The woman — the keeper Rod

Why our wise ancestors gave special importance of attractive women, women's ability to attract and keep a loved one? Why are women so you must be the Enchantress. All because of female coquetry, frivolity, because of the "innate" desire to please — you might say. Of course, and so, too. But let's look back centuries, there may be answered.

The fact is that in ancient times, women were worshiped by men. Woman gives birth to children. Since ancient times, a symbol of femininity expressed the idea of fertility and life. In traditional Slavic embroidery remained a diamond shape, divided into four sections with four points. It is in essence put a Slavic fertility — this symbol means both sown field, and women's pregnancy. The whole life of our distant ancestor was riddled with a sense of unity with the gods. Embracing a loved one, Slavic woman sometimes identified with the earth, once entered into the marriage with Heaven.

A human love felt a continuation of Gods love. And reverence for the Earth-Mother, nursing and fertile, generates the same relation to the human woman, her amazing opportunity to have children.

In those remote times Slavs lived in large clans. The life of each person is determined by the life of his kind — a large family of several generations of relatives. They lived in a large family of several generations of family members under the common roof or in close proximity, worked together, ate together the products of their labor, rest together, observe customs. Accordingly, the kind of life is decisive for the life of the individual member. For people living in these conditions, the most important thing was to exist in harmony with each other and with Mother Nature.

The woman - the keeper Rod

For centuries the traditional way of crossing the Slavic family. The head of a family, according to historians, was a man — "the highway", "senior" (in Russian), "domachin", "gospadar", "glavatar." His wife, a woman in the family home, it was called "bolshuha" ("elder"). All household, and other "female" chores bolshuha charge of it. And in these matters head of the family could not manage anything without her consent. Respect and honor bolshuhe provide all kinds of women and men. As already mentioned, in the traditional family was humiliated women, women's opinions were respected, and her position was dependent on the mind, intuition, strength of spirit, thrift and hard work. It even happens that after the death of the highway, energetic bolshuha often became head of the family, and in the presence of adult sons with their families. The highway and headed bolshuha difficult relatives, and themselves were the first to work by example in all things. But the supreme authority in the family was a family council, which shall decide all questions relating to the life kind: economic activities, rituals, marriage issues. And at this council men and women have equal rights.

Our distant ancestors, first of all, realize himself a member of a certain kind, and all his life he felt the strong support and assistance in difficult situations. There was no race in this lonely old or abandoned children. According to the laws of the ancient Slavs Rod was responsible for each of its members: the wronged reimbursed or paid a fine. Then, at home, of course, getting any offending: Rod will no disgrace! And help! Man was ashamed of all native — as before the living and the dead, and to those who are not yet born. After all, the belief of the ancient Slavs, your kind — is not only still living relatives, but many of your ancestors and future generations.

I must say that the old ideas of the Slavs, relatives were not born. Newborn baby for the ceremony was to take decision in the family, had to be considered from. Interestingly, this ritual is almost completely preserved up to the present day, and is performed by all of us on the advice of our senior members of the family: grandparents. Here it is the first baby in pink bathing vodichke oldest woman in the family, preparing beds (his place) men feast numerous relatives. Passing this ceremony child becomes a member of the centuries of good clans, from which almost nothing could snatch it. Even death was not the strength, because, according to our great-grandfathers, deceased ancestors continue to live with the living, helping and keeping them out of trouble. And the ancient ancestors of the national representations to seek help, requesting people to God, as the relationship between humans and gods.

Centuries went by, race ceased to be an important factor determining the life of every person. But kinship, kinship, were and remain the most robust and specific. In trouble, to whom people go for help? To his family. Think of what an inexplicable atmosphere prevails at the large table assembled relatives, what internal thread link loved ones even at a distance. It is not for nothing that kept ceremonies taking newborn generation to the bride at the marriage (the transition to the genus husband). So, based on the ancient Slavic world that Rod — is not only and not so much a public organization, not only biological (related) association, and a power-being, supporting human rights in all Slavic worlds of creation, maintenance, as in life, and within the person, as an inexhaustible source of strength deep, inexplicable intuition, wisdom, and knowledge of their ancestors.

The whole life of our ancestors was dedicated prosperity Rod. This was a core value and the criterion behavior. And every one of our distant ancestors felt responsible for his race. That is why the man — getter and protector, and the woman responsible for the preservation of life, preserve the best features of a certain kind. In the union of male and female start to store the power and strength of the Slavic people, the people's spirit.

But we will return in more detail to the woman to the function inherent in her nature.

For centuries the main requirement for a woman to be born healthy and strong children. Only a strong and healthy woman can do it. Modern science and medicine have made enormous progress in maternal health, to reduce child mortality. But how many women who can not have children, how many children are born weak. Very much, and every year more.

Date research findings say that the problem is not number one cancer and heart disease by themselves, and physiological immaturity, the main supplier, as these and other ailments. It turns out the reason is stress, and the biggest danger is the weakest link in the life — the nascent creature. A stress factors that can harm the unborn child, very much. But nature is wise and physiologically mature organism, not only did not die, but did not get sick. But the weak physiological immaturity expect any adversity. Even if they pass by him in his childhood, which is rare, you could make themselves felt later. In addition, when physiologically immature organism will grow and reach sexual maturity, he becomes a kind of stressful, and can leave behind only a physiologically immature offspring. Disappointing picture. And it happens because the vast majority of women are not ready to become mothers, are not ready to safely carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Not ready physically — have not prepared the body, not developed muscles of the birth canal, low immunity, are not prepared psychologically — depression, anxiety, inability to control his inner state, my emotions, inability to build relationships with men, and most importantly, are not prepared spiritually — not knowing of his purpose, there is no responsibility, no spiritual strength and faith. And most importantly, giving birth to a child, woman giving him all this and, farther — in the future.

Vicious circle, each loop which increases the adverse effects! But to break this circle of women in the forces, it is necessary only to want.

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