Tomsk village was burned by arson dry grass

In Tomsk village Gusev fire destroyed seven houses at once. As they say eyewitnesses, the fire spread from a nearby field, where the grass burned. Arrived at the scene several fire brigades. Victims managed to escape, but the houses are not subject to recovery.


From burning houses in the village were only Gusev chimneys. Because of the strong winds and dry weather flames quickly thrown from one building to another. In a matter of minutes the fire were covered by just two village streets. People do not have time to take out with them even the most necessary. Time only enough to run out of burning houses.

"At first I saw the burning of the house next door. And then I saw — the fire spread already on my roof. Anything to take no time" — says a resident of the village of Evdokia Pyatkina.
In the basic version, the fire in Gusev came from the field, which burned the dry grass. Burnt houses were on the outskirts of the village. "Pre reason — it is burning dry grass and weeds. Burian, as you can see, a lot. There abandoned gardens. From the fire came, we will install. Course, squally wind — is the main reason that the fire had to be moved across the road", — says head of a legally Shegarsky region of Tomsk region, Alexander Tatarnikov.

To fight the fire came fifty firefighters who managed to eliminate the fire before the flames had time to spread to other rural houses. Local authorities say they make every effort to resolve the issue as soon as possible to the fire victims, many of whom have lost all their possessions over the years the property.
Meanwhile, the threat may soon hang over the neighboring village, next to which are fixed the new fires. While there is no immediate threat, but if the wind changed direction, the fire can go straight to the house.


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