Volgograd region lightning set fire house and veterinary station

The first autumn rains come to the Volgograd region, have already mischief. On Friday, in the north of the region rocked by thunderstorms. Lightning strikes all night painted the sky, and some of them even got into homes.

The first report of a fire on the panel "01" arrived at 20.14. In Serafimovichskom area lightning struck right in the brick roof of a private house in the street Sultanov. Fortunately, the residents had time to run out to the street and call the fire department. Three calculation 18th fire station handled the fire for half an hour. There were no victims.

According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the press service of the EMERCOM in the Volgograd region, later, in 21.55 similar message came from Frolovo. There Frunze Street building caught fire urban veterinary station. The fire destroyed all the furniture and office equipment. The fire was burning on the roof of an adjoining private house. Firefighters managed quickly — at 22.10 it was extinguished. Experts suggest that the reason was also the lightning.


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