U.S. state of Montana. Unknown epidemic killed thousands of deer

Billings, Montana — the population of white-tailed deer in eastern Montana and other northern plains almost extinct. Restoration of the population of reindeer can take years. Monstrous epidemic unknown disease has killed thousands of animals in recent months.

In northeast Montana, officials said 90 percent or more of reindeer killed. Death of the animals was also recorded on the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers in western North Dakota and Montana and in Wyoming, South Dakota and eastern Kansas.

Death deer attributed to an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease, but this is only speculation. EGB cause internal bleeding, which kill infected animals within a few days.

"I've lived here 21 years, and this was the worst thing that any of us have seen," said Pat Gunderson, head of the regional department for Montana Wildlife and Parks.

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