Wages in the army. From the Russian Federation to …

Wages in the army of fighters to the general. CIS countries and Europe.

Our homeland

Our fighter is not dreaming about, that he was paid wages bags bucks. He and protivogaznoy bags stuffed with rubles fully enough …

Wages in the army of fighters to the general. CIS countries and Europe.

How to find the grandmother:

Monetary allowance (DA) members of the Armed Forces consists of the salary for military position (ATS) and the salary for the rank (HIA). Together they are referred to as salary exchange of content (UDF). To him plus interest increase for years of service (PNVL) and other additional payments (about them later).

Categories ATS HIA PNVL eternal as the sky and air, to deprive people they can not be. They are only adjusted when the official position of the military, increasing the number of years they prosluzhennyh or increasing DD. For example, the monthly DD deputy commander of a motorized infantry battalion, Major, which has the 16th wage category and 10 years of service (excluding fringe benefits and income tax) — 9600 rubles. But there is still a lot of additional benefits. They are kazhdomesyachnymi, quarterly, yearly or one-time. And this, consider another half DD. In the end, Major can bring home the 18 — 20 thousand rubles (unless, of course, something of a spouse or zanachit not utter that he had deducted over the recessed back in the years of cadet tank).

Kazhdomesyachnye with servicemen. "Day" D "

So, financiers every month "plus" to the salary Monetary keeping people in uniform (obviously taking into account the specificity of each service) agents. But do not think that with the huge number of military shovel means rowing: Supplements are different. Quite small, say, 100 rubles. class qualification for ordinary contract of service, and more — 200,000 rubles missile submarine commander based on the order MO number 400.

Additives, and the truth at our more than the Yankees. And many of them are the same even for names: for combat duty, for parachute jump (landing with appliances), marine currency allowances, for the diving operation.

But our know-how:

For the command (control) military units and military units — from 300 to 500 rubles (zamu commander did not put). Total of 10 to 16 rubles. and 66 cents per day keeping watch over hot lover manpower. Although the platoon commander, brigade commander though. What the 20 fighters that over 3.5 thousand!

Still there are special allowances for the conditions of combat training (for example, for our troops in Chechnya) — from 2700 to 5000 rubles per month. Another "welding":

For the complexity and intensity of services — one of the most important (excluding gain on the order number 400-A). Can range from 30 to 200% of the ATS and its pay all personnel service contract. Kazhdomesyachnye payments (EDV) by order number 400-A can be between 30 000 and 200 000. But for contract and warrant officers, as officers standing in the sergeant's office, this happiness is not allowed, that makes them a reasonable discontent. As well, "plowed" all but one — tops, while others — roots?

Quarterly payments on orders MO number 115. They pay for contract (having no penalties) due to the released as a result of reducing the number of personnel of the armed forces and saving budget funds. Curious: cuts are complete, and this payment too? The uncertainty of the order of payment of this order (to whom and how much) makes way for abuses. So, for example, in the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade LenVO all the funds allocated for the payment of the personnel of the brigade went to a narrow circle of people. In this case, seven people from the prize-winning had warning of incomplete official approval and subject to premature discharge from military service.

For the special conditions of service of military personnel involved in work on the charge of nuclear reactors ships, the appeal of nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. Facilities are small, but the work on the most fresh air healthier, you know!

For the special conditions of service … In short, the foreign exchange fee for each detected and (or) inactivated (destroyed) explosive subject. Do not believe me: it is considered in terms of percent of the salary of the platoon commander — and a different "subject" and to approach something scary, something that is not taking his hands. And to you for this satisfaction — gold piece!

Not counting kazhdomesyachnyh allowances in Russian army is still quarterly, yearly and one-time additional payments (EDV). This is the real exchange solitaire. And a tremendous difference in the amounts. All of these increases are calculated in a number of paid salaries, the percentage of the salary for the position or salary exchange of content. Of course, that CIA head breaking open. What EDV happen?

