Vitebsk: Neklyaeva campaigning for Gorbachev and Fyaduta

Fyaduta Alexander and Victor Gorbachev — trustees Vladimir Neklyaeva — hold two meetings today with the Vitebsk voters.

The leader of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev spoke about Vladimir Neklyaeva, urged not to go ahead of the polls, and on December 19 — on the contrary — to turn on a holiday, to go to the polls on all the families and vote for a new president ..

"After the election, the country will not change anything — retirement will not be canceled and businesses will continue. Nothing bad will happen. But you

Today, the program is not the main thing the main thing today, make it here and here — in the head to the heart.

have the opportunity to become free people, "- said Mr. Gorbachev. And continued dialogue with the protesters on election program of Vladimir Neklyaeva:" Did you see the performance on November 26. Many said that there did not hear the program. But today is not the main program, today, the main thing that was here, and here — in the head to the heart. And then born People program. Do not program one of two people for himself, and the program for the people. "

Alexander Fyaduta added that during the existence of the "Tell the Truth" supporters of Vladimir Neklyaeva studied the situation in all regions. And in the version of the program, which the residents of Vitebsk be able to read a newspaper

In every regional newspaper we present a program where there is something that excites each region separately.

"Vitebsk worker" will be conducted on the specific problem of Vitebsk:
"Because it contains not only some general conclusions, but for the problems and Vitebsk region, which suggests pay attention Nyaklyayeu should he become president. In every regional newspaper we present a program where there is something that excites each region separately. "

On the problems of Vitebsk sample talked a lot: they are unhappy with the cancellation of benefits and quality of health services, flaws in the construction and prices. But in the hall, obviously, there were those who came here with ready-made conclusions. Someone tried to convince Nekljaev already too old to be involved in politics, saying that 64 years — it's too much. Someone blamed the fact that until still leader of the campaign "Tell the truth"Has not shown himself in politics. And someone even claimed lives well, nothing to blame for the current president and demand change. Such remarks were heard on both campaign meetings in Vitebsk, but the support in the hall did not find.

Sounded and a rebuke to Alexander Fyaduta — for the fact that once he was in command of Alexander Lukashenko. But he said that it made him ashamed. And that would be a shame if the activities of Vladimir Neklyaeva, he will say so directly in the face and in public. But, says Alexander Fyaduta, this is unlikely to happen, as with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu they are familiar for decades, and it is, in his opinion, the person who deserves to become president.

Vitebsk voters have offered their support to the team Neklyaeva: they complained that the city little spread propaganda materials. And, if they provide leaflets, they are ready to distribute printed material from door to door. And the campaign is not only for Vladimir Neklyaeva, but for anyone who is willing to carry out democratic changes in the country.

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