They fought for our grandparents and great-grandparents?

It's clear that before the war in Europe has developed a fairly complicated military-strategic situation. These criteria Soviet Union was preparing a defense. By the beginning of 1941 have been put into operation about 9000 new plants are made from scratch new industries. But the most important resource were, of course, people. By the beginning of the war the population of the USSR have gained 191.7 million.

They fought for our grandparents and great-grandparents?

In an effort as possible to further push the beginning of the war went to Russian control unparalleled concessions to the German side, not noticing the provocation, troop concentrations, numerous violations of air space and much more. In the end, the underestimation of threats to Russian Alliance has set on the edge of the abyss, and the Russian army and the people were members of an unusual-scale disaster. Only in areas occupied by the Germans, were killed about 7.4 million civilian inhabitants of the town were destroyed, burned villages, the working-age population is hijacked to work in Germany.

Reddish army was able to halt the enemy and defend the country, but the victory came at a price. On an average day from June 22 to December 4, 1941 Army lost 21,132 men killed, if we take the whole war, the average daily transient loss amounted to 11 398 soldiers and officers of the Red Army. Total for all 1,418 days of war majestically Russian armed forces of the USSR lost in killed 8,668,400 people. The most grievous and irreparable blow was struck by the young, more working-age population. The number of deaths among men younger than 20 years and was 1,560.3 million (18%), 21-25 years old — 1,907.0 million (22%), 26-30 years old — 1517.0 thousand (17.5%) , 31-35 years old — 1430.3 thousand (16.5%), a total of 6 414.6 thousand people or 74% of non-performing losses of the Red Army. According to statistics, survived only 3% of soldiers 1922-23-24's birth.

They fought for our grandparents and great-grandparents?In the fields of labor died future scientists, engineers, poets, perished future of the country. In 1942, near Moscow, received a mortal wound Yuri Kondratjuk. This scientist back in 1920 fully proved the theory gallakticheskih flights. Specifically on the "road Kondratyuka" Americans then exiled to the moon its "Apollo".

On the fronts of the war fought all the peoples of the USSR, but the biggest loss suffered specifically Russian — 5,756,000 people, or 66.4% of the total number of dead soldiers.

After the war, Basil Liddell Hart, a British military historian, has compiled the memoirs of German generals of the Red Army. More mentoring of them are the memories of the ordinary Russian soldier. Field Marshal Ewald Kleist said: "Russian from the very beginning were high-class fighters in our successes we have had to bolshennomu lessons learned. They had a terrific stamina and fought furiously. Their commanders were able to learn the lessons of the first defeats and quite rapidly began to operate more efficiently. " Another general, Blumentritt, who is deputy chief of staff of the Army, wrote in his diary: "The first fights in 1941 showed us the latest Soviet army, it was much stronger than the king, she fought fanatically for the idea. History substantiated us that if in the fighting involved Russian, the fight becomes very intense and bloodthirsty, they are almost impossible to beat, even if all of this will spill rivers of blood. "

Work at Uncle

After the war, the people of Russia raised expectations for what is now the standard of living in the country will rise. But the Soviet Union immediately began to provide economic assistance to Czechoslovakia, Poland and other European countries, including former allies of Germany. Only one of Bulgaria in 1945 donated 7186 tons of wheat, 1,302 tons of meat, fuel. People in the USSR golodovali, and at this time, the former occupants, who suddenly turned into anti-fascists, Soviet aid received. Stalin's government unreasonably humanely treated the former Nazi allies: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland. At the same time continued to receive full assistance "fraternal Soviet republics." The report from the Brezhnev December 21, 1972 "On the 50th Anniversary of the USSR" in particular emphasized that comprehensive care civilizations and peoples of the USSR was provided, first, by the Russian people.

Naturally Russian people this no one ever asked. In the republics of Central Asia, the Caucasus during the history of the Soviet Union at the expense of the Russian part of the population were built factories and mills, developed agriculture, health and education. During the years of Russian authorities, industrial production in Kazakhstan increased by 600 times, in Tajikistan, more than 500, and in Kyrgyzstan 400 times. Our revolutionary homeland — devastated and starving — in 1918 expelled to Turkestan millions of money and thousands of workers to raise the industry.

