Vedic cleansing. The path of their ancestors. Universes and gods

Each to himself and the creator, and the murderer, and the judge, and mentor.

By publishing a compilation of revealing the depth of the Slavic world view ("Foundations of the Secret Doctrine of the Slavs", "Slavonic Book of Death", "The Book of Light — add" and others). One important issue was the transition in 2012, our solar system from the zone controlled by Dark Worlds in the white area of the galaxy (in accordance with the Slavic-Aryan science "Stars and Earth"). Our Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the galactic star systems Swati, also called the Milky Way. Swati presented as a left-handed swastika.

Vedic cleansing

At the bottom of one of the sleeves svastichnyh Swati and is our sun which is part of the constellation Zimun ("Celestial Cow" or modern "Little Dipper"), being the eighth star of this constellation. Yarylo-sun rotates with the sleeve around the galaxy's center and makes a complete revolution about 250 mils. years.

In addition, our solar system is also rotated by the outer circumference of the sleeves, around the center, and periodically moves it to the side of the circle facing to the darkness, on the side facing the light (the center of the galaxy). This period of revolution around the sun Yarily-central part of the sleeve is called Svarog Circle and is 25,920 years (it really is for this round, but as the sleeve expands the next period will be handling more). In its motion system of our sun is under the predominant influence of radiation emanating from a particular Heavenly Abode (constellation).

Vedic cleansing

Currently the land is in the run-up to the night shift Svarog Svarog day. Additionally influence temple Fox will be replaced by the influence of palace Wolf.

Galactic radiation become more stringent (see the light-complement). This will entail a change in the conditions of life on Earth. Vedas on warnings and predictions of seers and prophets (and now it is confirmed by modern science), Planet Earth offers hard years for mankind. 2012-2015 GG — These are the years of global social, climatic, and, most importantly, the energy changes. Expect an increase in various accidents and changes in mental state of the people, they commit acts of unmotivated. "It is not fear, but a serious warning: the survival of mankind — in the hands of the forces and of humanity itself. Our task — to prepare your spirit, soul and body to the new flow of energy, which will go to Earth to learn to understand the natural world and to communicate with them, to have the ability to live in the world of subtle vibrations in the world of high energy loads. Land can not be healed and moved to another reality, not yet healed most of its inhabitants "(V. Kurowski).

Therefore, this article is specially prepared by me to the concerned people now turn their attention to future events, prepare for and purify their bodies of accumulated dirt before we take the "Baptism of Fire" (I do not think everyone wants to be after 2012, in the nuthouse or in the cemetery). Cleanse your physical body we have learned, because it is essentially a symbiosis of different living creatures, each of which performs a useful function.

For example, microorganisms lodged in the body processes food, other microorganisms involved in the purification of the body, and others provide useful materials for the activities of the body, etc. But there being parasites that destroy our physical body is different viruses, worms, harmful microbes, fungi, etc. Of these parasites should be periodically disposed of, otherwise, if they multiply uncontrollably, we can die from any serious illness. And here we are with herbs, chemicals, manipulation, etc. learned (and quite good) to clean your physical body.

In another case with our subtle bodies (mental, spiritual).

In previous work ("Foundations of the Secret Doctrine of the Slavs", "Slavonic Book of Death", "The Book of Light-add" and others), I have often compared the human computer will use this way now. Everyone knows that when our regular computer goes on the Internet, it is always at risk of viral infection and therefore need a good anti-virus protection, which protects it during travel on an Internet. In addition to still periodically (at least once or twice a week) to scan the entire contents of a computer and disinfect or delete infected files (serious personal users and companies to do so). In ordinary life, we just as well, when every time we leave the house and go out into the world where we communicate with people, are at risk of a subtle body energy virus (quarrel with anyone, not looked, wanted no good, etc.) . Our energy body (as well as physical) is not uniform in composition and is a symbiosis of different energy beings. There are beings with positive energy, but just as it penetrates and being parasites (lyarvy, demons and other monsters), destroying our whole structure. All vices: drinking, drugs, smoking, lying, adultery, etc. is the result of the different energy monsters are in our subtle bodies and require to meet their needs. But the most important practice of getting rid of these demons have a very poorly developed (almost none), and from this we can not develop normally and grow spiritually, because our energy body, infected with these parasites, pulls us down to hell (a place to cleanse the soul from vices).

