Thomas Benedicts Near-Death Experience

In 1982, the artist Mellen-Thomas Benedict survived near-death experiences. He had been dead about a half an hour, and during that time he left the body and went into the light. Expressed a desire to know the universe, was taken to the depths of being ancient and even more in the energy Vacuum — Nothing prior to the Big Bang. Regarding this near-death experience Dr. Kenneth Ring said, "His story is the most remarkable of those that I've heard in several years of research of similar cases."

In 1982 I died from an incurable cancer. Stage of the cancer was inoperable and chemotherapy, which I could offer more turn me into a kind of plant. I had to live for 6-8 months. In the '70s we caved to the information, and I was very nervous because of the environmental crisis, the nuclear threat, etc. And as with the spiritual affairs of my situation was bad, I have come to the conclusion that the nature of the mistake, and we even had a cancerous tumor on the body of the planet. I do not see a way out of all these problems that we have created on earth. I perceived all humans as cancer, and the same thing happened to me. And it's killing me.
Be careful with your perception of the world. It is the feedback and, especially, if your views are negative. I had a very negative perception. This led me to death. I tried all sorts of alternative medicine, but in vain. Then I decided that it was between me and God. In fact, I never saw or spoke to him. Before that, I had no spiritual development, and now turned to spirituality and alternative treatments. I was going to read all that you can, and quickly prepared on this subject, because I do not like surprises on the other side. So, I began to read and study the philosophical literature of religion. All this was very interesting and gave hope that there is something on the other side. On the other hand, I was an independent artist and had no insurance. All my savings went to the survey, so that I appeared before the doctor without insurance. I did not want my family suffered financial losses and decided to handle it yourself. Constant pain was not, but I sometimes temporarily lost consciousness. Because of this, I did not dare to drive. In the end, I was under the care of hospice. I had a private nurse from Hospice. God himself sent me this angel, who spent the last few days with me. And it lasted 18 months. I did not want to take a lot of medications, as I, if possible, like to keep a clear mind. But then came such pain that seemed anything but them no longer exists. Luckily, it only lasted a few days.

The light of God

I remember waking up at home at 4:30 am and realized — this is the end. It was the day I die. So I called friends and said goodbye. Then I woke up the nurse and told her about it. I was with her personal agreement that she would leave my body alone for 6 hours, because the most interesting things are happening at this time. And I fell asleep.

The next thing I remember is the beginning of a typical near-death experience.
Suddenly I realized that I got up, but the body remains in bed. Around was darkness. Without the body feel more alive and fluid and to the extent that I have seen every room in the house, and the roof of the house, and all that is under the house, and all around.

The light began to shine. I turned to him. The light was as he was described by those who experienced a near-death state. He was so majestic! And it is tangible: you feel it. He's attractive — you have a desire to go to him as a native of the mother or father in his arms. When I began to move toward the Light, I knew intuitively that if I went to the Light, I would be dead. So when I moved forward, I asked, "Please, even a minute, hold on a second here. I want to think about it, I would like to talk to you before I come."

To my surprise, it stopped at the same time. You are well in control of his near-death state. It's not like you're on a roller coaster. So, my request was taken into consideration, and I had a conversation with the Light. Light continued to change and take images of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, mandalas, archetypes and symbols. I asked the Light, "What's going on here? Please, Light, clarify. I really want to know what was going on." In fact, I did not say, and communication went telepathically. Light replied that the information given to me, was, that our faith creates feedback when we stand before the Light. If you were a Buddhist, Catholic or Fundamentalist, you get the information image of nature. You have a chance to look at it, explore, but most people do not. I came to the realization that the way light reveals itself was our Higher Self matrix I can say that the light has turned into a matrix, a mandala of human souls, and I saw our Higher Self, and it is in all of us is a matrix. It also serves as a guide to the source, each of us comes directly from the source. And we all have a Higher Self, or, Super Soul, as part of our being. It was revealed to me in its true energy form. Our Higher Self is described as a communication channel, although it does not appear so, but it is a direct connection to Source. We are all directly related to the source.

So the light showed me matrix, Higher Self, and I realized that all of our Higher Selves are connected to form a single entity all of humanity — one being, we are actually one and the same being, in different ways, but one. This does not apply to any one religion. This image came as feedback. I saw the mandala of human souls. And it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was so exciting. It was like all the love you're thirsty, and it was this love that heals, soothes and revives.

I asked the Light to continue to explain to a better understanding of our Higher Self Around the world there is something like the network to which all our I linked. It looks like a big company, in our next finer level of energy, we can say spiritual level.