For the faithful performance of obligations of military service. And who is it, sweetheart, negligent celebrating? An evidently there are slovens. But along with this there is also a prize for exemplary performance of military duty. How's that?

For continuous military service related to skydiving. Continuous service, and a one-time fee. The phenomenon, but … So in fact there are more simple — for jumping!

For the end of military educational institutions. We have read and thought: or train hard, or teach some? And maybe they were right ancient Egyptians who believed: study harder all work?

For trouble-free operation. There is clear: those who stayed alive, and that reward!

Over the long-term and continuous service in the ships, boats and their compounds in the controls (associations). It's all right: previous staff, preparing the outputs of ships at sea, by means of a run-out. Just do not say: the long — it lope?

Ladies low wages in the army scare. For them the main thing — stability?

Who is more chilly, he receives more

There are regional factors that are taken into account in the calculation of DD. There are, for example, "polyarki" — percent increase for service in areas of the Last of the North, equivalent areas and other places with a disgusting climate and ecology, including remote. The warfare call these increases, respectively, "for wearing pants with fleece in July", "wildness". On the "North" even other winter hats, their "ears" were so long that overlapped one another. Hence the name — "half the salary."

And then there is compensation

For example, paid annual compensation for spa healing. 600 rubles to 300 rubles, and the military on his wife. Together — 900 rubles. For reference, right now — is a daily room rate 1st serviceman in a sanatorium room. How can the government compensates the military, say, living in a rented apartment? There is a payout! Minimum — 2700 rubles per month. And here in Moscow and St. Petersburg, put pay 15,000 rubles. This is the 1st. And if you still live with him and more than three, then + 50% (15,000 + 7,500) — 22,500.

On Military Pensions

Russian law established the following types of military pensions:
for years of service;
on the occasion of the loss of a breadwinner.

How is the service pension?

Monetary allowance is accounted for pension calculation (called the base amount) includes salary exchange of content (UDF), in other words, the salary for the last regular military post (ATS) and the salary for military rank, assigned to the day of dismissal (HIA), plus a percentage increase for years of service (PNVL) to the salary exchange of content.

Superannuation is set i
n the following sizes:

a) persons who have seniority and more than 20 years:
seniority 20 years — 50 percent of the base amount;
for each year of service over 20 years — 3 percent of the base amount, but only less than 85 percent of it;

b) persons with a total of 25 "calendars" and more than, of which more than 12 years and 6 months of military service:
for the total length of service 25 years — 50 percent of the base amount;
for each year of service over 25 years — 1 percent of the base amount.

Still there are a number of kazhdomesyachnyh, yearly and one-time additional payments to retirees under the current legislation. Here are just some gain:

"Presidential" (240 rubles.!)
become disabled as a result of military service;
become disabled as a result of illness acquired during military service;
I disabled the group or have reached the age of 80 to care for them;
pensioners who have dependents inefficient.
Compensation for rentals (sublease) of living space. Often it is received by the court.
Compensation of spa treatment. These are the same 600 rubles. plus 300 for the spouse.

The payment of money for payment of the price stays kids of school age (under 15 years) in the organization of leisure and health babies (up to 75 percent of the price vouchers). This year, there were difficulties in obtaining it.


Who gets how much?

Title (Thousand)
Private cc 8 — 11
Sergeant cc. 11 — 13
Lt. 12 — 13
Lieutenant 13 — 14
Captain 14 — 15
Maj. 11 — 17
Lieutenant colonel 12 — 18
Col. 14 — 21
Maj.-Gen. 25 — 30
Lieutenant general 35 — 40
Colonel-general 50 — 60
General of the Army 75 — 85

Note: this indicates the average value of DD with the main allowances;

Pay attention to the generals DD. They say that "to be a colonel — destiny to become a general — fortune." For comparison: the subway train driver — up to 60 thousand rubles.; Assistant — up to 40 thousand rubles. (Training of six months); cleaner apron — 25 thousand rubles. (No training required) and social support, housing available.


