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Alcohol was obtained in 1334, inventor of the first French monk moonshine — alchemist Arnold Villneva. First grape spirit called "aquavit", which means "water of life" appeared in Russia in the years 1386-1398. He was brought to Moscow Genoese merchants from Byzantium. When grand-yard alcohol did not make much of an impression then. Back then it was decided to drink malogradusnye meads. In 1429 to Russia again poured large amounts of "aquavit." His Greek monks were brought here, and the Genoese of Kaffa and the Florentines, to trade with Byzantium. But drinking in Muscovy were not immediately after that. Here's what he wrote Mihalon Lytvyn treatise "On the customs of Tatars, Lithuanians and the Muscovites," gave it to them in 1550, Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Sigismund II Augustus:
"Sometimes, when squandered possessions, people begin to starve, then get in the way of plunder and robbery, so that at any Lithuanian land for one month for the crime pay the head more than a hundred or two hundred years in all the lands of the Tatars and Muscovites where drinking is prohibited. Truly the Tatars who only try wine gets eighty strokes of the cane, and pays a fine in the same amount of coins in Muscovy is nowhere taverns.

Therefore, if a head of the family will find a drop of wine, the whole ruin his house, confiscating property, family, and neighbors in the village beat, and he himself was condemned to life imprisonment: And as moskvityane abstain from drinking, the town famous for their various master craftsmen, they are sending us the wooden buckets and staffs to help with walking, infirm, old, drunk, saddle-cloths, swords, Falera and different weapons, taking away from us the gold … "

