Unexpected Zadornov

WHERE do have went and would land RUSSIAN!
ALMOST happy ending

For to those that have and will be Russian land!
Sinister, trolls, and Normanists — which, incidentally, is the same — please do not read further.

Mikhail Zadornov. Photo: gazeta.lv

— You know, Watson, as archaeologists know where the land in ancient times lived Slavs? This is very interesting! If you find signs of growing rye or linen, so they were Slavic or land of their ancestors. So … judging by the archaeological data, the ancestors of the Slavs — we call them the ancient Slavs — inhabited much of Europe in the middle of the third millennium before our era …!

Perhaps, it was the most peaceful and golden time for indigenous people in Europe — tillers. But gradually began to gain force new steppe nomads. They have broken the peace of the golden age of Slav and began to push them a little to the Danube River and the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains to the north. Slave civilizations, such as Greece, Persia, Egypt, Phoenicia, generally south of Europe turned into a solid grinder. Rome reached with its imperial ways and to the north! And they began Slavs gradually begin to move, throw native ancestral lands, spending … Who east, who even deeper to the north of this senseless slaughter.

By the way, our Scottish ancestors with you, Watson, too, at that time, moved to the island. They, too, of the Slav. Worshiped the god Veles. On behalf of Wells. God of cattle — so Scotland.

The fact is that of the Slav and the Slavs was a serious drawback — they did not recognize slavery. This is what I have said many times, Watson. And again, not very fond of fighting! Wanted only one thing — to live in peace, to honor their gods, harvest, enjoy the holidays, which is always dedicated to the sun or other natural phenomena. Even wore bright clothes to be lived joyfully, looking at each other. That's why a long time ago, but at the time quite zapamyatnye, moved to the eastern part of the Slavic lands, and then further to the north-east. Lakes, rivers, forests … In places the forest burned — Get the field. And they live happily, ever after the good, and the land they soon become their family. Because where the person works there and his homeland. But soon the "chopper" "progressive part of European humanity" was podstupat to their new homeland. Nearest neighbors that had previously sat on the Dnieper, imposed tribute steppe-Khazars. From the north and west troubled German tribes. Nurmany that occurred from the same Germanic root, increasingly frequented with robberies. Became restless. Sort of like Slavic save themselves?
The main issues addressed by the Slavs general meeting. It happened in the town square, which is often called the red, the word "red" in the meaning of "light." Called a meeting of "Veche". The fact that there is in Russia called the Duma. Only in the Duma deputies without family, without a tribe, and at the Chamber agreed wisest of each kind. The difference, by the way, the essential: a wise or selected advertising for real?

Today, it is believed that democracy was born in Greece. Rubbish, Watson! What kind of democracy can there be in Greece, if there was a slave system? Entitled to vote only the wealthy who had sufficient status and number of slaves. However, in our time, the Democrats call themselves only those with money and power at the top. A Rome? Their Senate — a parody of democracy! It consisted entirely of embezzlers. No, Watson, a real democracy in ancient times was only in Israel — "Collection of judges' and the Slavs -" Veche ".

Veche sat on the steps to the area. Who is more respected, took steps higher. These were called "ostupenennymi." Then the word ennoble, and to say "ostepenennyh." Respectable! Just like the word "stage" has transformed into a proud term "degree."

Everything seemed to be going well. However, only the beginning. Times have changed rapidly. There are not only enemies on the borders of the Slavic world, but also the southern traders crept into a leisurely life of the laity-tillers. Where the enemy will not pass, shopkeeper always fit. Temptations to the Slavs were worse armed enemies. Someone became rich by selling fur itinerant merchants. Someone was able to sell profitably flax seed … Someone built a cool tower. Someone he became a merchant. Began separation prosperity. And made in the Chamber for years disagreed. Each "member" was to fight for his family, for his benefit. Learned from southern traders. Do not become over-order "Gardariki country."

Urgently needed to create an army-squad. But how? One family, one that is closer to the border lived, understood that it is necessary in the general treasury for the maintenance of the troops to give at least a tithe. And those who have been resettled from the boundaries further, they are not supported. Why? And so to them the enemy will never get!

Prince, who led the Veche — as if now say Speaker — was legendary Gostomysla. Name a very Slavic. Princely family Gostomysla anciently known for hospitality and goodwill. Thanks to his authority, he often held back "the people's" ready to go wall to wall. Listen to him. Trusted. Not once life has proved that his faithful and farsighted solutions.

