Vedic orthodoxy, as a systemic vision and framework Slavic spirituality

Today, many researchers know that ancient sacred Vedic knowledge encoded in our language. These secret language dedicated Russian people nymphs, and witch-priestess, whom Christian tradition calls witches. The word "Veda", ie "Know" which determines the depth meaning of Russian Vedic worldview. Modern Russian Vedism — is not an exotic India on Russian soil, and the deepest layer of historical systemic worldview and spirituality of our people. Fulfilling prophecy prophet Vanga: "The ancient teaching come into the world." (Stoyanova K.Istinata for Wang. Sofia, 1996).

The nature of the systemic vision of our ancestors is beyond the scope of any science, and requires an appropriate approach in the study. Systemic worldview organically include hierarchy of gods and the concept of the Supreme Deity. The problem of determining the supreme deity of the ancient Slavs and its role in shaping the spirituality of our ancestors saw in XVIII century, Mikhail Lomonosov and M.I.Popov. In the XIX century Kostomarov, A.S.Famintsin, N.I.Tolstoy, A.F.Zamaleev. In the twentieth century, on the question of religious ideology and the pantheon of gods of the ancient Slavs wrote B.A.Rybakov, Ya.E.Borovsky, V.V.Sedov, G.S.Belyakov, O.S.Osipova and many others. Unfortunately, in the twentieth century there was a substitution of the notion of the Supreme God of the ancient concept of the principal god of the Slavs, which includes changing the very gods in the hierarchy of the gods. The Vedic tradition of understanding of God as the Absolute was finally broken and almost forgotten. Hence the age-old dispute is not only the name but also the functions of the God of gods. Which did not have, according to the Vedas, a personal name, but having the main distinguishing feature — "luminous." The Supreme (God) god of the ancient Slavs — a cosmic fire, fiery cosmic light (CBA), which had a lot of expressions and faces. In the human world, in microcosm, there are manifestations of light and darkness. "Bright" people not only had blond hair and could be called Russian. They were to be "Lightbringer" and "Aryans", ie "Noble". This word from the language of the "sun" — Sanskrit almost forgotten, but still remembered in Russia the concept of "Your Highness", "Your honor," and this evaluation was the original spiritual sign of the best Russian people. Be Aryan — it means to be "noble" and "luminous" man giving his (family) have — the tribe and the world "good", which is understood as "good" and was initially seen as the opposite of "evil." Today, we can imagine how it was warped and distorted by Hitler and his followers, the very notion of "Aryan."

For our ancestors is particularly important was the "life-giving" face of the sun. Its all Slavic-Aryan tribes — deified, and, according to the ancient Vedic tradition, the sun was the second sacred name Yara (R-PA), which is more commonly known as Yarylo. It was coded in such Russian words as Be (Ra), Ms (Pa), me (Pa) (Pa) arc, then (Ra), but (Ra), and many others. Even the notion of Ivan — do (Pa) to have a deep sense of the sacred, providing a special way of life of the hero of the ancient Russian fairy tales. Linguistic and philosophical analysis of ancient tales, myths and legends can be said that the Russian Vedism is a coherent system of beliefs, which permeated life Slavonic society, responding to the new philosophical questions, defining the collective priorities and the resulting spiritual and activity-setting behavior.

A special place in Vedic Orthodoxy is about "rights." This concept is related to the sacred "Navyu" and "reality." Orthodox nymphs knew about multidimensionality and the illusory nature of Being. Only true God's laws (commandments) and the chief of them: "what goes around, comes around." It is believed that it is the law "karma" and through the Hindu Aryans — b (Pa) hmanov us back the Vedic idea of the Act. However, in the Slavic-Aryan (Orthodox) Vedas there is a concept "Karna". Talk about it, for instance, in aces AI "Myths and legends of the ancient Slavs." If a person goes by the Government (the truth), the Nav (Alpine World) becomes a reality, manifested in the physical world, and dreams come true, "exercise." Right — this is the way of the real divine Navi Reveal. Orthodox people — this is the man who "glorifies" light path and follows it. Seven stages of yoga from "well" to "samadhi" were known to our ancestors, and the concept of "Yogi" — is the name of the upside of Fame (Jan) (John) a — "goy." This was the name of every Slav ancient Jews, and in Christianity it has survived to this day. In this case it is a stand out (goyah) who betrayed (edit) a (nice), and the faith of their ancestors on the path of falsehoods.