Earth is (as mentioned above) will go into light space and infected devils body, there will simply not be ignored (this is a kind of quarantine).

Therefore, it may be applied fiery cleansing of our energy bodies leagues (see details in "The Book of Light-completion"), is a kind of treatment and who have parasites at that time there will be little that can easily pereboleet and will live on, but one who in his life picked up a lot of contagion, the sick will be hard and long, and many do not bear such an inner heat will die or go mad (not sustain their physical body) and get their souls for final treatment in hell (a special unit for the fiery cleansing of the soul). Therefore, until the time we still have (though not many) have to learn how to clean your subtle body from the dirt is picked up in which we live our lives in the world of waking. And then the transition to a new life for us will be virtually unnoticeable and will be accompanied by only a slight indisposition. To go to the practices used in the purification briefly recall some Vedic postulates without which it would be impossible to understand the techniques used.

Universes and gods

According to Slavic philosophy is the basis of all of the contradiction — the struggle and the interaction of opposite sides are together in the inner unity and interpenetration. That is, in our understanding of the world, the universe must be dualistic. Indeed, in accordance with this postulate it is divided into two opposite poles — Worlds of Darkness and Light Worlds.

Next, determine what our ancestors understood called "The Universe." It turns out, according to the Vedas, a large space in the structure contains an infinite number of universes, and our ancestors by this term mean any local world in which created the conditions for introduction of intelligent beings. Therefore, any system is considered zaselennayazvezdnaya universe. For example, our solar system in the Vedas also designated as one of the universes, and also indicates its length, which is equal to 6436 million km (by modern astronomical data radius of the solar system about 6,000 million km). Universes exist above and below our this star system in our galaxy. Galaxy itself (which includes system Yarily-sun), called the Milky Way is also the universe, but at higher levels.

In addition to the galaxies in the universe are such entities as black holes are in fact old galaxies that have already gone the way of development and tightened to an incredible limit. They absorb energy-matter from other developing galaxies, which falls into their sphere of influence. When the quantity of the material energy in the black hole reaches a critical mass is at the same time is the combined energy of all living beings thought the black hole in a single, powerful energy charge, or in other words, formed Shining Worlds creative force (in runes written as Ra-M-HA ). This charge-force gives rise to a new space, the new planetary systems, new thinking civilizations in accordance with the program laid down in the energy charge of the combined intellectual matter (that is, as they say, Ra-M-HA is shown in a new reality.) Black hole explodes and creates a supernova galaxy. In order to develop the galaxy and compacted matter transformed into ordinary matter, the ability to create various forms of life require different power and energy, epitomized by the ancient Slavs called the Higher Gods Goddesses. This is confirmed by the "Veles book": "And we are the gods of (impersonation) and then displays their Gods they are our fathers. Common names we carry with them "…. "And every day the Gods behold, Jacob is light. His are we rechem Perun Dazhbog, Chorus, and Hp and other names. "

Energy without the guiding forces (force vector has a value, that is, the direction) and therefore latent in the creative process Gods (power) and the Goddess (energy) always come in pairs. But except for the higher gods symbolizing strength and energy in our galaxy there are other gods. The first intelligent beings into the world of our ancestors Govern also called Gods "by ancient primordial gods, the protector of the Worlds." The first intelligent beings World Navi also called gods, and the gods were also World Reveal — is patron gods of our birth, the gods of the peoples of different teachers of mankind who personified representatives of the Worlds (lying far above our universe and more advanced), which on Midgard-earth ( the ancient name of the planet) came the ancestors of these people.


From the above it is clear that a person is a child of the whole galaxy of gods. In effect the gods of the world Reveal our fathers, Gods World Navi our ancestors, the gods of the world rule it our forefathers. "Dazhdbogovy grandchildren we have pets-divine" because it says "Book of Veles" and "The Song of Igor's Campaign". And so we, according to the Vedic sources, can directly communicate with their relatives Gods bypassing any intermediaries (we do not need this as the Christian religion priests egregors, angels, etc.).

