Their most dreaded toilet in the world


In the Mexican city of Guadalajara is a very extreme bathroom, which can be considered one of the worst in the world. "Highlight" of this room is that it is located at the 15th floor of the house, on top of the elevator shaft, and has a completely transparent floor through which you can see the bottom of the shaft.

.Penthouse has developed a unique toilet designer Hernandez Silva. He admitted that the original mine was to be used for the second elevator in the house, but for some reason it has not been established. Therefore, if the designer decided to use this space this way. Obviously, the presence of such an element of extreme sports can help in those processes for which the actual toilet is intended.

It should be noted, this house was built in the 70's in the style of a Mexican colonialism. Penthouse was created much later, with the achievements of modern interior design. It consists of a large number of columns and slabs, it found a large number of windows.



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