Three seals were killed on the Baltic coast of Russia from the beginning of summer — MOE

Three individuals of gray seals living in the Kaliningrad's Baltic coast, were killed since the beginning of the summer, told RIA Novosti search and rescue team Emergencies Ministry in the Kaliningrad region, Vladimir Garkusha.

According to him, the Baltic gray seals come ashore each year, and experts do not see this as anything extraordinary. Often they are seen on the coast of the National Park "Curonian Spit". But this summer, the animals tend to prefer beach resort Zelenogradsk, located at the base of the spit.

Such animals Zelenogradsk from early summer was four. Three of them were killed and one puppy continues to live right at the beach. The representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations, including dead animals, most likely, were his parents.

"Seals fled from excessive attention in the water and died from exhaustion. Togo seal, which now lives in Zelenogradsk also waiting danger. He came ashore to rest, and his obsessive attention we do not make him do it," — said Garkusha.

Daily rescuer goes on a city beach with a megaphone and trying to drive away from the curious animal. Sometimes people forget that they are dealing with a wild animal, and come very close, take pictures, trying to stroke. At the same time, according to experts, the bite can seal with festering wounds even lead to death. But more often the case takes a turn dangerous for the animal.

"Individuals come at night, poured wine on him, throw the remains of cigarettes. Did not sit on it. We humans are much worse than animals, some behavior is inappropriate," — said Garkusha.

Concerned residents organized a night watch to guard the seal.

But even taking care of others, according to experts, can be dangerous to seal.

"Resting fed seal. Doing this can not — our diet is not suitable. Moreover, when the flow of tourists will subside, the animal may die of hunger, because not accustomed to finding food. Moreover, with close proximity to people and pets seal loses caution and can be killed by stray dogs, because I'm used to see domestic dogs on the beach every day and did not recognize them as a predator, "- said the researcher the National Park" Curonian Spit "Cyril Ivanyuk.

According to experts, the best that can be done to seal Kaliningradians — keep at rest. And then sooner or later the animal is in good health will leave the city beach.

Garkusha said he did not need to take seals in the zoo, as it is in its natural habitat — even if it overlaps with the human environment. According to rescuers, the zoo should apply in the winter, if the animal will still be on the beach, maybe then he will really need help people.

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