We all know from the Bible that the cradle of Jesus was attended by magi-nymphs, but did not specify where they came from and who they are? Thus breaks the connection to time and religious epochs, sacred Vedic truth about Orthodoxy and his righteousness (rules) of the path to God. But remained in Russian concept of "worthwhile" and "demon (worthwhile)," How to keep the concept of truth and falsehood. Today they are the focus of ideological struggle. How to get away from modern, diverse Krivda and take the path of Truth (edit)? Along with this question there is another question: "What is the difference Vedic Orthodoxy of Christianity, which is accepted in modern Russia is also called Orthodox?".

If you start a conversation with this question, it should be noted that the differences are many, but a systematic approach to the stated topic of research requires the allocation of fundamental differences. They are labeled itself the Christian Church in the 17th century and served as one of the main reasons for the persecution of our ancient Orthodox faith, the Old Believers (Old Believers). Special, sacred significance was in Vedic Orthodoxy dvuperstnoe baptism. The Sacrament of Baptism existed long before Christianity, and it is not entitled to a "assign". Moreover, Jesus himself "attach" to it after John "the Baptist", and it was probably dvuperstnym as sacrament "baptism" trained magicians. The oldest form of baptism orthodox two crosses survived to this day among the Old Believers in Russia. Feature of it is that the average (the highest) finger symbolizes God, and the index — man. Man — this is a "child of God" and it should be with God if you are not afraid of losing the spiritual unity with him. Dvuperstie just symbolic and meant unity with God, "the God-manhood."

Baptism right — this is the second feature of the Vedic Orthodox Christianity, which has been preserved in the 17th century, and Nikon has not gone under the knife "reform." Up to now the Christians are theological debates about difference between Orthodox followers of the Roman Catholic Church. In these disputes, not the main thing — the understanding that the Orthodox, to acknowledge God as God (Absolute), could one day in heaven to see him about (events) gives life to the face. This was the face of the sun I — Ra (Yarylo) and our Orthodox ancestors worshiped every day, making K (Ra) maul. This was not just a prayer to the sacred name of the sun (Ra), and worship, worship of the Radiant Light of Wisdom and Truth of God. Vedic Orthodoxy did not know the country of Russia, as nymphs, called Orthodox Russia — race and put in it the sacred name of the "light" of their knowledge. Russia as Rasei name comes from the word "Ra", ie The Light of Truth and God, "Behold," ie, "It" and the pronoun "I". Literally: "I am the Light of the Truth of God." Our ancient, or, as they say, the old faith in the 17th century was pursued and forgotten. However, she has not lost touch with the Vedic wisdom that teaches understanding of the duality of the world and the need to follow the path of the rule (the Truth, and of judgment.) Our cause is just! In this expression, the essence of the Vedic Faith, but to understand it is necessary to find the "point of departure" the right and the left. Christians do not have this "point of reference", as our ancestors sun-it was the "point" of sunrise and its movement to the right place. Way right — it's light path (NEA) the life-giving, about (phenomenon) face of God, who goes by the rules, and Orthodox Slavs glorify that way throughout his life. At the time of the baptism of the Orthodox movement of two fingers of the right to the left means the victory of light (CBA) over darkness, truth over falsehood. Russian Christian Orthodox Church is a church, not Orthodox, and it is well known clerics, who, making the Bible in Russian, just write about it in the source data. There are many other confessions, where they are not telling the whole story to his "sheep" among the Slavs — from (non-Jews).

About the attitude of our ancestors to the Christian priests known tales of Pushkin and of course, that the Christian church could not be indifferent to the fact that, as noted by the famous researcher of Russian antiquity AN Afanasyev, farmers bring sick children to the Magi, "Popov and not to pray"(Afanasiev AN Myths, legends and superstitions of the Slavs, v.3, s.409.-M.: Publishing house Penguin Books, 2002.). "Reforms" Patriarch "All Russia" Nikon were against Vedic Orthodoxy, and nymphs, the sorcerer, witch-like witch, were forced to become "strangers", "Calico pass" to go into dense forests, where they could live as they lived ancestors, teaching the Orthodox in the path of judgment (Rule — Truth) and to pray the Almighty to his old Orthodox faith.