Gostomysla understood: if the time is not all come together — no Veche continue to not save. Even realize that he is not eternal. Old steel, and power to pass to no one. Gostomysla had four sons. Two were killed in clashes with gangs Khazar. Two — in clashes with Nurmanov when last expelled from Ladoga.

No more heirs.

True, there are three daughters. Their sons. Power had to go, if not to the children, then their grandchildren on seniority. There was a son of the eldest daughter of a prominent, precocious, athletic build. His name was Vadim. Here are just a father, husband, daughter, converted to Christianity and baptized her son. Gostomysla did not like it. At that time, Christians were afraid of the Slavs. First, the Christians who traveled before them, were mostly people shopping all the time and trying to cheat. Second, there were dressed in black, making eye became Slavic looking at them, sadly. And most important — all the time they insulted Slavic gods, praised her. Slavs they are not repeatedly offered, why argue? Once you worship Christ, and live among us, and put it to our gods and worship at the temple, as we own. Angry Christian merchants. How dare you? We must be one! Your no match for him. Hurt words Slavs. How is the mood in such a Christian prince, who is also with the trade in human beings began to flounder? Do not like it will have the people. Another thing — the middle daughter Umila … However, do not live in their native land, away from the family home, is not accessible to the enemy, the Germans in the Varangian Sea island. But, they say, children raised bold brave fighters, to match their father — the hero Prince Godslavu. The sergeant Rarog general authority became even among the Vikings. A fleet of lody island created. Good squad assembled. Saxons revenge for his father. Not everyone, of course, but only to kings, who lured an unfair Prince bodrichey and executed him in front of the defenders of the city to intimidate them. Tell me, in a fight that was invulnerable Rarog like someone on a special guardian imposed. Swords with both hands possessed. According to rumors, the magician him as a child taught, put in the boat, he darts into it to start up, boy would escape from them and at the same time that the boat is capsized. In the squad to go even Rarog Scandinavians. Called it their own way — Rurik. Discipline in his squad was canceled. Rejoiced Gostomysla such rumors. That would be the granddaughter of the catch. He would have made all dissenters unite. Would come with his retinue, ordered all friends, and all would have been friends. Trade would poprizhat a year or two, his own army organized, their fighters Varangian teachers did. Weapons, saying it is better Scandinavian, though in imitation forged. Then would nurmany to our land just ceased to meddle. And yet the Khazars would think a hundred times before you try, as fields, impose tribute.

But how to convince people and ostepenennyh? And invented Gostomysla such that can think of only a gifted man, precisely the Slavic race. If he saw a dream! From the womb of his middle daughter was touched grows great Reigning tree! Crohn this tree grows, poured unprecedented force and becomes neohvatnee than the other trees in the area. He called the wise men, told them of his prophetic dream. They immediately understood what Prince clone. Started a good work! Connect the two branches of Slavic kind: military power of those who "with the sunset" with workaholic "at sunrise." Tremendous strength work! The enemy is not so easy to overcome.

Convened Gostomysla Veche, talked about his dream. Magi confirmed: that, indeed, and they saw that the dream Gostomysla seen. In short, to make sure!

You've got to say, Watson, that the Slavs have always believed in dreams more than laws. Dreams they were often called prophetic. Not in the sense that they are in a dream saw some expensive things, as now seen in the dream homes, yachts, coats … Prophetic Dream from the Slavic word "news." He brings news.

Dream impressed by the Veche. Umpteenth time this sage as Gostomysla, had a prophetic dream, it means that in this dream the dictates of the gods! And they decided the oldest and wisest of the oldest of the wisest to send messengers to the pricked and to her sons.

Of course there were dissenters. Particularly displeased with my son's eldest daughter — Vadim. After all, he, under the law and not according to sleep, power should pass. But the trick of his wise grandfather gray. Bedtime used. That is what is illegal. Law because people write, and dream — from the gods!

Vadim many young men respected. In battles with the Khazars hero show themselves. Nickname clung to him — "Brave." Christian merchants, those from the south of Slovenia Often, it is also supported. Did not want the independence of the Slavs intensified. Customizable solutions against Vadim Gostomysla and the Chamber. Beforehand that his brothers hated cousins, especially older Rarog. And it was until the end of his fierce enemy.

