Three earthquakes recorded per day in the Kuriles

Seismologists have registered for the last day three tremors in the Kuril Islands with a magnitude 4,1-4,7, told RIA Novosti the Far East Regional Center Emergency Ministry.

"The first quake of magnitude 4.1 occurred on Monday at 16.11 Sakhalin time (09.11 MSK), 230 kilometers north-east of the city Kurilsk (Iturup). Second earthquake of magnitude 4.2 recorded in 42 minutes at 114 kilometers north-east of North -Kurilsk (island Paramushir). third quake registered a magnitude of 4.7 on Tuesday at 00.44 Sakhalin time (18.44 MSK Monday) at 310 kilometers east of the city Kurilsk, "- said the source.

He noted that these seismic event in the settlements of the region were not felt. Victims, destruction, the threat of a tsunami there.

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