The existence of class sorcerers mentors of Russian Old Believers say and foreign researchers. And it is not about a 17 th century, and close to our times. For example, "In 1931, the Old Believers (bespopovsky) mentor, explaining the German explorer how to put your fingers, making the sign of the cross, said:" This is our first dogma. " Such examples can be multiplied. " (Assumption BA cross and sacred space: Why Orthodox cross from right to left, and Catholics — from left to right? — Moscow: Languages of Slavic Culture, 2004, p.102).

When analyzing the sources of the Vedic spiritual essence of Orthodoxy and the "reform" Nikon should make a distinction between the Old Believers and Old Believers. The attack on conservatives, organized by Patriarch Nikon in the 17th century also affected the representatives of the Christian Orthodox Church, supported the retention of the ancient dvuperstnogo signs. For centuries, in the Russian Orthodox Christian Church growing dissatisfaction church hierarchy, which, in view of Theodosius theologian Vasilyeva and Avvakum, mired in the "sins" and "falsehood." In "exhortations …" 1701 Old Believer founder bespopovskogo consent fedoseevtsy Theodosius Vasiliev wrote "I now see that you have the reasoning legion or right hand or left hand, that is to say either good 7ni evil or heresy, nor true faith"(Ibid., p.13).

This "split" of Christians happened in the Catholic Church. For example, Baptists (from the Greek. — Baptist) as a Christian sect that arose in the 17th century. in England, rejected the church hierarchy, the only source of knowledge of God considered the "holy writ." However, the fundamental difference between conservatives and Old Believers do not lie in the plane of the Christian "dogma" or Christian doctrine. Bright image of Jesus Christ as a "martyr for humanity" drew Orthodox Old Believers, but the Christian priests for a long time seen as "Dust Fathers devotees priests," as in (GOI), an alien who took the Jewish religion and Christianity instilled "fire and sword" of Christian princes and boyars . If the Christian "symbol of faith" is Jesus Christ Himself, for the Orthodox Old Believers "symbol of faith" was and is an ancient equilateral cross. Initially, it was designated the "solar" circle. This symbol of the cross and circle found on the ancient megalithic monuments (dolmens) and petroglyphs IV millennium BC He pronounced in cromlechs depicting "solar" circles on the tombs and altars, the utensils and clothes of our ancestors. Unlike this Orthodox cross in that it indicates the path of the rule (the Truth), which had a nominal right side. Our business — Right! So said the Orthodox Old Believers, and dvuperstie conservatives — is twofold expression of the cross and the Incarnation. What was considered a starting point the "right" side? This question does not apply to questions of formal logic. In terms of "right" and "left" there is an absolute (axiological) and relative (physical) sense of this opposition. The initial "point of reference" on the right side of our ancestors believed the moment of sunrise. Sacred meaning of this "moment" will reveal a different place in our study. Now only note that for our ancestors sunrise seen as the face of the life-giving moment manifestation of the Most High (Almighty and Omnipresent) of God. The moment the sun appears from the world of Na'vi (the world above) to the world Reveal reflected in the minds of our ancestors in a single symbol of the cross and the circle. Cross essentially polysemous, because it shows the duality of the world, and represents the world Navi Reveal, God and man, heaven and earth, but it is limited to a circle, as a symbol of the "point of reference". Without this "point of reference" can be constantly confused, where the right and left side, where the "truth" and "Injustice" of human consciousness and being. In addition, in the symbolism of "solar" circle represents all primary, odd and right. This peculiarity of the ancient Vedic philosophy written by Plato in the Laws. In the Orthodox tradition, the odd numbers signify not only the truth in all its about (events), but the light of life. Therefore, in Russia was made for birthdays and holidays to give an odd number of flowers, and even — for the dead, deprived of life. Considered lucky numbers 1,3,5,7, 9, 11 to 21, and so, when you get "points" or "solar" circle of mystical "trinity", known in the ancient language of the "sun" — (san) skrite as "Trimurti ". Orthodox Old Believers attached special importance of all the odd numbers the numbers 3,7 and 11, which was known to fans of the Russian "old" and the great poet Pushkin This and other "mystical" aspects of its activities is still not well understood, "researchers" of his work, and the ratio of AS Pushkin to the priests to this day has not commented.

