Victims of frost in Poland more than 200 people

Frost and sudden changes in temperature caused the death of 201 people in Poland this winter, according to Polish media.

According to the government center security, most people died from the cold in December — 135. In February, because of the frost, about 30 people died. The victims of the weather often become drunk or homeless people.

In Warsaw, where this week the temperature drops to near minus 20 degrees, the local authorities set in the streets of the big metal baskets with burning coal briquettes. These baskets, called "koksovniki," first appeared in Poland in 1981 during the martial law — then they were lying next to the soldiers who were on duty in the street. At the moment on the streets of Warsaw are more than 40 "koksovnikov." The fire in their support around the clock, which allows citizens to escape the cold. According to forecasters, they stand for in the Polish capital before the end of this week.

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