True, the root cause of the events taking place in Russia

In Russia, all over the world, except there is a third of the authorities force. This force — behind-the-scenes puppeteer skillfully manipulated the cards in the pack.
Particular threat to the force represented and represent Rusichi, as carriers and keepers of the soul of the planet. This force came and comes to us, capturing the mass consciousness of the person playing and arranging permanent war, terror and revolution in Russia.
We have all heard and know about Power of human thought. The strength of collective thinking can work wonders. In the invisible puppeteers game wins are always the side that will send the power of thought of the masses, people, in pleasing her bed. Thought Rusich now specifically directed at the destruction of chaos and carnage.

Why events in Moscow began in this period?

Because now begin solstices. The days when the skillful conduct of ceremonies, if used properly Forces Soul, Spirit, we can have a serious impact not only on their own fate, but the fate of the people and the nation. So now we choose a line of thought Rusich, which leads to creation is not a good future, but to ruin, slaughter and carnage. These days, heard by the fate of nations. Solstices this year and next, are particularly important. THEY Momentous! It is no accident in White Russia these days Presidents are elected. Solved its future as the future of Russia and its fate!

Rusich thought, creative thought Rusov, their creativity, energy, and energy trying to smuggle in the herd instinct.
Wake up! Wake up, Rusichi! You are prepared for the massacre, in which at an open clash with the enemy, having the advantage in everything, you just destroyed. The calculation is done to destroy the best of you. The strongest and most worthy, those who have the strength and is not afraid of Rod enemy. Those who can manage the future and revive Russia, nurtured Cohn their kids, creating a strong family!
Rusichi! You are the children of nature, her sons and daughters! It carries and keeps your Svetosh Gods. Their live Consciousness and Power! Rely on Mother Earth. Your cities, which are now gathered a huge amount of brutish men, and black souls, like garbage and sores on the body.
Mother Earth is ready for cleaning! As with all the hotbeds of sewage in the past, and will be there, where they formed a poison and putrid outgrowth. Get out of the low places! Take your beautiful women-wives, which will bring the glorious lands of the children, to help make light of the Soul Rusov. This will be the dawn of a new dawn. Leave the dead dead. Are creating a new world and a resurgent Pocono, he is in you.

This is OUT! But do not escape and not cowardice. This is an important strategic move. Knights performed and still perform his share, following the Martial Pocono and the call of conscience.
Create and resurgent Russia here and now, bright thoughts and good deeds.

Friends! Who understands and recognizes the importance of this information, please feel free to spread it where possible! Maybe, depends on our future ..


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