It should be noted that today, talking about the differences of Orthodox Old Believers of the Christians, the researchers keep these differences tend to dvuperstiyu troeperstiyu and the sign of the cross. Meanwhile, Christian theology is now well known that dvuperstnoe baptism is more ancient, and the whole controversy about it was part of a purely theological scholasticism. This is well described in the book B.A.Uspenskogo "sign of the cross and sacred space: Why Orthodox cross from right to left, and Catholics — from left to right? '. More important to analyze the interests of the Christian hierarchy in Russia, which could not indefinitely tolerate the facts, when the farmers asked for help from the Magi, Orthodox Sage and not to the Christian priests. But let's not put the question: "Who is to blame?" And blame in the face of today's ministers of the Christian church. The Orthodox have a good saying: "let bygones, that — eye out!". Way right — it's the way of light and goodness. On this issue, you can not go further objective critical analysis of the essence of Christianity and its history in our country. Each person is free to follow their own path and to choose their own "road to the temple." We should be concerned today is not the question, "Who is to blame?" And "what to do".

Modern Slavophiles argued that we should designate a "point" Truth, "centers" Vedic Orthodoxy, where spiritual Vedic community, through a new "assimilation" of the ancient truths, will return to the "basics" of Orthodoxy. The example of England, where there are dozens of communities living along the ancient samples hostel, but based on new technology, shows the correct way (rules) of the output of modern technological and spiritual crisis of humanity. Similar examples exist in other developed European countries, but in silence, hiding from the Slavs, as in these examples, the Slavs will see what is in their subconscious and at the gene level. It is best to create "centers" of Orthodoxy in the field of Vedic residues megalithic culture of our ancestors, where rituals were made and heard the mantra (prayer), where the spirits of the Slavic "kind," our "namolennye" gods await revival of Vedic orthodoxy. If such space is not preserved, it should start with a clean place, where necessary brook or stream, can be "washing" of all who are ready to start creating generic "nests" Slavic communities. "Generic keys" can only find those who see Rule Path (the truth) of Vedic orthodoxy.

Vedic Education Orthodoxy should start with deciphering "original" words of Russian, and even better — with the main root of the modern language. Spiritual "circumcision" of the Slavs began with Vseyasvetnoy charters, which contained 147 beeches. Not a few "reformers" worked hard "cutoff" imaginative, rich and mighty Russian language. Finally, Lunacharsky is "cut off" brought up to 33 letters. Thus, a foreign Krivda led too gullible Slavs introduce gradual loss of original right (truth), imagery and creative power of the Russian language.

Today there is a change of historical periods, and it becomes a very important issue of historical destiny of the Russian and other Slavic peoples of our relatives. Enemies want to divide and split the Slavs was the most important issues of our unity — the question of language and faith of the Slavs. Slight differences are elevated to the "absolute", to the main question of policy and this can be countered by our common and ancient world — Vedic Orthodoxy, which leads to a "generic key" and the general "basics" of our spiritual culture. Today, the concept of Russian destiny, Russian "cross" is not only subject to ideological and philosophical, and political.

It should be noted that in the Vedic Orthodoxy there is a representation of Fate. This was written by many scholars of ancient Slavic world, and it is clear from the presentation of the Slavs rozhanits — virgins fate. I will not dwell on this matter, as such sayings as "that are destined to," "horse is not betrothed obedesh" etc. are well known. It is much more important to note that in Vedic Orthodoxy there concept of "judgment of God" and wrong are those who find this "idea" only in Christianity. In the "Lay," for example, reads: "Neither hytru, not much, no birds much judgment of God not minutes"(Zlata word. Century XII. History of the Fatherland in novels, stories, documents. M., 1986). Fate, on Vedic Orthodoxy, varies as Karna, "what goes around, comes around."