The human structure is made from special, with varying degrees of energy density. It has several energy bodies interpenetrating. Figuratively this concept our ancestors preserved for us in the form of dolls, where each matryoshka pomeshena one another. People in contrast to the animal world, endowed with the ability to perceive, to radiate and create information all their bodies of different densities. In our computer age (as I mentioned above) can be compared to the human body with the electronic machine is sometimes controlled by the operator, "Spirit," and in most cases acting independently. From the information point of view, the body essentially just biorobot, in which are embedded a very complex, multi-layered, multi-stage and multi-stage program of Life. Already with fertilization program is effective, accurate and consistently performing biochemical, genetic design to form the body. Further changes in our development programs, tasks, conditions, all the time and the date the information as computer programs are at risk of infection by viruses information. Screen our biocompost is consciousness, which reflected only the work life programs (and the processes themselves are in the subconscious or superconscious).

Person for a full life but food and water are necessary subtle energy and information. We draw them from the environment and from other objects in the energy-exchange. All intuitively know: when receiving reduced vital energy from the world around us or settles virus (people sometimes call it damage, the evil eye), begins to accumulate fatigue — have problems with health and well-being. Moreover, if the creature does not take urgent measures to improve the situation of his life ceases.

Man — this is a very complex biological computer, the existence of which depends on the impact on his strength and energy. He is micromodel macrocosm, so the ancient saying, "Know yourself and then know the whole world."

The average person to live in the modern world is becoming more and more difficult, he more frequently and more often a feeling of hopelessness and despair. And so relevant today remember the practical techniques of our ancestors, who helped them to overcome such difficulties. The basis of this method is the direct human interaction with the Gods and Goddesses (essentially with the spiritual forces and energies), which guide people to lead a righteous life. In particular, the powerful flow of cosmic energy manifested under the influence of divine forces over the holidays, when people cleaned, begin to take them more fully. One must realize that the cosmic energy of the different sets and each of them controls (represents) a certain goddess, and gives it direction of the force (that is, creates a directed flow) which is controlled by a certain God. For example, the energy aspects of life meets the Goddess alive and give it direction can Dazhdbog (though maybe another God). Energy dissipation, dissolution, or calm, controlled goddess Mara, and gives it the focus of God Semargl (well maybe another god), etc. So when we need to solve a specific problem in life we must turn, not in general, to all the Gods and Goddesses, and the best to a particular destination. This is the same as in real life, if we have a problem with the gas going to the gas workers. If problems with the electricity going to the electrician, if the water is going to the water utility. You can certainly go out and head straight to the city, but believe me it will only delay the time to fix the problem (always better to apply directly to the experts.) Therefore recommended to us by our ancestors address their problems is to the Gods and Goddesses in charge of solving these problems, and is. You can of course in all matters directly to Svarog and Lada mother to go and of course it will help, but it will be a little longer (though some questions only Svarog or Rhode and can decide, but do not turn to them for nothing, or as they say in vain.)

All of the people in one way or another (consciously or unconsciously) to interact with the cosmic energies that come in through the phone charms (chakras) through the hair, through energy channels, etc.. We must also not forget that everyone is different perception of energy flows that are largely independent of the level of development. In the universe there is a cycle of energy, because "nothing is taken from nowhere and does not disappear." Therefore, in response to the energy, we have to send their energy transformed into love, gratitude, etc.

Today all Slavic family have rediscovered knowledge possessed by our ancestors, in order to re-learn how to live in health and happiness. Using the divine energies, our ancestors could control the elements of nature and therefore increase abundant harvests, to maintain their health and strength. In today's world, it is the ability to perceive as a miracle, but times change and its importance and the need is growing every day. Mastering the ability to communicate with the gods and ancestors, we are also learning how to manage their own aspirations, and this leads to the materialization of the desired. Unfortunately, many people, thanks to the modern education system, suppressed "closed" and the ability to communicate with the gods, so they do not hear and do not feel that tells them that in them the universe. It does not allow people to use the genetically inherent in them the possibility to create your life intentionally. But ever consciously work with energy flows, man transformed, gets a positive charge and the peace of a strong belief in the future.

Many have the ability to "clairvoyance" and "yasnoslyshiniya," they learn to harmonize its internal space and to engage with the divine energies and forces, healed of a number of diseases, get rid of all kinds of fears and worries.

