Tropical storm Isak, covered the northern part of the Gulf Coast

Millions of people in four U.S. states along the border with the Gulf of Mexico, were covered tropical storm that took the lives of several people on their way to the Caribbean.

Tropical storm "Isak," covered the northern part of the Gulf Coast

Florida has been declared in advance anxiety due to the pending storm approaching August 27, 2012, which, according to preliminary estimates, is able to increase to hurricane winds with gusts to 170 kilometers per hour. The expected path of the storm is in the direction of the coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. However, the real danger of destruction threatens Southwest Florida.
National Hurricane Center meteorologists announced warning of a possible hurricane in the northern part of the Gulf Meksikansogo, but explained that in the early to predict how much of the Gulf collapsed "Isaac." Expected events — morning August 29, 2012. While it is difficult to predict the exact path of the storm, it is believed that it is prone to the development and strengthening.
Despite the fact that the mandatory evacuation happened in some places, the people of Florida asked to leave public places and buildings for 26 August, Sunday. Thousands of families in Miami and nearby towns were without electricity for several hours. It took more than 8000 engineers to restore the state.
Director of the National Hurricane Center warns and advises people to stay indoors, as the experience of many previous storms prosihodit deaths when they were outside or in the car.
According to available data, in Haiti, killing eight people, including 8 — and 10-year-old girls. Although the storm is gone, heavy rains continue to rage on the island. About 14,000 — nearly the same number of people that are still living in tents after the devastation of 2010 — were evacuated to shelters.

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