UFO near the bottom of the Baltic denied electronic devices


The Swedish research team Ocean X made several dives to the mysterious UFO detected last summer at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between the coasts of Sweden and Finland.

Divers are confused and have expressed the most fantastic assumptions about the nature, lying at a depth of about 90 meters at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea. On top of a pile of strange characteristic of this formation, found another.

A professional diver Stephen Hogerborg told reporters that UFOs near stop working satellite phones and some cameras. "Only when we sailed away from the subject in the 200 meters, they made again — said Hogerborn. — Came closer — devices disconnected again. "

When braking, something has left a legacy





Diver Peter Lindberg said that was the most inveterate skeptic, but after immersion in UFOs do not know what to think. "I was sure that we would find a rock pile of dirt or something like that, but I did not expect this," — said the diver. "This is something very, very unique — quotes another researcher Dennis Asberg, the newspaper Daily Mail, — it may be a meteorite or asteroid, do not rule out a UFO. But this is something very strange. "

The facility has 60 meters in diameter, rounded edges and rises above the bottom of the sea for 3-4 meters. Behind it stretches "planting" track length of more than three hundred meters. Part of the stones on the surface of the object looks charred. There is also a circular hole that leads into the UFO. Divers still have not tried it down.

Now research lull. The dives will continue in the coming weeks.

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