Up to 60% of people living in Russia think that Russia — for Russian

Russian march.  Photo: Leonid Varlamov"Russia for the Russian" — this slogan to support up to 60% of the country, writes the Moscow commentator German Der Spiegel.

It is estimated that Russia has about 9 million migrant workers — many of them do not have official permission to stay in Russia and to work. Most of them are from the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, who work on construction sites and markets, sweeping streets and yards. One of their main employers are HOO: they are happy and a great benefit for themselves employ migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, wipers, citing publications site InoPressa.ru.

Many Russian, continues publication, believe that their country has too many foreigners. Thus, near Moscow Khotkovo become a city free of foreigners after the native of Tajikistan to fight Russian killed. Almost overnight, by order of the city administration, the city had taken hundreds of migrants.

"Russia for the Russian" — this slogan support about 60% of the country — from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. And an organization such as "light Rus', contributes to the realization of this slogan in practice.

So tonight, writes commentator Der Spiegel, its head Igor Mangushev and his associates on a tip from residents of a house in the south-western edge of the city came out to look for people coming from Central Asia. Being a civilian, Mangushev has no authority to crack the door and check the documents — but he and his team confidently stormed the iron door to the basement.

Around 60 men and women from Uzbekistan with frightened faces out into the narrow passage basement. They live here for 5-6 people in a small room — the ceiling in some of them is so low that a person of average height is not straighten upright. In the basement, there are no windows in rooms with one toilet for all reigns sanitation, running scared light cockroaches. In many places, with exposed wires hanging from the ceiling.

34-year-Narkabul arrived in Moscow from Surkhandarya. In Uzbekistan, according to the men who can not find work — in the Russian capital, he took a janitor. From the local housing department, he gets 10 thousand rubles a month, 500 pays for rent. And recently, his boss deducted from the salaries of one thousand — ostensibly for repairs. According to the publication, remittances from workers in Russia, Central Asians accounted for 49% of GDP in Tajikistan, 13% of the GDP of Uzbekistan.

Guest workers in Russia are suffering with difficulty, says the publication. When, in November, Moscow was outraged arrest of two Russian pilots in Tajikistan, the Kremlin ordered the arrest and deport hundreds of Tajiks, and the country's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko has branded them as the main peddlers of dangerous diseases. In addition, they are accused of smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan to Russia.

"They have bought and held for slaves" — says one of the members of the "Light of Russia". "Instead of hiring these janitors, they hire dumb Tajiks, pay them a penny, and put the rest in his pocket", — said the young man.

Igor Mangushev does not believe that the government is going to do something. "Once we came to the illegal immigrants who have lived in the basement of a police station," — he said. Recently, a group of young people discovered during a night raid thick notebook, where migrant workers carefully enter all costs. One of the most impressive items are the costs of bribes to law enforcement officials.

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