Then, after a few moments, I asked for further clarification. I wanted to know how to construct the universe. "I am ready to go" — I said. Light turned into the most beautiful thing in the world: a mandala of human souls on our planet.

Then I came to this with my negative view of what is happening on the ground. So I asked for clarification from the Light. Indeed, in this magnificent mandala I saw, as we all are beautiful in their essence, in origin. We are the most beautiful creatures. The human soul, the human matrix, and every part of what we were all together — absolutely fantastic, elegant, unusual — each particle. I can not even put into words, as in the time it changed my opinion of humanity. I said, "Oh, God, I did not realize that we are all so beautiful." At all levels, high and low, in any form — we are the most beautiful creatures. I am extremely surprised that he found evil in any soul. I asked, "How can that be?" The response was that no soul at its core contains no evil. Terrible things that happen to people, can cause them to do bad things, but in their hearts there is no evil. All that people are looking for their support, it's love — said Svet.Otsutstvie love destroys them.

It seems light went on to reveal my secrets when I asked:
"Does this mean that the world will be saved?" Then the trump with shower swirling spiral lights Light said, "Remember and never forget: you save, restore and heal itself. This is always the case. And always will be so. You originally created with this ability.

At that moment, I realized even more. I realized that we are already saved, and we saved ourselves because they were created with inherent self-correction, like all God's universe. This is the second coming. Light and I thanked God from the heart. The best that I then came to mind — a simple word of thanks: "Oh, God, oh, precious universe, O Self, I love my life." It seemed that the Light breathes me deeper. There was a feeling as if he had completely engulfed me. Love Light indescribable. I went to another reality, more sophisticated than the previous one. It was a powerful stream of Light, vast and full, deep in the Heart of Life. I asked him what it was. Light said, "It's RIVER OF LIFE. Ispey of her heart's content." I did so. I made one big gulp, then another. Drink of life itself! This led to the delight! The light then said: "Do you have the desire." He knew everything about me and the past, present and future. 'Yes,' I whispered. " I asked to see the rest of the universe, beyond our solar system and all human illusions. Light said that I can go to the stream. I did so, and was moved through the light at the end of the tunnel. I heard a series of very soft explosions. What a speed! I seemed to retreat from the world in the flow of life with rocketing. I have. As land was left behind. Solar system in all its beauty and also swept past disappeared. Faster than the speed of light, I flew through the center of the galaxy, absorbing the path of knowledge. I learned that this galaxy and the entire universe is full of life forms. I saw many worlds. The good news: we are not alone in this universe.

While I was flying in this stream of consciousness through the center of the galaxy, he began to expand to the awe inspiring fractal waves of energy. Superclusters of galaxies with their ancient wisdom flew by. At first I thought I was just flying and traveling. But then I realized that when the stream was expanding, my mind is also expanded to embrace everything in this universe. Raced past the entire universe. It was an unimaginable wonder! I was really miracle child, a child in Wonderland.

It seemed that all the worlds of the universe rush past the speed of light. Suddenly got a second light. It came from all sides and was different. The light was very high frequency. I heard a few soft sound bits. My mind expand and combine with all the holographic universe.

As soon as I walked in the second light, I realized that surpassed the Truth. These are the exact words that could pick to describe this condition, but I'll try to explain more. When I entered the second light, I was in complete silence at absolute rest. I have seen and perceived eternity, unlimited.

I was in the Void, in a vacuum. I was in the period before the Big Bang, before the beginning of creation. I crossed the beginning of time — the first word — the first vibration. I was in the center of creation. It was like touching the face of God. There was no religious feeling. I was just one on one with Absolute Life and Consciousness.

When I say that I could see or perceive forever, I mean, I could see all of creation generating itself. It did not have a beginning or an end. Mind-expanding thought, is not it? Scientists perceive the Big Bang, as the seed, the only action that led to the creation of the universe. I saw that the Big Bang is only one of the infinite Big Bangs creating Universes endlessly and simultaneously. The only appropriate comparison, in human understanding, we can reduce the images created by supercomputers using fractional geometric equations.

The ancients knew this. They said that the Father created the universe from time to time, exhaling and inhaling breaks. These periods called yugas. Modern scholars have called this the Big Bang. I was in absolute, pure consciousness. I could see and perceive all the Big Bangs or Yugas creating and destroying itself. Instantly I went to all the time. I saw that every, even the smallest part of the universe, has the property to create. It's hard to explain. I still do not have the words.

To assimilate all that I have experienced in a vacuum, I took years. Now I can say that the vacuum is less than nothing, and more than all that exists! Vacuum — it is absolute zero, chaos — forming all possibilities. It is Absolute Consciousness is much more than the Universal Mind.

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