In the middle of the XV century. in one of the monasteries was born near Moscow, Russian vodka. The first "tsar's tavern" was solemnly blessed by the clergy, opened in Moscow in 1533, vodka was our national drink, and neotmolenny sin for soldering the people fully in the church, fiercely fought with beer as a legacy-relic "blasphemous paganism." In the XVI century. All historians are unanimous in rapid coarsening of Russian customs. "The vice of drinking is so common in this nation in all classes, as the spiritual and the secular in individuals with high and low, men and women, young and old … drink vodka often" — written in the "Journey to Muscovy Adam Oleary and Persia.
Prince Vladimir boastful phrase "Russia is rejoicing Petey, we can not be alone without" used alkashney Moscow as its justification, are nothing more than a pure bluff and deceit to the Muslim envoys, was inclined to accept the Prince of Islam. Ceremonial drink of the Slavs of old had a beer and fermented honey and hops (haoma ancient Iranians were akin to our hops). These magical drinks — the gifts of nature and at the same time its mystery: chemistry can not explain the principle of fermentation.
All ancient peoples intoxicating potion preparation and their use has been associated exclusively with religious rites. Drinking was sveschennodeystvom, leading to a state of delight, admiration, ecstasy in the original sense, what gave these words of nymphs. Such intoxication revered divine prophetic, because people created a sense of communication with the Spirits of the patron during the festivities in their honor. Inebriety in ancient societies were not: a cautionary Spartans to show young adults drunken helots.
The transition from the religious use of intoxicating beverages to domestic abuse must half-breed Rus Prince Vladimir — red sun (so named because of ever-red face from bezprobudnyh binge drinking), change FAITH vvergnuvshemu ancestors and the people in the millennial Judeo-Christian bondage. Describing the life of princes Rodnoverie Oleg, Igor, Svetoslav, chroniclers without saying a word about the unbridled obschekievskih binge like Vladimirov. Priests taldychat like rusichi be in vice, if not for the Christianization: but that the preachers of the Bible "virtues," such as "holy" fratricide Vladimir and differ mostly blatant wickedness.
All mortal sins accused "enlightenment" of the Judeo-Christian Slavs — "idolaters", but not in the drinking. CORE VALUE Prosveshchenie Rusichi WAS health, prosperity and procreation. In ancient Slavic world could not be drinking, leading to deformities bezplodiyu and degeneration. Born to love to drink can not, as popular wisdom says (translated from Russian to literary). And if they fall in love, it will produce "not a mouse or a frog, but unknown to little animals."
Alien religion began the march on Russian soil with "harmless" sayings, "Do not drink only in heaven but on Holy Russia — who are not raised it." And it follows already leads directly to a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the first miracle of Jesus.
The wine was the most common drink of the Jews. Wine in the Bible — one of the foundations of life: "The children cry: bread and wine" (Lamentations Ier.2.12). Who was rescued from the flood Jehovah of hosts? Repulsive drunk November! Another favorite of God was "righteous Lot" cohabit in a drunken stupor with their daughters. Wine was used not only as food for religious ceremonies, it was and remains an important part of the Sabbath and holiday meals. Therefore, the Jewish families from childhood accustomed to rather weak alcohol. Already eight-child is given a drop of wine immediately after circumcision. Got his drop and small Isusik.
The whole "sententiousness" Gospel story of what happened in Cana is that when a wedding in the village did not have enough to drink, Jesus willingly satisfy the thirsty and turned water into wine, putting it top of its childishly boastful "miracles."
In addition, the Lord performed his first miracle by acting normal water at the perfect wine for the bride and groom that have become husband and wife, and there lot of sense. Now, in living together they will transform their own, yet unproven feelings (like fresh water) in true love (like fine wine). " Another example of the "spiritual" justification for the welding of the population — especially Russia. And alcohol is gently drawn to the mystery of the wedding, after which, as a rule, is the first night of married and can occur conception. By promoting the sanctity of "fine wine", the Church condemns unsuspecting couple first married on drunken night: after a drunken conception of course will be "spiritually" unhealthy child. But for the church psevdosobornosti it just fits.
Jesus emphasized that he does not fast and not mortify, and lives so that people say, "Here is a man who loves to eat and drink wine." But if a healthy man in the prime of life is eating meat, drinking wine, but does not want a woman, but prefers to recline with unmarried youths — students, it is thought-provoking …
Christian unnatural hatred of women, went to the fire over 9 million (!) "Accomplice of Satan" comes from the medieval monasteries, whose inhabitants, zealously follow their Lord, were unscrupulous muzhelozhtsami-alcoholics.
They fought for it and ran. Daily, and now at least once a month held rite of Communion. Christ himself now for over a thousand years, millions of duped devour Christians. But still a normal person should be abhorred even modeling cannibalism and vampirism. Church is not enough and she insists on "transubstantiation in the true body and the true blood of Christ." Last — is too much, why it is necessary, if the New Testament Christ is risen not "real body" (the body of Christ, yet no one could find: the truth of not quite normal individuals there are some who claim to be Christ periodically at different times … ), and the "Spirit." In general, there is not normal human body (of Christ), and drink his blood.
But there is nothing hidden, no matter what was on the surface as simple and accessible, as communication with the living God, when there zlonraviya, greed and lust for glory, for all the people (who really wants this) — outside of the church and its sacraments and rituals. Therefore, in our logic church magic (sacrament) Communion in his "Spirit" itself shows that it is about 2,000 years taught millions flock to bite off from the body of Christ the righteous pieces, leaving no longer had to stay and the Spirit of the last in the world ( because of the magic of the "spirit" of the trail make the earth) — if the church was all-powerful. But the planet Earth really picked mostly "Christians" under the influence of the Bible thousands of years of "Spirit."
But there is one crucial flaw, which also lies on the surface of this sacrament. This — the communion of millions of people with alcohol from the first days of life and to death (eg, a piece, as a result of alcohol consumption, which began early in life in the church) with the name of Christ.
Children from birth try alcohol, "Children in the Orthodox Church Communion immediately after the baptism." And it's no joke: the main problem of struggle against drunkenness and alcoholism, not a chemical dependence on alcohol, and "spiritual" relationship. As you can see, the church in Russia for 1000 years preached alcohol in the "Spirit" under the pretext of Communion to the blood of Christ. That is, dominant in Russia "Spirit" endorses drinking alcohol. If so, then this harmful "habit" can be eradicated once and for all with a biblical "Spirit."
If the baby does not even understands and does not know how to listen and speak, taste of alcohol under the solemn liturgy of the church, in his mind (and heart) is trudnoizgladimy track "Spiritual" permission (or even goodness) alcohol for life — as a stereotype "normality" and even the "sanctity" of this action. The church also uses alcohol in communion, because alcohol (even in small amounts — and the children in especially small ones) reveals some mental levels for uncontrolled adoption Church needs the information. That is, under the influence of alcohol is much easier to suggest what you need — especially children. In this — the main risk sacrament of Communion.
Therefore, one of the conditions for entry into the earth almost any corporation in the biblical culture is mandatory alcohol by all its member. Otherwise, the top corporate parasites that are closed in some way to the church hierarchy, fear of losing control over his subordinates, the management of which is carried out using primitive methods, which are easier to pass against drinking people with tarnished or limited intelligence and suppressed alcohol psyche.
In general, the mystery, which means the use of blood of this just leads to the fact that a lot of blood shed on earth, and righteousness becomes less — largely due to rampant alcoholism in Russia. In Russia, many weak-willed, weak people by the Holy Spirit, calls his conscience for righteousness poured vodka and wine to calm for a short time this doubly his soul — is torn between the Holy Spirit (to which God is calling) and the biblical "Spirit", going to the church of God . But alcohol — church funds, going for a short time from the call of conscience and destroys the normal genetics and bio field normal life perception of personal soul. Not a random item for communion the priest delivers a tool, which is a cult symbol of ancient weapons "controlling prick" righteous on the cross — "Spear", as it is known in biblical culture. By the way, the spoon with a long handle, which serves the "blood" for the communion, called lzhitsey, which is not by accident.
Around the worst in our national character, we have to "Russian" Orthodoxy. That it spoiled Slav, instilling him before utterly inappropriate, the Byzantine faults: servility and bondage, pohabstvo and bloodthirsty fanaticism and drunkenness. In the XV century. Metropolitan Hilarion in the "Sermon on Law and Grace" taught: "First we were like animals and cattle …". Here's the first example of Russian samooplevyvaniya, suggestion aversion to his own "curse" the past, the ancestors — "infidels" to the entire family — national — natural.
"Millennium Holy Russia" is a good example of how to live Ivana, renounced KIND:

Neum and unkempt, always polupyan,
In our walks homespun zipunishke Ivan
You can drink one hundred glasses, just a tray,
How many of them, such Ivanov, in Holy Russia?

