The West is doomed to die

At the current time, it became evident that the Western civilization (Western Europe and the United States) actually condemned to death. Already West lost the old uniform — it was supported, as well as the highest standard of living of the inhabitants, because of the Soviet Union, so that people do not come to mind thoughts of the need for a socialist revolution and the building of a communist society. Dreams of the "golden billion", ie, when the system at inflated standards of living of the population of the earth, and the other to a greater extent, Latin American, African and Asian countries, live in poverty or on the edge, forgotten. In the West, the last middle class is rapidly shrinking, and the "golden billion" has shrunk almost to the "platinum million." All in accordance with the rule of funds to the money, the rich are getting richer and the poor — poorer. West getting closer to the standard pyramidal control system, where the top handful of super-rich — the "masters" in a relatively privileged stratum "foremen", while the bulk — a "slave."

However, most of the inhabitants does not think that being in the illusion of their own "freedom." "Chains" is a complete system of deception, which is supported by several key elements. First, it is the replacement of ideological values. Virtually system of education is focused on the formation of a defective human-slave, whose real needs are above the spiritual. "Stomach" above reason. Resources of the world's population are focused on the use of race and pleasure, instead of constant improvement. The development of fashion and perfumes spent more money than learning A close study of the cosmos and the Far. Media play in this case a huge role. Control of the media makes it possible to call black white-and vice versa. Taking into account the fact that people have been trained by Western standards, there is little critical thinking, they just swallow at least some deception. Because most of the Yankees were confident that the U.S. military to protect the country is in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

The second highest value is the "classic" science of history, which began to build a total of three or four centuries back. It was created based on the Roman-German historical school. Of course, in this story was given to the value of the "historical nations" — the Jews, the descendants of the majestic language Romans — the Roman and Germanic peoples group. The story is almost no space left "wild" Slavs. Not her and explain the traces of the old ("antediluvian") civilization, but was left a huge number of tracks on the planet. Namely, the 10's unexplored pyramids discovered in China, Russia, Europe (the Balkans), on days of the world's oceans. It should be noted that the Chinese science supported the European "brothers" in the mind and hides the details and some weird finds at the local Middle Kingdom, which do not fit into a perfect picture, where reported almost ancient Chinese civilization in the world. If you examine the Chinese pyramids and other traces of civilization dokitaysky, you have to rewrite the entire history of the earth. Naturally, neither Western nor Chinese scientists will not do, because contrary to the existing world order.

Another example of saying that the old segodnyaschy history — real myth is the ancient town of Central and South America. They are credited with the construction of the Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and other Indian peoples, but in reality they got them in the "inherited" from the previous civilization. This is indicated as a technology by which built the town, temples and pyramids (which in some cases superior to all sorts of modern us) as well as the legends themselves the Redskins, who talk about the "great teachers" — in their descriptions, are the usual Caucasian. That is why, Indians of Central America initially met the Spaniards returned as "teachers". When their mistake was found out, it was too late. Interestingly, in recent years, traces of this early civilization, trying to explain the influence of intruders. Apparently, this is one of the developments of the "world behind the scenes" — just do not believe the "classic" stories, that's for you — another version, also in the direction leading away from the truth.

Facts are stubborn thing, they do not just come knocking, but just burst into our lives. But "classic" science for that and was created to keep the public lands under the "hood Uncle" does not give knowledge about the real historical process. Academics from the stories have made a kind of deaf, blind and did not understand the clan. This is the real Masonic lodge, with their degrees and internal discipline.

We litsezreem as the hosts of the West just killed an old Europe, spending process replacement of indigenous ethnic groups newcomers ethnic groups that are going to come into its historically Christian civilization. There is a process degradation, assimilation of snow-white race, by mixing the races and people are trying to make the perfect slave, having no roots. National political elites understand the nature of this process, but fearing for their own status and hoping to fit in a future world order (almost in the position of "overseer"), a coward and openly betray their civilization. The future of Western Europe is very uncertain. But of course that is comparable to the near future, we can witness the emergence of the second wave of fascist and Nazi countries in Europe (this frisky says the rise of nationalism), riots migrants and their descendants, and even the religious wars.

United States in establishing a new world order — a "multipolar world", should play a kind of "sacrificial lamb" on which will write off all the sins of men and managers. This can be seen from the fact that at the moment the general consciousness is processed in such a Makarov that the United States are cutting almost all the sins of mankind as a whole. The weakening of the U.S. is actually on all fronts:

— States are being drawn into new conflicts (Iran, Syria, Mali), retaining of old times;

— arranged a series of man-made disasters (namely, the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico);

— everyday increasing municipal and domestic debt, rising distrust of the buck around the world;

— degradation of the educational system, the level of awareness of the average American. A significant portion of the population is "reliable" information through the media, that make "information, the veil of noise," which does not allow reality to behold. Relevant example is the fact that a large part of knowledge on the history of commoners get a Hollywood production;

— extensively implemented in the states of separatist sentiment. Following the example of the Soviet Union, we know that this is an attempt to organize a South American "parade of sovereignties".

U.S. lead by the Soviet Union. The aim of this strategy — lowering the U.S. to the level of a regional power, it is one of the scenarios. In another scenario, damn, we will see the number two plainclothes war between the states, the collapse of several artificial, between the warring countries and a sharp decline in the population. Excellent is either bad for us? With a sensual point of view — excellent. U.S. will pay for their sins, and a lot of blood. From a rational point of view — it is bad. From the example of the fall of the Soviet Union, we know that such a geopolitical tragedy did not bring a decent world. The owners of the West will not be affected and will go into the shadows, as before cont
rolling the already multi-polar world. World would be without the "beholder". Begin a fierce war for leadership, for resources, in comparison with which the current war games seem in the sandbox. RF is more profitable gradual weakening of the United States, while the interception management of global processes. But for this you need to show the world an alternative vision of world order — globalization in Russian …

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