The great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov about Vadim Brave even started to write a poem. And called it "Vadim". But not finished, apparently, knew not understand that actually happened.

In general, the messengers came to Rurik-Rarog on his island, but did not immediately tell everything. Started out small: that our prince, Gostomysla your grandfather, will soon leave for the other world, wants her daughter and grandchildren, who had not seen since childhood, to say goodbye. Caught unawares Rarog such news. He called his mother and brother advised: what to do? Tale promised his campaign to head to Sicily — "payback" the only one left after the last hike — almost squad assembled, all live in joyful anticipation of the distant and profitable journey, and here's grandfather calls. They say he is dying. You can not refuse — a sin. Umila even have guessed the true reason for such an invitation. Tears would, if she could. But forgot how to since her husband was executed, and most had to be the head of the family, almost a man!

In general, left for himself Rarog aides told them to continue to hike fees to Sicily, and promised to return soon, and sailed with his mother and brother to the grandfather of the sunrise on the Varangian Sea, on the lake not? Into a princely town of Ladoga.

Rarog knew that my grandfather fox, but it's so — not expected. Not only that pretended dying, and he was strong, the staff as a stranger, so still, lured, and power over his people suggested. The people, of course, good. With Rarog-bodrichami — brothers. Gods alone! Names differ slightly. And the land is plentiful, the grandfather rights, and the rich can be — Only work on it! But not Varangian thing — dig in the ground.

Of course, sometimes the Vikings liked to come to the east, to make a break from their trips to Europe, where it was good to go rob the gold, jewelry chests stuff, learn to trade, fight … And when I wanted to love to sit around the campfire, singing heroic past of the Valiant to sing, to hay to lie not with the European canteen-keeper, and with selyanochkoy, whose eyes, as the lake is not? in, then one way — to the Slavs "on the rise". That's just a long time to live like the laity in the Vikings could not. Again, like the romance, that is, to fight against the enemies. Otherwise felt like overgrown fat and soul, and body.

No, not for Rarog such a life! And Tale promised to return soon, ahead — Sicily! Warmer climates, black-eyed polonyanki. And then what? Decide from morning to night showdown between the elders? Sin, of course, to deny a dying grandfather. But, first, has to doubt his illness, it was too neatly sets out his thoughts. A dream, of course, was prophetic, but that his grandfather could to imagine.

Braced Rarog gently as he could and refused to grandfather.

— No, my grandfather, my lads waiting for my island. Forgive me if you can. Helping people to be your first call, by the memory of my father. Offense to anyone of your kind will not. Any answer as the two of King Saxon murder of my father. My word is strong, and it all on Varangian Sea know. If what promised — performance fail. And Nurmanov contract is concluded, I will explain: our land, Varangian! If anyone finds itself, spare.

— Well, thanks for that, grandson! Give your words Veche and the Magi.


— I know, the grandson of the last time seeing each other, so remember my words. Sorcerer, who raised you as a child, they say: Do not you just been born. In great love begotten, and therefore for some good things, great things. I do not know what to tell. But I see in you the power of individuals. Remember that! I can not believe that you're born to the predatory life. Obey signs our gods. Otherwise ruin ourselves and all our common gender.

Bye. Rarog sailed on lodyah with friends back. Sadness in my soul. What grandfather hinted? What are the signs? I'll have to go to the priest to Rügen. Maybe he will clarify: for which such great things I was born? I remember a time mother talked about something like that as a child. However, what is a soul muddy. Ahead of Sicily! Hike! Lads can not wait. Ah, the good life nepodnevolnaya, Varangian, free!

But the conversation with my grandfather did not go out of your head. On the second night went on deck to look at the stars. He looks it on the beach? Bonfires! How come?

— Well tell me, my friend, — Rarog turned to one of his warriors, Vikings — you used to go there often, who lives on these shores?

— That land Estonians. They are not on the beach, and there, on the forests and rivers are sitting. And fires, I think, some newcomers have dissolved.

— I do not like it! And well, let's just, silently to the shore … we come so we'll see. Nothing on earth nurmanskaya gang sneaks grandfathers.

Lodi silently approached the coast. Landed and as softly, good on sand, crept to the dunes, between the fires that were burning. Indeed, nurmany!

But what is it?