Drink too much, as a rule, people with a good sense, easily vulnerable soul, naked and defenseless. Their drunkenness was a peculiar protection of the terrible and unjust reality. After the baptism of the Slavs became slaves twice: and the Lord of the manor. Orthodox landowner with the blessing of the Orthodox priest disposed Orthodox serfs as a thing. It is conceivable during the "pagan" liberties?
Surprisingly quickly subdued "fire water" and the brave, independent peoples of Siberia. Having suffered a total defeat in their attempts to Christianization, the missionaries did find a weak spot: baptized received a pack of tobacco and a bottle of vodka. Travelers described cases, when a few days later, the natives were ready to be baptized a second, third time, just to get the due poison. Whole tribes were dying, infected universal "values": Christianity, syphilis, vodka.
Among the negative characters of Russian fairy tales most "honorable" is paid to the Orthodox clergy. Not only in fairy tales and songs, but also in Proverbs and in byvalschinah and jokes — all pop — first propiton, a glutton and a clitoris, and all his "Duryan breed" — one joke. Greed, stupidity, extortion, disgrace "paunchy Stallion" — the subject of national scorn: "Pop that bug, too, drink human blood," "Our Father Titus and Lent fornication," "Our Father Damian, and on Good Friday drunk."
Christian church, and especially Orthodoxy announced the so-called heretics. Aquaria or gidroparastatov, ie absolute teetotallers, administer the sacrament water, not wine. If priests got drunk before "provisions Reese", the monks — "to hell." Ivan the Terrible lamented: "… a monk haircuts … to always revel; upivanie immense, debauchery, sodomy. The abbess and Father … robyata young all kelyam live unhindered. " Necessity is the mother church spawned Taverns and whole hordes of freeloaders — monks foolish lousy, stinking nischebludov, blissful idiots.
To have an idea of the terrible booze in feast day, just look at the picture from life to write Perov "Rural procession on Easter." "Drunk people are easier to manage," — used to say Catherine II.
The great reformer Peter I on their "vsepyaneyshego Assembly" hammering booze habit most evil methods. For example, for refusing to drink a full cup of Russian vodka "Big Eagle" with a capacity of 1.5 liters, you can easily pay the estate and it was getting to Siberia. It was he who started the famous saying to the people: "Do not believe the Sultan, babe do not believe, do not believe the non-drinking." Lose trust no one wanted, and taverns spread to Moscow, like cockroaches. Muscovites drank to stupor and to wonder, guzzle everything, including clothes, cross, their freedom and even the freedom of women and children, signing up for an extra glass of servile bondage record. The blessing was where — in each police district had at least one big pub. For instance — "Tatyanka" the Butcher in part, "Lenivka", "Veselukha" and "Raushka" in Pyatnitskaya "pinch" in Serpukhov, "Varguniha" in Sretensk, "Razgulay" in Basman … And when you consider that public houses are under construction and near each bath, then you can believe Pryzhovu, who claimed that by 1863, in Moscow, was not less than 3.5 thousand public houses and taverns. The tsarist government issued liquor trade at the mercy of the Jews. The vast majority of pubs in Russia belonged parhatomu zhulyu. With the open connivance of the church, the Jews brought to utter ruin of the peasants, accustomed to vodka to such an extent that it has become addicted to our national disaster. Nothing Russian peasant measures do not know, "he worked to death, to a pulp drink."
Now the power of secular and ecclesiastical authority — again accomplices: one hand washes. Church Mafia has fabulous profits from duty-free transportation and trade of tobacco and alcohol (!) And encourages people not to complain, but to pray for the health and drinking Kremlin mafia. Due to market "values" of capitalism, for the first time in the history of Russia, death rate exceeded the birth rate. Alcohol makes men effeminate cowards, and of the women — mannish Koblov unable to give birth. Nation die, if not cleared of millennial-alliluyno bormotushnogo dope.
Only the blind now sees a direct relationship between the increasing number of construction (at taxpayer expense!) Churches and the increase in alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption, poverty and death. Eltsinskoputinsky criminal regime, on the orders of the international bankers Kahal conducting purposeful genocide of the Russian people, the solder was not only a spiritual booze from alcohol poisoning alone killed several hundred thousand people a year. With regard to the number of deaths to the number of births is equal to one, begins depopulation, ie Extinction of the people, we have the ratio 1.63.

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