The West has entered a phase of global strategic retreat

U.S. West in general, have entered a phase of strategic retreat in almost all regions of the world, due both to the ongoing global economic crisis and preparing for a weary NATO and allied withdrawal from Afghanistan. This is the world leading British analysts expressed in the last days in conversations with Itar-Tass.

With all of this, in their view, this process is enhanced, and the critical time will be 2013 and 2014. It is in this period will overlap the new anti-crisis measures requiring large population of the West and the real victims of social and threatens to transform into evacuation flight of NATO troops from Afghanistan.

"It is unrealistic to deny that West experiencing a relative decline in comparison with the massive economic expansion of the new markets, first BRIC / Brazil, our motherland, India, China /. He also was not prepared for today's radical changes in the Islamic world — said an employee of English international institutions' strategic research / IISS /. — The development of geo-political events of recent weeks — the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, a powerful attack on the Taliban, the largest base NATO in Afghanistan — Camp Bastion, where the English prince Harry, continuing the broad anti-American speech in the Muslim world against the provocative film "Innocence of Muslims" — are evidence of the strategic retreat of the West before the new and not fully understood by him forces. "

With all of this development in Afghanistan threatens to transform the U.S. and NATO in the real geostrategic catastrophe, according to the English-independent analysts. "The trouble in Afghanistan, threatening to follow after the failure in Iraq would be a historic defeat for the West" — they say.

The turning point for similar assessments was taken last Tuesday command of U.S. and NATO decision to immediately end all joint operations with the Afghan army and the security forces, which involved the least battalion strength.

It was finally abolished joint patrols, and training and education of spices NATO Afghans with recruits. British newspaper "The Times" Named the move "a strategic victory for the Taliban."

The relevant decision was taken due to frequent attacks by Afghan soldiers on NATO forces. This year, 36 were committed similar shares, as a result of which 51 servicemen died NATO. With all of this in recent weeks is an increase in the number of similar attacks. For example, last August killed 15 soldiers alliance.

"In the chaos plunged the entire transmission strategy of NATO control over the national government security forces," — said the turn British radio station BBC BBC.

Under this plan, the U.S. combat troops and England, is the basis contingent alliance Afghanistan, should be withdrawn from the country by the end of 2014. "But today's development can lead to the fact that the schedule will be revised to approach the date of departure of the West of Afghanistan" — concludes Bi-bi-si.

"The merciless reality is that we have lost in Afghanistan — saw last Wednesday influential British newspaper" Daily Mail. "- Afghans are pragmatic: they currently support those who are most likely to be controlled by the state in the very recent . At the same time every Afghan knows that NATO will soon leave the country, and the Karzai government or run away, or will be unable to retain power in his own hands. As a result, Afghanistan will fall under the control of the Taliban and the warlords. "

"In any case, after 10 years, Afghanistan will not be like the other nations that wish to build West, when he went there of their own troops. At this point very clearly to be recognized and to say that we have lost Afghanistan "- the newspaper notes.

But it is not clear what the region, the West and the world at large will be the consequences of such a development.

The U.S. position in the vast region stretching from Morocco in the west to China in the east slack, analysts say IISS. About this and says that the current government of Iraq has refused to "consider" the request of Washington and the no-fly through its air space planes from Iran to Syria with military and other goods, report the local diplomatic circles. "Baghdad simply ignored these demands of the USA, because of their role in shaping the destiny of the region is falling rapidly," — identified the diplomat.

This latter concern and pessimism permeated and made public last week in London yearly report international institutions' strategic research — "Strategic Review 2012 ".

"The current year was marked by spirited changes taking place in the criteria for excessive fragility and instability of the global situation — said, introducing the report, the head of the Institute of John Chipman. — Sputtering power and the lack of leadership in the global relations are at present major obstacles to solving political and economic problems" .

The report notes that "the modern world society thrown toughest challenges: to survive the eurozone and the European Union in its current form, which will be a new balance of power in the Middle East, taking into account the impact of the growth of the movement" Muslim Brotherhood "and the deepening of the conflict in Syria as smooth transfer of power will take place in China newcomer generation of politicians, will be able to rapidly developing countries in Asia and Latin America to find his own place in the new structure of international relations, which part of his own former might have kept the United States, he expects Afghanistan. "

"With all of this in today's world, there is a powerful upsurge of nationalism, which failed to prevent virtually no government — committed Chipman." This is a breathtakingly because increased nationalism in the criteria is continuing globalization "- he singled out. According to the views of Chipman, this fact proves how unpredictable was the current situation in the world and how it significantly increased risk, including in connection with the geopolitical weakening of the U.S. and its Western allies.

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