She's going to meet your actions, of (a) by a single law. In this regard, we should mention the brochure Svyatskov D. "Under the arch of crystal sky. Essays on the astral mythology in religious and national outlook. " (St. Petersburg, 1913). This booklet convincingly argues that in Vedic Orthodoxy, or, as Svyatskiy D., in "pagan" worldview Slavs into account the "dialectic" of Good and Evil. Our ancestors believed that the star patterns do not apply permanently on people, have a predisposing and conditional probabilities. A similar conclusion was A.A.Kulikov in the book "Cosmic images of Slavic paganism" (St. Petersburg, 1992). There are many studies that analyze in detail calendars from ancient Slavic vessels. This was well described in the book B.A.Rybakova "Paganism ancient Slavs" (Wiley, 1997). Not all of these books, the main thing — the understanding that "pagans" and "infidels" would it not Slavs and Christians who cunningly imposed on foreign Orthodox faith — Christianity. Substitution of God (God the Father) Vedic Orthodoxy Jesus Christ took place hundreds of years, but not painless. Moreover, by making the Slavs "slaves" of God, and they were "children" of God (God the Father), Christianity is "clipped" relationship with the gods of the Slavs of the ancestors. Each of the key phrases of a Slav, "Thank the gods and our ancestors!" Christians took the concept of "Glory", also added a key phrase Vedic orthodoxy "Our Father," and allegedly turned Christian prayer "Our Father …", which ends with the words: "… for Thine is the power and the glory, forever. Amen. " Who can say how the Hebrew sounding Russian words "Father" and "Glory"? Ask this question a minute Christians who do not see the difference not only between the Vedic orthodoxy and Christianity, but also between the New and Old Testaments. On the "falsehood" of Christianity today we have written, but all the "attacks" on Christianity — it is not our way. Christians are not really tied to our Christian "Origins", with our Truth (right), but they could not do it, because the Bible says about the other people, the other study (Top) uu and all the "roots" of Christianity from the Pentateuch of Moses , "From the Torah," and not of "Orthodoxy." If there were Slavs who took another path to God for her, what's wrong? A person is free to choose the path that he now seems closer and clearer, but this should not lead to a "generic key" and "Renaissance". It is necessary to understand the inner "weakness" of Christianity on Russian soil and threaten Christians "blow Russian Gods". Evil is evil and can not win this axiom Orthodoxy well the Russian proverb: "It is not in the power of God and the truth." True (right) — this is our, national, Slavic Orthodox Way. Therefore, we must not forget that without the Vedic orthodoxy, our people will "roll field", will leave his home without the slightest sense of regret, but in the "prestigious" universities to study excerpts from the Torah.

It should be noted that the reference to God, and in the old tradition — elevated, survived through our Aryan tribes in India, but it sounds like Slavic Vyshen Vishnu. This similarity is not surprising, but we must understand that the Vedic Orthodoxy has older roots than Vedanta India. Appeal to God (elevated) — Father of the Slavic race, in Vedic Orthodoxy begins with "Our Father …", but before that the key phrase 21 times pronounced OUM. OUM sacred sound and life-giving PAM knew our ancestors from the cradle, as the properties of these sounds had a mantra (prayer) and changed the "vibration" of human consciousness. They tossed invisible "bridge" to the Father of the Lightbringer (CBA). No coincidence that the language of the sun — Sanskrit still pronounce Gayatri Mantra, or, as it is called, Mantra (NEA) rupa. This mantra (prayer), addressed to the God of the Lightbringer (NEA) and the key phrase in the Gayatri Mantra — Tat (CBA) (WIT) ur (Var) enyam. In Russian means "Our Father, which gives light and life on earth."

