Vladivostok appeared stinking river — fecal coast

Vladivostok appeared stinking river - fecal coastIn Vladivostok, especially along the guest route full swing repair, construction, painting and decorating. The city is changing for the better, but as it turns out, is not universal. One exception was the Second River.

In the area of the stop under the bridge takes a kind of river, off which is working KGUP "Primvodokanal." However, the work by the end had not been completed, and the sewage flow into the river. Terrible form pipe sticking out of the ground like giant worms, water unnatural dull green. In the river lies a different kind of litter. Only one not in this area — the workers and equipment that would have removed the shame, crossing the guest route.

As a result, along the route and near the guest house is proof smell sewage. Even to walk on the bridge people uncomfortable. The nose has a terrible smell. This fact annoys the local residents, and some even swear words.

"How sick of this stink! Break and brought all sewer pipes and a half years ago. Stink over a year. Satisfied just seagulls that are fighting for scraps. Creek and the stench is worth it "- described the situation annoyed woman.

"The money allocated. And the company has mastered them or not, or that it is not enough workers. Or, everything is stolen, "- stated RIA" Date's "my point of view one of the locals, the man in years.

Respondents' opinions are the same — all the annoying odor, devastation. People in an interview expressed his displeasure. And the fact that the perpetrator of this fix in the near future the situation, they believe a little.

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