The Western press: Putin, the spirit of the Cheka and the crackpot intellectuals

All hopes for the development of democracy in Russia fell, the country is rapidly slipping into a totalitarian past under the "former KGB" Putin — about telling the world leading zabugornye edition. Introduce you to a regular review of Western publications on the political life of Russia.

"Existential Dilemma" foolish

The greatest memory for Western journalists made adoption of the "anti-democratic" laws in RF. None of the leading publication has not been spared this topic, do not forget to include in the article mentions that "Putin — last KGB agent." But there is a very sudden parallel. For example, former British Ambassador in Russia, Sir Tony Brenton, in an article for The Times associates the current state of affairs in Russia from time to time of Boris Godunov:

"Trajectory Putin begins eerily recall the path of Boris Godunov. His lauded as a powerful king, in what needs our homeland, but it is converted to the oppressor, and his curses whacky. The result — the overthrow and chaos in the country — says ex-ambassador (trans. "Inopressa"). — Now support for Putin slabnet, turned away from him, "the modern equivalent of yurodivy — creative intelligence." Putin faces the same choice as Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad in the last two years to allow the development of a true democracy, or to resort to the persecution of the protest movement. "

Other notable edition The Wall Street Journal has been criticized for the fact that for the first 60 days of Putin's presidency "were backward shy changes to the best in the fields of civilian liberties that took place under President Medvedev." The creator notes shows a series of "anti-democratic" laws, which were adopted in Russia in the near future. For example, the "suppression of dissent on the Internet" could "pose a dangerous web content about the problems of homosexuals" — pounding the alarm The Wall Street Journal.

"Explain to Moscow: its place in the international arena is directly based on its compliance with human rights" — sums the result of the publication.

The Times about adding my 5 cents:

"Putin, until just a few months after his return to the presidency as a result of a clumsy and stupid rigged absolute victory in the elections, suppresses dissent, while its methods and tone reminiscent of the languid past of his country — a tyranny"

The newspaper Der Standard did not ignore the law on NGOs. According to her beliefs he is "different special cunning" and "breathes the spirit of the KGB"

"Human rights organizations that are required for civilian society, but in fact do not have cash resources in Russia, fall into an existential problem. But the contrary is that Putin himself openly acknowledging security officer apparently really believes that Russia will be able to upgrade to these conditions, "- resents the creator.

Putin — a lot of power in the hands of

At the same time, Forbes magazine has listed the 25 largest oil companies in the world and scared — Putin's shadow is invisible to almost all of them.

"No one favorite oil industry has no such effect, nor one favorite is not made so many deals and not "twisted so many hands," as Russian President Vladimir Putin — the newspaper writes.

Not enough that the list of as many as three Russian companies — Gazprom, Rosneft and Lukoil (2, 15 and 18th place, respectively), as "attraction Fishing season pulls and many other oil giants. " Companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, BP, Statoil cooperate with Russia, and means for the views of the creator, are instruments in the hands of Putin.

"Putin is (or was) and" oil-rich pals despots "as expressed creator, — Gadhafi and Chavez. By the way, Petroleos de Venezuela — to 22-th place in the list. "

According to the views of foreign authors, the power concentrated in the hands of Putin, is not valid. This allows it to impose its political will on Europe and inside the country to conduct the course, return to democratic reform.

Czech in the article "The End of Russian illusions» (Konec ruskych iluzi, the translation "Inosmi") recognizes:

"Europe takes off his glasses, which helped her to believe that, together with the economic liberalization in Russia and comes complete democracy, including — really free, not the regime repressed society. It did not work out. And with Putin country moved in the direction of working. For Russia it — bad news for the rest of the world — a sobering up, getting rid of illusions. "

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