In Russian there is expression (var) ganit, (var) evo, (var) os — an act that implies the Way of Light from the Father to the Lightbringer Lightbringer children. That's where the old address "Your Highness" and Mantra (NEA) rupa is the "bridge" between God and the (Glory) yaschimi his children — (Slavic) yanami. North Vedic Orthodox tradition celebrate "Birthday of the Sun" on December 25 in the Aryan (Indo-European) tribes spread to the southern regions of Europe and Asia. For example, the Etruscans gave the tradition of celebrating the day the Romans. They "also was a celebration in the sun-stroke, and the circus were the games in honor of the birth of the god of the day. It was noted in eight days before the January calends, or 25 December. Servius, in his commentary on verse 720 of the seventh book "Aeneid" Virgil says that the sun is new on the 8th day of the calends of January, that is December 25. In the time of Pope Leo I, some church fathers claimed that "I consider it a festival event (Christmas) is less honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, rather than honoring the birth of the sun." On the same day the Romans celebrated the birthday of the Invincible Sun, as can be seen from the Roman calendar which came out in the time of Constantine and Julian. This epithet "Invincible" coincides with the one that was given by the Persians to the same God, they worshiped under the name of Mithra, and which they are born in a cave, and being born in a barn, Christians venerated under the name of Christ "(Manly P. Hall. Interpreting the secret teachings that are hidden behind the rituals, allegories and mysteries of all time. — Speaks, St. Petersburg, 1994, p.160-161.). Add to this that the Christian Immaculate Mother has heavenly prototype, Celestial Maiden. It is no accident Albert Magnus stated: "We know that the sign of the Heavenly Virgin above the horizon at the moment, which we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Ibid, p.161). As we can see, "there is nothing new under the sun" and the faithful Christians, not having genuine evidence and representations of the actual birthday of Jesus Christ, annually celebrate an event that for many thousands of years is one of the main festivals of the so-called "heathen", and in validity of Orthodox Aryans including the ancient Slavs.

The peculiarity of our "old faith", we should say that Vedic Orthodox world included a mystical direction and priestly "school" sorcerers (witch). Analyzing the ancient Vedic era Russia A.N.Afanasev concluded: "Therefore, a review of the names prisvoyavshihsya sorcerers and witches, leads us to the concept of a higher, supernatural wisdom, foresight, poetry, sacred knowledge of spells, rituals of sacrifice and purification, the ability to perform divination , give divination, and to heal diseases. "(Afanasiev AN Myths, legends and superstitions of the Slavs, v.3, s.407, M.: Publishing house Penguin Books, 2002).

As already mentioned, brought Christianity to Russia for centuries existed next to Orthodoxy and became the "orthodox" Christianity. It is not surprising that Christian theologians found much in common with their "holy" and "enlightened" with practice, they believed, the Hindu Raja — Yoga. In this respect, the work is very typical of the Christian theologian M. Ladyzhenskaya "superconsciousness and the ways to achieve it" (Wiley, 2002). In the first chapter, "The Hindu Raja — Yoga and Christian asceticism" MV Ladyzhenskiy spends quite a few parallels, but does not make the main output and the recognition that "Orthodoxy" is not a Christian doctrine. It is layered on Christianity, reworked it to such an extent that the Russian people was enough to say that we are Orthodox, and forget to add the word "Christian." Orthodoxy is "mixed" with Christianity to the extent that in the 17th century patriarch "All Russia" Nikon ordered to correct prayer books and religious customs of the Greek models. Proponents of the so-called "split" Orthodoxy called "old faith", "Old Believers". "Reform" Nikon has been reduced not only to "correct" the liturgical books and the persecution of the Old Believers, but also to the destruction of the remaining ancient Vedic Heritage (right) of (fame) s. This was the main outcome of the religious "reform" Nikon. Today much has been lost, but not all. Through research so-called "Slavic paganism," for example, A. Afanasyev and A. Kotlyarevskogo, we can present the images of the gods and the world of our ancestors. There are historical and archaeological evidence of the existence of the Vedic orthodoxy Vseboga (Supreme God) and the hierarchy of the gods. For example, the agreement with the Greeks Igor says, "And they have eliko nehrescheno, but no shame help from God or from Perun, Let there be klyat from God and Perun (PSRL. Ipatiev Chronicle. L., 1998.) Zbruch stele found by archaeologists IX century AD refers to the era of "Christianity", but it shows the 3 layers of "pagan" gods, humans, and the holder of the underworld. Let me remind you that in Christianity there is not even mention of Russian and Slavs, who long before Christianity were Orthodox. However, the bright face of Jesus Christ has taken root in Russian soil, and Christianity has become an important part of the national culture. This fact can not be denied and it is necessary to understand that Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Orthodox Vedism is only a different way to the one God (Absolute). They all deserve the same respect and sincere. Unlike Orthodox Vedism only that it is closer to the Slavic spiritual sources and bracer can help us not to disappear from the scene.