Robust and reliable connection to the gods and ancestors is set by passing a man naming ceremony. From that moment he was called the birth canal and it can, through dialogue with the Gods and Goddesses of the content of the divine powers and use them for different purposes (to clean your body, to influence the development of situations, heal, etc.). Form of communication with the gods, as we said above, depends on the level of human development. Spiritually advanced people hear and see first hand the gods and ancestors, exchange developed only hear or see only the images they send. More advanced use mene coming intuitively ready-made answers to their questions. And the most hidebound, can only react to what it feels like they have in the body. Here is an example of a simple communication: first mentally set a specific program body (how it should respond), kill it in the right shoulder, then give a positive answer to the question, kill the left shoulder a negative answer. For visualization of the signal received through the body, you can use applications of our household items, such as a pendulum (and others). That is, this method is when a person who wishes to obtain information not available to the senses, takes a right hand thread is 15-20 cm long with a small weight on the end, and closed his eyes adjusted to the desired question, with the coding itself (for example if the pendulum is the "Unknown" if right turns in the "YES" if the left is "No"). Starting with the simplest methods of communication can be evolving to a higher level of interaction.

B. Kurowski in his book "Alive" tells a story of a certain Lady of turpentine on the development of their abilities. In its early days it relied only on the physical sensations of the body, perfecting the practice of the "yes-no". But always work with energy, she eventually was able to acquire the ability to full communion with the gods. With this method of communicating information goes directly to the information-field structures of the brain (bypassing the natural receptors of hearing and vision).

Upon receipt of the field or the wave of information it enters the cells of the brain, and from there sent to the organ of hearing (as is clear hearing) or an organ of vision (clairvoyance). In these cases, contact information and operates a biological connection. That is, if the signal is directly related receptor or sense organ to the brain, then the feedback nerve impulses coming from the brain to the receptor, UT irritate them and form a visual image or sound. As a result, acquired the ability to clearly see and hear the sound on the mental screen image.

Here is what Oleoresins their already full contact, "My friend and I returned home from a trip to the center of the Crimea. I see ahead of the car falls down something like a long stick. Driver calmly rides. As it turned out, he could see nothing. A few minutes later the car oversteer, it ceases to obey, is it in a ditch near the fence. Hands worked quickly the mind: a flood of high power internal order — stand! The car became as short.

Calmly taxied and drove off. We drove a bit. Again, see the leaning "stick." After a few seconds ahead of us failed machine, violating the rules for overtaking on the track.

Accident is not due to many years of experience driver. When I was the third time I saw something falling to the machine, immediately asked to stop. Out of the car, eyes closed early practice communication with the Goddess Alive. The question: "What does this mean?" Seeing machine circuit, shrouded with cobwebs, as trawl, tied with rope behind. Rope stretched very tightly. The cells are very large web. Living asked about what to do next. Go thinking, "disconnected, the solvent, and ask to go to the original place of residence." "I look." Open the light output of the hands and head to the web, please go back where you came from. She began to lose its brightness and disappeared visible contour machine was clean and shiny. Thanking the Lives of Mother for help, I opened my eyes. It took no more than two minutes. Arrived home without incident …

The second case. A trip on the same machine. Inside the car falls into the open window of the driver about a bird death blow on the door frame of the car.

Situation warning. Stopped, put a bird on the side of the flowers. We sit in the car, and it will not start. Go out, live call-Mother, I'm straight. In the vision — the car in broad strokes smeared mud. On the question of what to do, get the response: "solution." Performed and ask, "Who needs it?" In response to seeing the familiar figure of an old woman. I was very surprised. Turned to her with a request to leave us alone, that this time I forgive her, but in the future I will defend. And it will be unpleasant for her to get back! The machine is cleaned thanking live, open my eyes. The driver was surprised to look for on the hood and said that failure does not see. I ask him to get in the car and try to start. Machine quiet start. Got in and I had a long talk with a live, learn more about some of the "good" cases of this lady. We reached home safely. I really feel sorry for these home-grown "witches." This woman has so much trouble at home, and she did not seem to understand why the number and complexity grows exponentially because of its "magic" games. Often relief from negative to stream Alive is quite difficult for the patient, as some negative energies stubbornly refuse to leave habitable place. Then you have to pull them roughly to the "roots" or burn-lit fire (my friend just grabs and throws them into the fire of a stove). I have a good friend masseuse fire. Was in her practice on Givet a case. The patient complained of severe pain. Massage has been made, but the pain did not go away. Then fire from the consent of the patient has used the energy alive. From palms healer went high fever, but such that the patient became difficult to tolerate. Healer, seeing energosgustok contrary view, delete it using Perunitsy (lightning symbol). "

AV Trehlebov in his book "Koschuny …" divides all people into four groups (castes) outsiders (workers), Ves (hosts), Knights (warriors) in charge.

