The West does not respect human rights: report of the Russian Foreign Ministry

December 28 on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry was placed report the infringement Human Rights in some countries. The document criticizes the policy of the United States, the European Union states, Canada and some other countries in the area of compliance Human Rights. Working on the report, Foreign Ministry officials used the information of international human rights organizations: Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, «Reporters without borders", as his information.

The report of the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the U.S. for the retention of the death penalty, interference in the private life of their own people, the violation of international law during armed conflicts, xenophobia, and for ruthlessness exhibited by the interrogation of suspected terrorists contained in the hidden lock-up by the CIA. The report of the Russian Foreign Ministry are very categorical accusations against Barack Obama he was "legalized and illegal imprisonment for life" and "authorized the resumption of military tribunals." Featured attention addressed in the report of a violation of human rights by the United States Code (for example, the proceedings against Bout and Yaroshenko).

A separate chapter of the report focuses on violations Human Rights by NATO in the Libyan operation. This chapter argues the subsequent:

1) In the course of the operation the coalition forces have made mass death of civilians;
2) On the night of 9 to 10 May at the end of the coalition forces air strike was caused severe damage to civilian targets in Tripoli;
3) The arms embargo was interpreted extensions (opponents of Gaddafi freely supplied with the instrument and ammunition);
4) A number of incidents in which NATO ships are not assisted by the courts, who have suffered a disaster;
5) NATO has taken no action against those who spoke at the side of the rebels who had committed criminal or war crimes.

Working on the report, Russian diplomats did not escape his attention and actions of individual states of NATO and the candidates for accession to the Union.

For example, England has been convicted of "close contacts of British secret services with the Gaddafi regime," also reminded of the story of a British newspaper News of the World and criticized their government's actions related to the expulsion of illegal immigrants.

Particularly criticized undergone levels of compliance with Human Rights Georgia: Russian Foreign Ministry calls it "critical", "Georgian authorities violate the rights of national minorities, suppress anti-government protests violent police methods."

Following the publication of the report of the Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Konstantin Dolgov, met with reporters. At that meeting, he said that the Russian Foreign Ministry hopes for "constructive response" criticized the parties. Debt claims that the report shows only the facts, there is no room for any made-up incidents, there are only certain facts, recorded not only Russian, and various notable international agencies and sources. Authorized Foreign Ministry said that the heads of the respective states well aware of these dilemmas. The only thing is that there are many who openly and honestly admit their mistakes. Indeed, zabugornom favorites even easier to limit lecture on non-compliance Human Rights the post-Soviet space, if talk about their own dilemmas in this area: in someone else's eye and make out the speck, but in its logs and you will not notice …

Sent a special debt attention the fact that the report of a significant place is given to the consideration of the problem and its glorification of Nazism. "The most severe concern is the strengthening of nationalist propaganda in Europe and the sample audit fundamental to modern international law decisions of the Nuremberg trial. It is only unsafe trends and we will pay for their utmost attention all our partners, "- says a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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