For millennia, the Slavic nymphs, and nymphs (the witch) taught the Vedic conception of Orthodoxy and wildlife fire, water, earth and sky. This was an absolute omnipresence of God, and the idea of a systemic nature and human spirituality. A.N.Afanasev, for example, noted that the sky began as a catch light — light and heat — deify all Slavic peoples. In Slavic conspiracy says: "You, the sky, you hear, you, the sky, you see" (Afanasiev AN Poetic views Slavs on prirodu.T.1, p.62). In Vedic Orthodoxy Sky initially honored with the Earth. The sky and the land are in union with each other, and the sky was given vsedeystvuyuschy male type (Jan), and earth perceived — female (yin). Slavs called sky father, father, and the earth — mother, nurse.

For each of Fame (Jan) (John) was a critical month (Jan) Varya. Solar energy (Yang) began (var) os and act (John) Mother Earth. Comes time energy "fertilization" of the land and it should be given to their children Fame (Jan) I am the life-giving fruit-Ra (Yarilo). However, in Vedic Orthodoxy new year did not start in the (Ian) (var) is According to the solar calendar Slavs new calendar year starting March 22, but celebrated the beginning of spring — March 1. Zero degrees Aries on March 22 began the zodiac circle and it is no coincidence, as the sun enters Aries on the vernal equinox. Orthodox nymphs, and witches portrayed this character not as a zoological ram, and as a drop-buds. This symbol represented the parish and the blossoming of new life, pure and undefiled. It was the spring equinox symbolized the revival of life and this revival was due male solar energy (Yang).

In Vedic Orthodoxy and the number of days on the calendar were of particular importance, as in the Orthodox way of rights (Truth) was a natural, or, as our ancestors, and the right (the Vedas) nym. Go right (Vedas) nym by Slavs was easy, because (the Vedas) and the Moon (the Vedas) my suggests, for example, to name the baby if it is born in, say, Ian (var) s when and how to create a prayer pickle cabbage, clean up the house to find her future husband and assign it to a wedding day to go "in a good way, for many years."

I note that the land for the Orthodox Slavs was both deity Mother Earth, and the creative, divine element. Fame (Jan) (John) praised Yang and Yin, heaven and earth, and all of the surrounding nature. Christians see in this fact crude paganism. However, for the system of Vedic philosophy Orthodoxy recognizes Vseboga (Absolute), the deification of nature is natural. Orthodox drawn from the life-giving, inspired source of inspiration for all kinds of nature achievements. In this way they have seen the Government (the Truth) and followed by him to be worthy of its "light" of the gods and the "enlightened" ancestors. This is the essence of Vedic worldview system of Orthodoxy and the characteristics of the "source" of Russian spirituality.

Finally, we note again that each person is free to choose its own path to God. Our article is not to slander critics of Christianity, it has a very specific task — to expand an ideological "platform" Slavophilism XXI century. In the XIX century the slogan: "Brothers Slavs, unite!" Was not heard and accepted by all the Slavic nations, because too many people seemed unshakable strength and power of the "Slavic world." Today Slavs disappear as originally single ethnic group, with common historical and national roots. Our enemies are trying by all means to dissolve Slavs "national quarters", sit on the border "locks" and, as shown by the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, will "drive a wedge" between the Slavic delivery on every occasion. Under the pressure of the American "globalization" may finally disappear rich and diverse Slavic culture. That's why the new Slavophile movement becomes the "need of the day," and a return to the origins of Vedic orthodoxy — is a new, powerful force of Slavic spiritual rebirth. The mass movement to create a Slavic "pagan" and "Vedic" communities, historical and cultural Slavic organizations — it is a historical fact. The objective is to give a new ideological Slavophiles "platform" of association and return to the extremely positive religious cult — a cult of our ancient gods and ancestors. Today, the Slavic world catastrophically quickly disappears, and in response to the threat of an American "globalism" that destroys our national roots, we have to answer: "Brothers Slavs, unite," "Thank the gods and our ancestors!"

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