Woman tied to a pole, and around the branch with dry twigs laid. Want to burn! Very young. A grown-up anger burn. Eyes like never before Rarog seen: even my mother, when she in a campaign against the Saxons saw off. He had heard that in Europe, women who are confused with the devil, or the devil, made to burn at the stake. But the ugliness of this blasphemous ever seen. Whisper ordered to call his other fighters.

One of the Vikings, hired Scandinavians nurmansky overheard and translated. It turned out that a well-known Scandinavian Earl landed with his band on the beach to the village zorit Estonians. Sent investigation, she was told if a promontory Slavic boat. Here is the first production! Crept up, seized. Among the prisoners were two women. One kind, obviously, a noble, but incomprehensible. Like Slavic, and like and do not. Another, you see, servant. Men killed, and the women decided to have some fun. Start, of course, with a noble. But only the first nurman to approach it, flashed her sparkling eyes

— Touch it you do not live!

Nurman laughed, took a step forward and fell dead …!

With fear even spotted nurmany it miraculously escaped slave hiding in the dark and just dart to hit in the head.

— A witch! Witch! Burn her!

Hammered into the sand waves picked pine trunk. Tied "witch" to this hastily smasterennomu "pillory" began to gather around a small fin, twigs from the woods near the dry branches wear. But there was no fear in the eyes of "witches." This "fire" angry she gazed at his executioners, that those — native-born killers — his eyes averted. Not for nothing have Rarog anxious heart beat another lode when he saw the fires. That's really the rest of the Vikings could come to the rescue, with the dunes lurk, waiting for a command. Nurmany of his gang have identified the bravest, who had to light a fire under a witch. He came with a burning torch, and the "witch" at it again:

— Would you pray your Odin, long live you left!

Nurman grinned, raised the torch to the twigs, then his arm and overtook Varangian, Rarog fired. Quickly deal with the rest of the Vikings Nurmanov, because this thing — chop Nurmanov — was for the Vikings great pleasure. A beautiful Rarog obviously liked. I never thought that a woman at the stake can be so beautiful and majestic. Came and freed the ropes cut.

— Who is she? From? I Rarog call from the Vikings.

Nurmany Rurik they call. Burned your lodyu, but on my Drakar no one will touch you or your servant — I give my Varangian!

What happened then, Prince bodrichey never expected.

It with more anger than nurmana flashed girlish eyes, like two arrows flew out of them.

— I hate you all! You are all thieves! Fuck up our land. My brother also has outsider. Rod shamed! It was a prophetic gift, and he's your island robbers fled. They say the gift the gods were taken away …

Rurik was so stunned that he did not angry, and burst out laughing. Nobody in life has its eyes robber did not call and did not look so angry. And this was after he had saved her from death. In such a short time and fall in love.

— You wait to be angry, beautiful! Who is she? What kind? As you in this wilderness has brought? And I do not a robber, and Prince bodrichsky!

— You're the prince? Look at his friends! For being saved, thank you. I will always pray for you. You are strong warrior, but ruining his life, but could … Could …

— What could? Speak!

Paused notable keltka, then hesitantly replied,

— I do not know. Muddy all over you … Unclear your life, knight. Not on the way to us. And no need of your help, home to Ladoga themselves get.

— To Ladoga?

Here it is the turn of wonder Rarog:

— What's your name, then you? Well I repeat, my name fighters Rurik.

— Efanda. We kind of ancient Celtic priests! From the wars our ancestors farther and farther to the sunrise ran. In the end, settled down in Slovenian. After all, our people the same root. Our family is designed to preserve the secret knowledge of their ancestors. Therefore left podalee east. But here your gang got. And now, good-bye. Thank you and I will pray, because all you have is dull! Myself you're not in tune!

Rurik did not want to let her go. Thought force in lodyu lead. Where are the two virgins in a dark forest at night? But the dove beauty with his servant in a dark forest, and after them cold. Tried to catch up — nowhere. Dissolved. And really, is it a witch? Like a wild beast had gone from the hunter.

Even forgot about Sicily Rarog. All the way back was thinking about what happened. What does all this mean? And why keltka his troubled life called? Really at heart a chore. Especially scraper soul that she did not recognize the prince. It was insulting. If it was not a woman, would respond adequately. Wow, Celtic noble race! He's in the squad had a couple of the Celts. Soldiers excellent, fearless. Weather predicted accurately. One even had an ancient calendar: two wooden disc-spring roll with a lot of lines on the pin rotated relative to each other. The owner of this sacred wealth boasted if such calendars were the ancestors, the Celts long before the great Caesar them scattered around the world. One of these calendars the same Caesar brought to Rome, and none of the Romans did not think that this calendar! "The Romans compared to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were barbarians" — not once was telling this Celt-fighter.

