UFO Horseshoe, a sensational video from North Korea


The amazing UFO video appeared on YouTube 26.07.2012. Location Busan, South Korea 26.07.2012. And yesterday, this video appeared comment Ricardo Baretzky of Asian Intelligence Bureau.

Ricardo Baretzky — We saw a large UFO in the same area a few weeks ago. He was found 20 minutes after unsuccessful trials of the North Korean missile. Video analysis and was found that the size of the UFO is 1 km in circumference, and according to our estimates is likely to scout ship capable of speeds in the atmosphere up to 16,000 miles / hour and is able to move outside of the atmosphere?

We can only speculate on the principles of its technological content, but it is infinitely more advanced than Earth's missile technology. This is a completely different principle and level. The study records showed that it was a UFO in the shape of a horseshoe likely extraterrestrial origin. This ship can be a real threat to global security Earthlings. Archival records show that the same court "horseshoe" UFOs were spotted in the 1950s by the U.S. military interceptor aircraft.



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