According to him the uninitiated is about 50% of the society, they are young souls who do not really think about the fact that there is a spiritual world that they own powerful forces for the creation of their lives, they live in ignorance and passion. Vesey (hosts) — about 30%, it is more mature souls, but in this incarnation they are focused on obtaining material goods, so their spiritual and physical strength they use for this purpose. Knights (warriors), are about 15% — are the people who organize and control. At this level of development of the soul they are interested in power and capabilities, so they live in passion, they are interested in spiritual power, but from the point of view of military influence. Only the remaining 5% — plain — people who go the spiritual way and are in goodness. Veda is thought the same effect as his deed. Each Veda has to control his desires, as the desire — is a certain amount of unrealized energy and it is changing the world in such a way as to be realized, and therefore not all of their wishes should not favorable crushing-mute (still then breaks out when the score a little more energy, and the consequences will be even worse), and to transform them into other species.

Way of ancestors

Going by the ancestors, a man is in constant communion with the gods, he lives by the laws of the Government and is mentally and physically healthy, happy, and all secured. But if a person dispossessed, if have a lot of difficulties in life — this is the first sign that he lives is wrong. Violation of its internal integrity and unity of the universe, and he must help himself. Ancestors all knew it well, and said that a person has only two main ways of development in this world: Veda (knowledge and communion with the gods) or dark (suffering and separation from the Gods).

Any suffering, misfortune, disease excercise is created by us universe problems. Not knowing the legal rights, we violate the harmony of the world. Disorder, which we bring to the world, we get back — it's the law of the Goddess Karna. Only constantly working with divine powers and energies, fulfilling the spirit of the Slav native Vedic practices, we can change and become more happy. "And you have to remember what our fathers were cleared from the hardships of their molvleniyami (appeals to the gods), and washing, and wash them zamolvleniya doeth the purity of their souls and bodies, as Svarog found that washing and Kupalich out points. And do not you dare forget, and my Teles and wash his spirit alive in clean energy, "so teach us" Veles book. "

If we by any reason will not be doing what we ordered nature, we do not need will be peace, and he shall deliver us simply. Once again, one has to live in joy and suffering, we contaminate and poison the world. We think that our negative manifestations are only here in our family. In fact, we are making serious damage in the surrounding world, radiating into it nye negative emotions, energy and passion.

United in naming the gods and ancestors, has the opportunity to receive valuable assistance in clearing their spiritual shell of the emotional and mental filth that a magnet outside the various difficulties and problems. All material worries, illness, problems communicating with people, and more — all in our infancy with you spiritually "field" in our thin shells (which are to be cleaned) and then there is their implementation in the explicit world.

As I said the human body — is to perform bio-computer embedded in our life programs. With proper management of this instrument we live and rejoice in the world, but in violation of the rules of the game crashes, and we get backlash in the form of suffering, disease, and a variety of troubles.

So to our biological computer is hung, periodically clean it from viruses, exposing infected "files" and "program" of mind and body, removing all the "drifts" and "congestion". Separately, I clean components such as human consciousness, will, and all Enchantment — energy vortexes in man (in India called chakras), Power Stone (prototype Alatyr in our body), etc.

Wise and all-powerful symbol of eternity of life and the Slavs have been playing so far alatyr Stone — Source of Life (Al — means "All" tyrit — means "Bear" that is carrying in itself all the hero — bearing in a god) . He is the beginning of all beginnings and in fact it is the image of the Black Hole before its deployment in the galaxy. Because of the huge density of compressed in Alatyr matter-energy in many Slavic plots present the phrase that it can not be "not to turn and lift", with it all begins and it all ends (dies galaxy again returns to the black hole, ie folds). Knowing about the mighty power of the image, our ancestors consciously or unconsciously use it everywhere (in many conspiracies, embroideries, pictures).

Preimage Alatyr Stone is in the human body (we have said that the human body is a kind of microcosm). The human body is able to receive the energy-information, such as from the outside and from the inside. Take the energy-information carries the nervous system and energy. The fibers of these systems intersect in the chest and there is a reversal of energy flows (see "techie …."). So this place is the ancient name of roadway stone or crystal forces (alatyr). In our work with divine energies is also advisable to use the image of Stone Alatyr.

