The Western media: The Terminator — 52-ton tank killer, killer, from which startled even hell

BMPT "The Terminator" (Our Fatherland, UralVagonZavod) at the international exhibition of arms and military equipment "KADEKS 2012." Photo courtesy of "Institute of Steel"

During the Battle of severe Chechen rebels completely destroyed tanks Russian Federation. Snipers punched narrow armor fighting vehicles from the rooftops. While our homeland has not yet used an anti armor, and BMP-2 could raise the gun is quite high, in order to give back fire. Since the beginning of the development of our motherland "Terminator" — armored support vehicles, set up to fight in urban criteria. This is magazine writes GIZMODO.

BMPT (tank support combat vehicle), which received the nickname The Terminator — is brand new Russian armored vehicle designed to support tanks, mostly in urban criteria. Its main task — to destruction the enemy infantry.

BMPT can change the strategy of fighting and to significantly increase the efficiency of tank units. It is reported by Military-Today.

This is a versatile anti-personnel land means able to handle multiple objectives. It is expected that BMPT entered service in the Russian Army in the next couple of years.

Three units battle tank support machine was delivered in Kazakhstan, which in real time is the only nick BMPT.

The machine is protected by passive and reactive armor. Active armor has small charges laid between sheets of armor that detonate when hit munition. Inside the car armed with a Kevlar lining that protects against fragmentation at cracking armor.

BMPT (tank support combat vehicle) "Frame 99" — Terminator.

The machine is also armed with NBC protection and automatic fire extinguishing system. So Makar, protection BMPT equivalent protection of the main battle tank. Terminator is the newest tower with weapons mounted on it. Machine armed:

  • With 2 30 millimeter cannon
  • With 2 remote-controlled rocket launchers AGS-17D or the AGS-30
  • 4-ATGM "Ataka-T"
  • coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm

    30mm guns have Dual Feed and can use a wide range of ammunition, including armor-piercing tracer, high-tracer, high-explosive and armor-piercing shells.

    Missile "Ataka-T" can be equipped with either a tandem high-explosive (thermobaric) battle part. The largest range of these missiles is 5 km away. Battle machine can storm the three targets at once, because each instrument operates independently from the others.

    A computerized fire control system BMPT created based on proven components main battle tank T-90.

    It allows you to hit targets in the daytime and nighttime criteria. BMPT working on the chassis of the main battle tank T-90 is armed with a new multi-fuel diesel engine B-92S2, developing 1,000 hp. s.

    Later BMPT may be armed with a diesel engine B-99, capable of developing 1,200 hp. s.

    In addition, the Terminator has an auxiliary power unit, which keeps all systems when the main engine is turned off.

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