This will be our joint film

Film director, author of the widely acclaimed "The Square" and "Ordinary President" Yuri Khaschevatsky addressed to the nation with a call to fix the video violations during the elections. In the program "Freedom Night", he promises to co-sponsor a trip to the international festivals.

"The fact that the elections are fair, known to all — writes in his letter to Yuri Khaschevatsky — but need hard evidence to dismiss that will not even power. My suggestion is the following: any means, as soon as possible, to remove all violations and all possible illegal actions of the authorities, chairmen of election commissions and election officials. Detach is not allowed to work as observers, as being driven by whole teams to vote early. "

"We have proven fraud by documents and evidence, let's do it with the help of new opportunities offered by the Internet and video. All of the most compelling videos will be posted on the Internet and will be included in the film" Ordinary elections. "I really rely on you. No your help it will be difficult to do. My email address is ", — Yuri calls Khaschevatsky.

Reporter: How to shoot, when to shoot at the polls is prohibited. Intentions capture the video "features of the Belarusian election" were under the previous campaigns, but shoot, it is usually impossible. You believe in This year, The situation is different?

"I think that, first, the situation is slightly different, and secondly, it is necessary to understand what is at stake. At the place where the secret ballot should not be removed. Everything else — it's not a violation.

Of course, will interfere to open a video camera filmed. But there are mobile phones, mikrakamery. It's all worth a dime. Many can fix it, and not only at the polls.

Why, for example, a student, each of which has a mobile phone, do not take off at a moment when their deans, provosts, rectors, the commandant of hostels persecuted and forced to go to vote early. Just hang your phone around your neck and press the button.

If a lot of people will try to do it, I can assure you that we will be able to gather a lot of evidence, as it is really happening. Let's remove this election chronicle. I promise that this will be our film together.

Once my application was published on the website of the "Charter 97", went right to comment. And there one person correctly wrote: "And you make two or three dozen of the best prizes." I can not do two or three dozen of the best prizes, because I have no money. But here I can now publicly promise one thing — we will do the film, and it is likely that it will be shown at various festivals. I promise that the first ten people whose stories will be included in the film, will go there as filmmakers. "

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