Puzzled and cheerless Rarog returned to his brothers. Thought forgotten what happened in the way of collecting and preparing for the trip. But forget about Efande Rarog did not succeed. Like a plague in the shower start. The same should be, I did not recognize the prince! Turbid robber considered.

There was at that time in Rarog has a wife and daughter. With his wife parted ways. It took Christianity to the Slavic gods refused. And my daughter loved Prince, was able to comfort her, as no one — his palm to his forehead, weighed down by thoughts, put like two pancakes, and thoughts immediately brighten. Harems never imagined would start, though, too, was a saint. Nothing, perhaps, went hiking to the south of Europe? All in all, not a little thoughtful bodrichsky prince. It may, indeed, dull lives?

And then one morning, jumped out of bed with a sudden idea: to show this arrogant woman who saved who he really is! Nothing that a grandfather offered him the principality. I'll be back a minute to Ladoga, Didove accept the offer, and then we'll see: Prince I or robber. At the thought my heart was suddenly happy as long since not. And so did not think twice. Rarog gathered his squad, and with downcast eyes, confessed:

— I will not go with you to a campaign this time. Go on without me. Esteemed leader among you. And my life is changing. Grandfather — Grand Duke Gostomysla — is dying, and with it his business may die. He asked me to inherit. Yes I do, and he thought it is time to settle down.

It turned out such thoughts no one Rarog not once occur. Like, what life robberies live, but merchant ships protected? Many would like their home, family, children. For home and comfort possible and for the rest of life seem like a plow. Did not expect Rarog that nearly half his men to agree with him on leave and rising to become his faithful assistants — to help organize the army, put everything in order "to abundant land that has no order." Would Rarog Baba cry! Even a part of Scandinavia, which he served, and those responded.

Began to gather. Who in Sicily, who on the east, to his brothers, Slovenia. Lodi equally divided. The day before departure there was an event in his life that has played a crucial role! Came to him a young knight, a blond, but with a person grew up, obviously not been a single alteration and said firmly, as befits a true warrior:

— You saved my sister Efandu. I have long since betrayed his family. I want to go back. And for the fact that his sister had saved, I'll be your friend forever. I have learned a lot over the years, I feel, be of use.

This young Celtic warrior, who in his youth had fled to Varangians, all Russian know and now on his favorite poems of the poet Pushkin, "How now sbiraetsya prophetic Oleg revenge unreasonable hozaram …"

And then something happened that began to change the map of the world to its present form. In summer, in the month of July 862 years came to lodyah with his army and brothers-Rarog Rurik to Ladoga at the call of his grandfather, and agreed to inherit his power. Gostomysla not wait for that moment, just before he died. From Rurik came to Ladoga and his wife and daughter. One would be glad. But Rarog secretly waited another: whether to recognize it now Efanda prince guess it, why come back? Realize that he is never in the shower was not a robber? Or still muddy counts?

That's right, Watson, fell robber noble princely bodrichey formed next great Russia! Perhaps the Russian tsars because proud to call themselves Rurikovich that their ancestor showed himself a real man, committed the greatest act in his life, to which a person, changed my life! At this not everyone is able.

You've got to admit that Rurik-Rarog indeed order in the rich "country Gardarika" brought. No wonder all these years polurazboynichi rule people trained by the military. Even warring clans realized that once issued an order to make friends, it is better to be friends. And they began to make friends! Except, of course, Vadim and his gang. Rebel gathered around him all dissatisfied with the new order, and there were many. Christian merchants who came from a half-day denzhonkami supported him — and held against the "oppressor" rebellion. What was meant to write and Lermontov. Is not that the film, Watson?

— You know, Holmes, the movie is a success if it has a happy ending. And you somehow sluggish ends. What happened as a result of the uprising? A Efanda? Recognized, in the end, in his savior prince?

