Vladimir Korotkevich — 80. The writer currently

November 26 Vladimir Korotkevich turns 80. Many questions classics for more than a quarter-century zadash not, but you can get some answers. Ruslan Gorbachev in the online edition of the "Solidarity" prepared a "Favorites" Vladimir Karatkevich interview.

The text uses the expression Vladimir Karatkevich from the autobiography "The Road, which was" as well as answers to questions and Tatiana A. Gubich Shemyakin. Photos — uladzimir-karatkevich.com.

— During the war, when you, Mr S., was still a child, was killed your brother. Are you in the evacuation were in boarding school. Why?

— There was a common thing in the war: for a long time did not know where the parents are alive, and if they do, and if alive, where, behind the front line or had to evacuate.

Was the first in Moscow and then on Razanshchyne. Then he had to flee from there. The Urals, in the vicinity of Kungur. Accidentally found that parents in Orenburg. With great difficulty (without a pass and a ticket) got to them. In Orenburg, finished sixth grade.

Then — recently released Kiev (Belarus was still occupied). Khreschatyk lay in ruins. The boulevard Shevchenko several times a day took a tram. In the ruins of the university we had fun looking for the mines. How not to hit the "house of miners" (in the words of my friend Baradulin), I do not know.

Vladimir Karatkevich in 1959

— In the 49th you are admitted to the University of Kiev in the Faculty of Philology. Ever since childhood dream of becoming a writer?

— No, when entered university, I wanted to be a literary critic. Wrote several works, "Bogdanovic and Present," "Language elements of Pushkin", "Belarusian and Ukrainian school drama" …

After graduation, I passed the candidate minimum and began writing his dissertation on the uprising of 1863 in the East Slavic and Polish literatures, but came other interests appeared idea of the novel ("Spikes under thy sickle") on the same subject. To realize its true, I only started twelve years.

— What made you go in March, 1953, in Moscow for the funeral of Stalin?

— At the funeral of Stalin went and knocked on the trip the children out of the room not because of sadness, but to see with their own eyes. And he saw. And, along with the guys, helped medics pull out of the hustle of people. And got in trouble in Vetashnym lane in the day of the funeral. And this is not to leave any doubt and caused one wish: "Rather be finished with all this …"

1969. Vladimir Karatkevich at Pripyat

— You — the writer of romantic …

— I'm not a writer of romantic! Who wants me to respect him — let him surrender this definition, the label in the archive.

— All right. But does your literary heroes prototypes?

— I might be more than an adventurer who (though never sought to benefit adventures), and life slips me and these people are cases that can not be called commonplace.

Here, for example, the events of just ten days in September 1978. From 9 th to 21 th. The flight to Dushanbe. — Hiking in the Gorge Varzobskaya. — The shepherds coming down from the mountains in packs. — Ancient fortress in Gisary. Markets and their people. — Museum. — Ceramics and study it. — Construction Nuretskay HPP. — Over the mountains in Samarkand. — Uzbetskae wedding at the Gur-Emir. — Observatory in Afrasiab. — Night Kishlak Ulugbek. — Again, Dushanbe. — Tajik-policeman and his family. — The debate about the roots and Christianity. — Night village in the Varzob. — Fly to Abkhazia and out to sea with the fishermen, who know a lot of years …

It's not romantic. So life is lived many thousands of people. And I want to live and live like them, and love them, and describing.

— You said that you consider yourself an adventurer. And could remember a funny incident from their travels?

— The scene in kaktebelskay police. Border guards detained. Major: "Who was detained? We know him for many years. Good people are all asleep, and this crazy night to climb over the rocks. " These words to me — the most expensive reward.

During the expedition Poles'e on the ship "Vladimir Mayakovsky." On the left side of the cabin in beretse Valentin Jdanovich on the right side of the cabin Vladimir Karatkevich, foreground right, Zenon Pozniak (archive photo reginaz.livejournal.com)

— What places in Belarus do you most enjoy, and you know?

— I love all the places in Belarus. I also know everything. Some more, some less. Most of all — the Dnieper, Poles'e, Prydvinne, Navagrudak … And all know and love. And Far East, Ukraine, the Urals, the Crimea and the Caucasus mountains. And, after Belarus, most of all — the sea.

With a wife and mother. Vladimir Karatkevich married only in '41. The writer's wife Valentina Bronislavovna Karatkevich died in early 1983. A friend of the writer Professor Adam Maldis recalled: "When Val died of cancer, Volodya was confused as a child, went restless."

— Vladimir Semenovich, I understand that this issue will be difficult, but still: what are your most expensive works for you?

— I will name three, "Spikes under thy sickle," "Chazeniya" and "rapidly despair." The novel "Spikes under thy sickle," deals with a bright page Belarusian history. The story "Chazeniya" dear to me as a reminder of the wonderful months spent in the Far East. "Rapidly despair", in my opinion, the most successful attempt to give a generalized nature of Belarusians who the hell not his brother, who was not afraid of death, and who loves best home, life and joy and under no circumstances should you give up in the fight for them.

The famous photo "Karatkevich with kittens" made Valentine Zhdanovich. According to Vladimir Orlov, a journalist and photographer Valentin Zhdanovich was one of the few real friends Karatkevich. Together they were traveling on a raft on the Pripyat River in the summer of 1984, where the writer was bad. On his return to Minsk in Karatkevich krovatsyachenne developed stomach, and he soon pamer.Valyantsin Zhdanovich very upset by the death of Karatkevich, spoke of its share of responsibility, although tragic journey was initiated by the writer himself

— You know in what state of disrepair is a national culture. How can I change the attitude of Belarusians to her?

— Nurture a love of the national culture can be only one way: to imbue human dignity for his people and his actions in history. And — in the present — work, and sometimes daunting, sanctify by young people, on waking in her in-depth knowledge of its people and its territory.

If everyone working on this at the edge of their capabilities — all of society will be able to.

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