The essence of spiritual purification is that interacting with the Gods and Goddesses, the person is able to navigate through a large number of different energies. This ability, as stated above, it is activated after passing the naming ceremony and persists throughout life (even if he did not enjoy it for many years). It should also be noted that the use of the divine energies to achieve selfish goals always severely punished.

While communicating with the Gods and Goddesses are surprisingly awareness wrong behaviors, and the person begins to relate to the world not from the position of consumers and from the position of the creator. This is reflected in the fact that a person becomes calmer, trying to look for the causes of failures and disease in itself, but not in others. In thin bodies recovered existing damage, and harmonize the relationship between the bodies. In the external, visible — in the body, as well as in our lives, we attract to themselves the law of similarity is always exactly in line with our conscious or subconscious. Thus, any apparent accidental situation tells us something about ourselves. Therefore, each symptom indicates that we need to understand, learn and understand. And when it happens that understanding and people change for the better, the problems and illnesses themselves go. However, what do you do if we have already created problems for yourself and the disease? Need to ask for help to the gods and ancestors, and they will help determine the cause of your troubles (will scan you) removed from your thin shells of monsters and harmonize energy centers and the energy channels of the body. Each person can greatly accelerate the correction of their affairs, if he will analyze your feelings and thoughts and will prompt the Gods. We must also remember that the situation can not change instantly. You'll have to wait for the desired result to communicate with the gods and to work hard for a while. You have to know that every problem and illness, which signals are ignored, there were several stages of deterioration. So, after the initial, minor functional disturbances, soon comes to the body level interference, such as inflammation, injury, or — in the beginning — an accident with no serious consequences. It is always a direct requirement to understand something. If these symptoms are ignored, the transition to chronic diseases. And then begins the hard phase of reversible processes (such as cancer of the irreparable loss and so on), and if it remains unchecked, death occurs.

Working with the divine energies and forces

As mentioned above, our ancestors interacted with all the Gods and Goddesses responsible for different areas of our lives. For example, if the development of any situation depended Chernobog, without more ado, the questions asked him directly: "What you need to do to change the course of events? As to whom or what influence? "Etc. Most of our ancestors still prefer to communicate with the goddess so they being inherently mothers softer and heartfelt approach to the problems of their children, but the gods of our fathers, they certainly posurovey and tougher.

Here is the approximate area of our lives, which are responsible for the various Gods and Goddesses:

God the Father ROD — Our originator — the source of light forces.

Goddess LADA — Goodness, kindness, harmony, happiness.

God Svarog— creativity.

God is light- — Enlightened living.

God Svyatovit— instructions for holy living.

God Perun — The will, determination, courage, activity, luck, protection and fight.

Goddess Mother Earth Cheese — Comfort and peace, a cure.

God tarhi Dazhdbog— giver of all good things, happiness and prosperity.

God Bjelobog — Possession of ancient knowledge, skills.

God hurry — Good luck and success.

God ZNICH — Inspiration.

God CHUR — Guardian of boundaries, limits.

God Varuna — The roads, the paths of destiny.

Goddess Karnam — Mandatory destination destiny.

God of water — Ways of life.

God TOUR — Strength and courage.

God is ONE — A spiritual vision.

God Volkhov — Defense, military valor.

God Stribog — Control of thoughts, desires and feelings.

God VIY — Keeper of Light border controls vision.

God Trajan — Indicates the path of life.

Goddess Valkyrie — Bereguinya.

God HORSE — Prosperity.

Shimmering Goddess, Charge Zarenitsa — love and passion.

God Yarylo — Furious spirit.

Goddess SHARE — Golden Threads of Fate.

Goddess Lola — Grace.

Goddess Yogini — Connection and salvation.

God KUPALA — Cleansing, and the union of all elements.

God Semargl — Purification.

God KOLYADA — Change.

God Kryshen — Wisdom.

God RODOMYSL — Good thoughts.

God Veles — The ability, strength, wealth, volhovstvo.

Goddess madder — Cleansing, calming, dissolution.

Goddess of erysipelas — Grace in the family, birth.

Goddess (E) IS ALIVE — The life force, activation, and health.

God elevated — Conflict management.

Goddess Makos — Threads of fate, luck, success in life, etc.