They fought for our grandparents and great-grandparents?After the collapse of the Russian Union of the Russian population of the Union republics was the toughest criteria and in most own was forced to move to Russia, but then they did not expect. For the people who came to the motherland Our homeland has become a stepmother. But many of them left in the republic of the USSR not cry of the heart, and in the direction of the country, as noted in the report of Brezhnev, this aid to state the outskirts of the country was named the glorious feat of the Russian people.

In these days of the Russian people again call on the feat, this time to raise the North Caucasus. December 6 last year, the presidential envoy in the federal environment, said that the total investment in regional programs from reach $ 600 billion. rubles. Subsidies per capita in the republics of the North Caucasus in 2011 will be about 10-15 thousand rubles per person, while for regions with Russian population (Belgorod, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk region) is a figure stands at 960-1300 rubles.

If you call a spade a spade, the Russian people working on some uncle from the Caucasus. If you and I believe that all you need to pursue their work, why in this country alone live off the labor of others. It is harmful and wrong signal, which only contributes to the strengthening of dependency.

At the edge of the abyss

We now live in a federation — the union of equal republics, in which prototype should be submitted to all civilizations and peoples of the country, but the Russian republic of the Russian Federation no. You can, of course, talk about the fact that Russia itself is our homeland, but it is not. Now Russia is, in fact, a truncated copy of the Soviet Union, with all its legal rights and obligations as inside the country and in the world. In place of the former republics of the Soviet Union came to the national republics. For m
any is natural that in the Russian Federation now has to be created Russian Republic the historical center in the Russian town of eternity — Moscow. As part of the Union of Russian republic was that of the RSFSR.

For centuries, the Russian people relied only on the power, for its support and protection. The Russian has its own traditions, its own way of life, their customs, which are based on the norms of Christian life, as in most European countries. In Russian there are no tapes, ancient ancestral ties, clans, there is no vendetta, and other distinctive features of the mountain peoples. Russia has always coalesced around power, defended it, observe existing laws.

Protection of the Russian population — one of the key issues of the future of our country. Russian people made this country for centuries to protect her from a deadly threat. Because the protection of the Russian population and the kind of life it must be worth the authorities, because no one nation or nationality will not be able to save Russia, apart from themselves Russian.

They fought for our grandparents and great-grandparents?At this point in the country exacerbated inter-ethnic affairs, and the more power will continue to turn a blind eye to this problem of, the deeper it will develop. On this day, one thing is clear — without the spiritual revival of Russia, the Russian self-awareness, improve the well-being of the Russian people and its leadership among all other nations as the state-prepyadstviya in Russia, including ethnic, will only deepen.

Recent years have proved that the endless infusion of foreign currency in the economy of the Caucasian republics do not reduce crime and terrorist activities of ethnic groups in the region. One means things are not resolved. It is clear that there is in these republics and the highest level of unemployment, and social disorder, but the difficulty is in the current time in other parts of the country.

Now visitors and migrants from the Caucasus do not respect law and order, behave harshly and do not respect the rules of life, evolving for centuries in the Russian regions. Crime in the middle of migrants to 5 times greater than the characteristics of crime in the middle of the local population. Law enforcement agencies do not use pay tribute to the actions of ethnic crime because she feels more confident.

In any crime to the role of immigrants or that they violated the law in most cases try to blame the Russian, because they are easier to punish, blame, Russia will not be able to pay off, some of them stand up. Russian always be accused of inciting ethnic hatred, but for the most part, all these violations of law related to the ordinary hooliganism and criminal liability. They appear due to the double standards and the connivance of the authorities. Emerging transnational challenges can be resolved exclusively in the criteria of strict observance of the law, without any distinction based on nationality. Now we have all the necessary authority to do so, not only will suffice.

In 1941, when country was on the verge of disaster, military and political control to find the support, first, the Russian people and its public heroes: Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Alexander Suvorov, Kutuzov Misha. In the face of death threats they raised a shield is not Marx and Engels, and folk heroes, patriotism of the Russian people and their devotion to the Fatherland. Is it not now time that the authorities need to rely on the Russian people and its heroic history and majestic Protz, protect Russian, support them, raise the level of material well-being and assist spiritually?

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