— Where she go? The revolt was suppressed. Loyal and good friend Rarog-Rurik was Oleg. Not only understood turmoil, but exploration has organized to the Khazars, to the Scandinavians to the German tribes. He rediscovered the prophetic gift given by the gods at birth. People for the insight and intuition was soon called prophetic. Opened this gift also a reason. The misfortune was in love with the wife of Oleg Vadim Brave — the leader of the rebels. When Vadim executed, hid widow decided by all means to destroy Rarog and his brothers, who reigned in the neighboring lands. One of them managed to poison her, another with his gang caught and betrayed the terrible punishment — tore birches. And until the Rurik could reach could not, and therefore made it clear to Oleg, is ready to do anything if it is the "boss" Potion izvedet. There is a legend that Oleg chorus of her popped up in anger when it is offered to him. Resist! The real guy was. Do not succumb to the temptation of the devils. Here his prophetic gift to him and came back. Because of loyalty and fidelity to man gives special powers.

When the brothers were killed, earth moved again put to the city Novograd. Rurik understood — as a Western-style began to call him even Novgorod — what power to fill the earth, when people come together.

On the invasion of Khazar Exploration Olegovskaya warned. All Slovenian neighbors decided to fight back, even krivichi came to help. Fierce was the battle! Never more Khazars to the northern Slovenian land is not hankered! Sam Rarog wounds received in the battle. You know, Watson, who cured him of these injuries, which could be fatal?

— Oleg?

— No, Watson! But you almost have guessed. Sage — the sister of Oleg Efanda. Recognized in him a true prince! Crowned Yarilin grief soon son was born, named Igor. With his wife the former Prince parted. She sailed into the sunset, and a daughter with a visor. Daughter wept. She knew that her father can no longer see life.

And the truth is not long left to live Rurik. Wound undermined his strength. Run it, dreamed with Oleg, did not have time: united to form one of a field drevlyan, Vyatichi, Krivichi Novgorod … and other Slavic-Rousseau, scattered forests and rivers.

Before his death, asked Oleg to take care of Igor, who just turned four years old: to reign while the successor will not grow. During this time, the brains are trained to a good future prince heir turned out.

Very worried for the future Rarog heir Efanda calmed, repeated the words were cut to "grow up, but without you our son, but love for you, so I'll be close, but I always loved you. From the moment I first saw ".

Soothed away Rarog-Prince Rurik of life. Efanda messenger to his daughter with former wife sent. Daughter time ripe, the mother brought forgiveness.

Funeral feast to celebrate gay prince: they sang, danced, told hilarious stories from his life. Laughing. No one cried, not lamented. What is it? Rejoice not, that the person nezryashnuyu life lived. And therefore the soul Rarog was easy to leave the earth-mother.

And once again proved true to his friend Oleg! Reigned after the death of Rurik, being an educator Igor, no worse than the sorcerer, who taught his father Rarog since childhood. The people are very fond of Oleg! Strengthened Russian land during his reign. And Khazars to settle down, and a tribute to the Byzantine Empire took, a fleet of lody built.

In Kiev, the great city, the capital moved to the glades. Not all of this came the princes meadow happy. Again, merchants began to incite the South: they say, who worship? That's when the first time and there was a legend that and Rurik and Oleg were Scandinavians — eternal enemies of the Slavs. This legend was invented, not to obey the one who started to unite the Rus-Slavs and who was afraid of Byzantium. And so the legend Byzantine ideology, would now say "image makers" and invented. Were afraid that Russia will get stronger. In the annals was ordered to write about their northern neighbors as barbarians.

At the end of the film, Watson, Oleg give reign to Igor. The legend is, if Oleg died from a snake bite, stepping on the skull of his long-dead horse. She got out of the skull and bit him. All is good, but here's what I found: This was an ancient Celtic legend, a kind of wandering plot. As a legend, of course, good. But I'm a detective, Watson! How is it that Oleg need to step on the skull of a horse, especially if he was Prophetic? If this story to do, as befits an investigator, a lot of inconsistencies, really. No, the meaning of the legend in the other. All my life Oleg remembered his friendship with Rarog. Igor grew up! And people are not ready to accept the "lad" as a prince — also too good reigned Oleg the Wise. I had to stage his death. Remembered the sage ancient legend and played it. And he is told of the wise men, went deep into the forest, became a recluse, a hermit. And just pray to the gods for the prosperity of the future state.

"The moral of the story is" — as the Slavs at all times, started fighting, they soon conquered, were driven from their native land, and as soon as they were united — acquired strength and independence, and become unstoppable! I think this movie is especially needed today. After all, what now? Slavs are quarreling again, and again, they forgot what for them these quarrels can result.

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