Approximate algorithm for interaction with the Gods and Goddesses:

1. For better interaction, it is desirable to pass naming ceremony. In addition, you can use additional energy hot spots of the earth. Many of them are our ancestors said, setting in these places, various installations, such as dolmens. Dolmen is a combination of old Slavic word "long-distance" — it is a great measure of the distance (eg, Moon distance is the distance from Earth to the Moon) and Men — a man, a man (in that the dolmens were used to bind people with Gods across large distances, see A detailed article "Dolmen Mary").

2. Protection. To protect yourself 4 times overshadows the Holy Banner (laying on his body perunitsy, this three fingers right hand — a large, unnamed and malyykontsami joined together, and the two fingers — index and middle — are connected by straight and then folded so your fingers touch the brow, to the left shoulder, right shoulder, and the lower abdomen). In some cases, it is recommended to protect not only themselves, but also the place of action. For this reading conspiracies oberezhny create a circle of stone, with burning candles, you can make the water circuit, etc.. Themselves remain within the circle.

3. Next committed the acts committed gods and ancestors. You just say the words "For the glory of the gods and our ancestors" (this is the same as the Christians, "In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit"). This can be done at the same time laying over perunits.

4. Call upon God or Goddess to clarify the situation (scan), cleaning, changing the situation, etc. If you do not know who to turn to, then call your patron God or the God kind of patron.

For example, we need to clean and so we urge the goddess Mara (can God Semargl, Stribog etc) call like this: clasped his hands together at the level of the heart (as if we formed mirror letter M), on the palms or in the air can be drawn further Mary characters (you can mentally can handle). Each sign is associated with a deity (see Slavic-Aryan oberezhnye runes and signs) and so it acts as original key access code signal for the connection. Then say, "Mother-Marin, nice and Trislavna wake! We, Thee, eternally glorify, bloodless required and gifts for, you, all native-burn! Grant me the grace to communicate with you, for great is Thy bounty, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake "(other hymns appeal to the gods).

5. After talking with the Goddess energy controlled by Mara removed, dissolved, monsters and mud that grabbed or make an impact on what or situation. After necessarily express our sincere gratitude Mare: "Mother-Mar, Light Rod God, I thank thee for help but in all my deeds, save me from oprizorov and saying, do not let me go blank breadbasket."

6. After cleaning, it is always recommended to fill yourself with energy. To activate the vitality, energy, and to enhance the recovery processes call gods and goddesses are responsible for these processes (I live Perun Dazhdbog etc).

Such as the Goddess live call: hands crosswise, and palms under the arms (hands together with the central energy channel form the letter X) and say, "She's alive, Mother! Shower keeper! You Rodham all our Patron! Call upon Thee, glorify Thee! Give me comfort, and I think Rod reproduction. " You can also, for a more complete activation of the flow of its energy, in addition to portray character alive. Then recite the reason the call, and a program of actions. Work with the energy alive, manifesting itself as conscious creators. If you do not know how to forward the received energy is send it to the top of the head and it will go where it is needed and will have the necessary effect on the body. You can call for yourself through communication with the living energy of all necessary qualities of persistence, love, courage, bravery, and so on. Coming from the channels of our Gods from Space Psychoenergetic information that the practitioner begins to receive, feel and understand, leads to significant changes in his physical body (even in the structure and quality of the brain) and character. When the work necessary to thank Givet, "Mother is alive, I thank thee for help so you arrive, eternally in my heart."

7. Fixing the ending. "As the Ocean-Sea is not around and Alatyr white-stone had turned, and I do not condemn, not oprizorit no sorcerer or witch, nor any enemy. Let it be so now and ever, and from the circle to circle byst tacos tacos tacos thou will "or other options.

Through an appeal to the Gods and Goddesses can be healed, to materialize the desire to shape the future, to resolve conflicts, etc. Communication is an individual and intuitive and it is desirable to carry out in the privacy of a quiet, relaxing environment. By this simple and ancient practice of calling us and "Veles book": "It is instructive antiquities and handed it to our lives. For there is our own, from the gods reaching.

Kolo (protective circle), our co-create and the power of God visibly (contemplate) in itself. It is given — the gift of the gods and we will need (for use in cases) and not slander. Well the one to do it, if you want to achieve victory. "

In my opinion, simpler and clearer to say is simply impossible.

Finally the golden rule of the spiritual and mental purification: purified but daily, regularly and consistently.

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