Ukrainian hut — an example for ekostroiteley?

A man in his life has to raise a son, plant a tree and build a house, it was believed in ancient times in Ukraine.

Kiev region.  Eco-friendly house made of straw and mud.  Photo: Vitaly Beans /

Kiev region. Eco-friendly house made of straw and mud. Photo: Vitaly Beans /

Time passes, and the popular wisdom faced with the realities of the modern world. If you plant a tree at the present time is not difficult, the appearance of the boy in the family — is, in the words of their ancestors, "as God wills", then how realistic in today's world to build his own place to live, and to do so on the basis of the knowledge that have been passed in people?
Traditional houses of various ethnic groups have differences, but the common feature is their environmental friendliness. People built housing, respectfully listening to the place at which it is erected, and trying to exist in harmony with the environment.

Ukraine has built homes in the villages and in the twentieth century, so the tradition of building largely survived. "Ukrainians perceive the house as a living organism, which, if to treat him without proper attention, can harm the owners — wrote in his book" Architectural design of housing, "architect Vladimir King. — There are clear rules that choosing a place to build. Thus, it was impossible to build a house on the former road in the valley, along the lines of the river dried up. "

Passed by the people of knowledge and the power of land, people checked the place on which to build. "Master of the future home of another secret from his eyes, after sunset, scattered on the four corners of rye: first — where should carousing, then — the furnace, and then — where pripechek and bed," — writes Vladimir King. Before sunrise, he said, the grains tested, if they are black — the place was considered a failure if the entire stay — good, favorable. "It is very good is the place to which lay to rest the cattle," — says the architect.

In different regions of Ukraine folk dwelling had its own characteristics: different materials from which to build houses, and building technology. Now people are engaged in green building, apply mainly to two types of Ukrainian traditional houses: houses-walled cottages and houses of adobe. -Daub hut — is a timber-framed building, which is clogged with a mixture of clay and belitsya both sides. Houses of adobe blocks built of adobe bricks, dried in the sun. These houses were quite comfortable in summer they are well kept cool, and winter — warm.

House of straw blocks with wooden siding. Photo: Vitaly Beans /

Vitaly beans, and the project manager ekostroitel, said that the construction of houses of traditional technologies are often combined with the new, "There are more sophisticated, modern technology used in the construction of houses of the same materials, such as hollow wall itself, using formwork Vaysburd. Also built frame houses with walls filled with straw bales, but our ancestors did not build — no balers, — says Vitali beans. — In such houses inside the outer walls lay the straw bales, and the interior walls are made of adobe blocks or bricks, the walls are plastered with clay. "
It can be used and a full reinforced concrete foundation or foundation on screw piles, with a high cap — it allows the house to stand longer explain builders. Roof, as in ancient times, and straw now pave less: can now arrange them in tile, slate or modern roofing materials.

Use in Ukraine and accepted in green building modern engineering systems, solar collectors, heat exchangers in ventilation systems, solar panels, advanced heating technology in combination with traditional etc.

"All the more urgent becomes the environmental theme. People who build these homes in Ukraine, now a little bit, but every year the number increases. Typically, this is either wealthy people who lead a healthy lifestyle, innovators by nature — they order the construction of such housing in the companies. Or it could be people less well — office workers, urban residents, farmers who also share the current ideological beliefs — they are interested in health, environment, personal growth. They build themselves to the process of attracting your family and friends ", — said Vitaly beans.

Eco-friendly house in Odessa.
Photo: Vitaliy Beans /

Poltava region. Project author Andrew Konyukov.
Photo: Vitaliy Beans /

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