The winners were awarded in Orsha Museum Karatkevich

November 28 Vitebsk branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers awarded the winners of the youth of the literary contest, which was held on the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich.

The excursion for young writers and poets, as well as their older counterparts SBP held Galina Jurkiewicz, Museum Director Vladimir Karatkevich.

Many of you have visited here for the first time, because the competition for young writers involved not only the residents of Vitebsk. By poetess Lera Catfish, who chaired the jury, creative work and were sent from Minsk, Mogilev and out, and from Brest, and from Vilnius.

Lera Som said that the works of 28 authors were sent, and a gymnasium Vilejka number one student came to the collective selection of poems and photographs of young poets and story about the activity there the literary community. In this school awards sent by mail, since no one there to Orsha could not come. And those who managed to get congratulated in the museum hall: the winners were presented with a book.

The winners were recognized as the author of short stories Svetlana Shichko for the story "Witch Bath" Daria Shubin for the story "The Adventures of Casey Ashurkevich in the adult clinic" and Irina Loban for a bunch of poems.

All the best works of young authors to be published, the writer promised Franz Sivko, One of the organizers of the competition.

After the ceremony took place, and small literary reading. His works have read and beginners and experienced writers and poets? Elena Ginko and Michael Myronovych gave the museum a collection of his poems Karatkevich.

Poet Lera Catfish announces winners

Gifts received Irina Loban

Poetry reading contestant Alexander Zamkovski

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