becoming more noticeable. In particular, this intense process in the Russian Federation. This is not the case — the Russian Federation — the core of the integration, the successor state of the Eurasian centenary — Russian imperial and its forms. The impact force anti-state "fifth column" and the degree of insolence of her figures, the open jib heading to South American embassy for instructions can be assessed during the last election campaign. West, namely the United States, continues to produce open interference in the political process in Russia, and does not try to hide it, giving their very expected, but because more daring estimates passed in RF elections, the outcome of which definitely indicates the continuation of the course taken at the gathering of, and not on its upcoming destruction and dismemberment, which the West continues to dream.

Not very honored and overwhelmed by the temptations assessments took place in January 2012 Kazakhstan's parliamentary elections, in which citizens have reaffirmed their commitment to an ongoing course of President Nazarbayev — a staunch supporter of the Eurasian integration and which is, in fact, its initiators. It becomes clear that the West, realizing that in fact wants to Kazakhstan, and where the country is moving, has shown its true face and everything will be back often to express his "concern" about the state of Kazakhstan's democracy, just as it does in respect of Belarus and Russia.

What's all the same for Belarus and its political process, then the criticism of Western democratizers and absolutely gush over the edge, and the "fifth column" is also very strong and heavily supported from abroad. The country heavily promoted the idea litvinstva — Lithuanian identity of Belarusians, the need to restore "one Litvinskiy people" and entering Belarus in a united Europe. Or was there and our homeland Eurasian Alliance! In Kazakhstan, the role played by litvinstva Turkism ideology — an ideology that promotes the establishment of stateliness of the tour — the country, uniting all Turkic peoples from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean … Under the direction of Ankara, naturally. Turkey — a NATO member and a close ally of the United States — intensively promoting this ideology, and not only in Kazakhstan. Pan-Turkism organically fits into the strategy of the dismemberment of, the composition of which, in accordance with the plans of the Ottoman propagandists come out of Tatarstan, Bashkiria, some of the Caucasus region, Yakutia and Tuva. Of course, the building plans of so-called Lofty Turan does not tally with the thoughts of the Eurasian integration around Russia. It must be said that neither litvinstvo in Belarus, or pan-Turkism in Kazakhstan and the Turkic regions of the Russian Federation does not have enough support in the middle of the broad masses of the population — these ideological chimeras are used only to make confusion in the minds of the people, the purpose of which is to establish a "democratic pluralism", also " alternative vision "of history.

Becomes natural that resorting to the support of the "democratic initiative", to stuff the common information space of ideological provocations and various pseudo, sweeping critique of our favorite countries, promote the idea of "liberation from the dictator" and so on, the opponents of our association will be in every way inhibit it, with an emphasis on paradoxical combination of globalist propaganda thoughts, hidden promotion of new forms of nationalism, including the small-town, and brutal individualism as opposition Eurasianism (ideology superethnos inhabiting the great historical Russia), standards of Friendship of Peoples, and collectivism — the spiritual foundations of our existence majestic people.

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