Trees — protector

Since ancient times, people endowed trees divine power. Worshiped them and ask them for protection. Fruits, leaves, bark, used in magic. Wooden carved magic items, divination supplies, as well as amulets and talismans, which were always with him, or to keep in your home. Amulets, made of wood, seeds, fruits, leaves or tree bark, and are now used for protection from the evil influence, and mascots of the same materials to help people to fulfill their existing capacity and develop it necessary for the success of quality.

The magic power of trees

To take advantage of the magic power of trees, not necessarily to be an experienced magician. Of course, made under special rituals and started talking properly wood talisman or amulet "work" harder.

But quite effective "magic object" can be simply picked up and back in the woods, an acorn, fir-cone, twig, a piece of bark, if this finding is positive emotions, such as an inexplicable sense of joy, peace. Typically, these mascots plant origin have at people who love nature. Usually in their horoscopes strong Venus or Saturn and the element Earth. Such people seek harmony, peace, moderation. They avoid the risk and fear of surprises, but still secretly hoping for a lucky break, because they believe they deserve a gift. Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces are more likely to get a magical gift from the tree, but also representatives of other characters may get lucky.

Talisman can do yourself, cut from suitable for your purpose for magical properties of wood shapes that can be worn as jewelry or in your pocket, in your bag, on the desk, the bed or at the door, depending on the scope of life, which he must defend and maintain. Mascot can become not only a piece of wood, but also its image. Birches and pines on the picture hanging on the wall in the photo as a wallpaper on your desktop also create a special emotional and energetic background, influences people. As the leaves and fruit of the tree, inscribed in the patterns on the clothes or dishes. And the essential oils from flowers, seeds, tree needles with their powerful force of influence on bioenergy may heal and help uncover abilities, and protect them from negative influences. Energy contact with the tree is, even if you are just next to it. A tree growing near the house, always interacts with his hosts, somehow affecting their physical and mental state. Knowing his magic and power properties, you can interact with it is consciously, and it will not be just a "neighbor", but the patron, protector of the family.

Magical Properties of Trees

Each tree its magical properties and features, so, before turning to him for help, need to know what it can to help, but what is not.

In the energy willow is soft, soothing and relaxing, so it makes sense to treat those who do not have enough flexibility in the nature of what is bad for relationships with people. People irritable and angry man sitting under a willow tree is useful, it can relieve headaches, nervous tension, high blood pressure. But people with low energy and unsteady nature of willow could further weaken, catch up on them anguish and apathy. Them to gain confidence is better to sit under an elm or make a talisman of this tree.

Rowan protects the house from otherworldly beings, ghosts, magic. It protects women. Rowan — powerful love charm, a bunch of red grapes on the window sill to attract love into life a single woman and enhance mutual love between spouses.

Acacia is also a female tree, it has a positive outlook on life. Amulet protects it from damage, and the girls help in the selection of the groom.

Alder settles disputes between relatives, making a family united. It is believed that the most harmful in-law kinder if present her alder branch with cones. In the old alder did combs hair, it is considered that they enhance female attractiveness.

Birch — Protecting young girls from her making love charms. This tree is a donor, it is enough to embrace a birch, and a few minutes later with fatigue and grief no trace remains. And to anyone who wants to know the future, it is necessary to wrap the shirt around the birch and listen to surround sound, which should be interpreted as an indication of things to come.

Broadleaf maple helps to be rich and happy. To correct the financial situation in the autumn on the growing moon should hurl themselves maple leaf, imagining that it is a rain of gold and bank notes. Collected leaves bring home, and when they dry up, they endure and dispel the wind, saying: "The leaves fly, and gold I leave." Problems intangible solved using Maple even easier: you stand under a tree, it will restore peace of mind, and out of the difficult situation there.

Elder is famous as the strongest protector against evil spirits. If elderberry twig always carry with them, you can not only protect themselves from the evil influences, but also to develop the capacity for foresight. Bouquet or wreath hanging over her children's bed to protect the child from the evil eye.

Forest hazel also known amulet against witchcraft. Walnut twig in hand can be a real magician magic wand desire to perform. In ancient times, using it searched for treasures and underground springs, healing the sick, and to identify the future.

Aspen not to sit at home, it takes energy. But Aspen has long made the threshold of the house, so as not crossed his evil power or hostile people. To protect against an evil man out of the house, we have to put in your pocket aspen twig.

Ash protects the house from the envious and helps to find inspiration for creative people, especially writers, poets. The leaves and the image of the tree as a mascot help develop intelligence and wisdom, and speaking skills.

Apple tree — protectress of the family hearth, wood goddess Juno marriage. Apple mascots help in the education of children, establishing good relationship of trust between family members. In the old days girls were given Easter eggs featuring apples. It was believed that such a talisman ensures future happy marriage.

Oak — the most powerful tree, it is always devoted supreme gods. Oak — the patron of men, but because the boys to grow up strong and courageous, gave charms depicting oak leaves, and adult males were in the pockets of acorns, to promote health and prevent impotence. Still believed that spirits live in the acorn, which suggest how to deal with difficult situations. Oak mascots give clarity of thought, which is why in the old days, before making an important decision, consider going to an oak grove.

Not to lose power in a way to help put in the pocket of two fruits chestnut and walnut fruit will to triumph over his enemies and rivals.
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The use of trees.

Birch — most often used to create a magical broom.

Hawthorn — to create wands used in the women's magic.

Elderberries — used for security wands.

Beech — to create staffs to control the element of water.

Cherry — to love magic wands.

Oak — good for creating staves, wands and rods to increase strength. Refers to the patronage of Perun, Thor and the other gods of war.

Jasmine — sticks for rituals of love magic and fertility.

Willow — used in making brooms, and good on the handle and the very broom. Also, it is made of sticks and batons to search for water.

Chestnut — the magic wands to multiply state.

Cypress — used to stick in his necromancy.

Maple — wands are used to curse. Staff made of maple used in protective magic.

Laurel — used to create batons and sticks to control the elements of fire.

Leshin — used to make staves and sticks of various magical orientation. Forked stick can search for treasures.

Lipa — stick for protection from foreign influence.

Juniper — made wands for ritual purification and exorcism.

Alder — used to create staffs for various invocations.

Aspen — Staff protection and grabbing power of the enemy. But the tree is dangerous, because it can take power and the owner.

Broom — used to create a magical broom.

Rhododendron — to create all kinds of rods to absorb the energy of both hostile and positive properties.

Rowan — to create sticks and brooms in the manufacture of staves and wands to protect.

Plum — shelves for fertility magic.

Pine — to create staves, sticks and batons, aimed at healing magic.

Blackthorn — used to create wands to ease the transition between worlds.

Tees — sticks are used in magic regeneration and healing.

Prunus — used to create handles for brooms.

Apple tree — used to create wands and rods used in love magic.

Ash — used to control the elements of air staffs. Stick made of ash on the full moon can detect damage and other negative influences.

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