Title The amount of pension (EUR)
Min. Max.
Soldier 2800 5200
Sgt. 3200 6000
Ensign 3500 6600
Art. Prospect crate 3800 7100
Captain 4800 8000
Maj. 5100 9500
Lieutenant colonel 5400 10 100
Col. 6000 11100
Maj.-Gen. 8500 13300
Lieutenant general 15200 * N / A
Colonel-general 17600 n / a
General of the Army 19 000 n / a

Note: The calculation of the pension is taken in the fall of 2009. Additional payments are not taken into account. It should be understood that since 1 January 2010, taking into account the amount of pension allowances provided for by law, can not be below the subsistence level established by the subject of the Federation. If the calculated pension below — additional payments to pensioners are appointed by the federal or regional government.

* N / A — not available.

Focus secret

The one who stared table currency allowances and military pensions, probably saw a huge difference in the numbers. The fact that the number of cyclopean co-payments, allowances and compensations can not be counted in mission pensions. For the calculation of pensions accounted for less than 20% of the DD received military force.

And even according to the draft law on currency reform in the army (if accepted) to 1.01.12 year this value does not actually change. Only 2020 may rise to 50%. Here, the creators of the reform plan is easy to solve — 'tear' pensions on the size of DD military personnel. And save for the vaults. So Makar, lost one of the most important incentives: getting decently during the service, they will be fired after a series of not very wealthy.

What we have and what are waiting for?

At the end of last year, Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov stated that the fraction of military families who have foreign exchange earnings for the 1st family member is less than a living wage and a half times higher than in the whole of Russia, "In the end, is not satisfied with their real situation, any 2 Single-family soldiers. " A first Deputy Head of the military prosecutor Lieutenant-General Alexander Mokritsky added: "While the pace of revenue growth troops significantly lower than the national average, the difference between the total monthly income of currency civilian and military families is around 50%, which affects the state the rule of law in the Armed Forces. "

And the State Duma has promised that from January 1 this year, DD servicemen and military pensions will be increased by 6.5%. But it did not happen. And when did happen?

"In the autumn of 2010, we, as promised, make out the issue of raising public sector wages, as on the foreign exchange allowances for military personnel and military pensions, scholarships, student — said on April 20, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — create it with the state budget."

A foreign fighter which get their wages?


DD conscripts — about $ 5 per month. Contractor (private) has a $ 35 — 40. But Lieutenant is already about $ 600, and the general — a little more than $ 1,200. But the debt is for unused days of the weekend, with the non-granting uniforms and products, for being in a combat zone, etc. the government gives its military very reluctantly.


Coldat-month conscript receives about 3 bucks. Ordinary joke: "We troechniki! At the time received three Russian ruble, but at the moment — three bucks! "Officers say that their real status is even higher than the average inhabitant: the average teacher salary at the school — from $ 30 to 50. A DD officers an average of $ 400 — 470, warrant — $ 250 — 285, contract soldiers — $ 200 — 230, and civilian employees — $ 100 — 155.


We Syabry DD is salary by rank and position, seniority allowances and bonuses that are building it is about 1.5 times. And without prizes? Then the soldier-contractor receives $ 200 — 230, Ensign — $ 250 — 300, Lieutenant — $ 280 — 380, Major-Colonel — $ 400 — 500. The increase for proficiency — $ 33. Major pension is $ 200, Lieutenant Colonel — $ 265. For comparison: the average salary in Belarus is $ 356, and the officials — $ 505. The soldiers and sergeants on the call receive $ 4 — 5 per month.


Part of the Georgian army (which is prepared by South American military programs when necessary) has long been a member of the financial contentment of the United States. With this Saakashvili in 2004 was able to wage increment "elite" military immediately by as much as 300%. And the average salary of their jumped to $ 232.

At the moment, the average DD officers of the "elite" — $ 600. Officers normal part of getting a 2 — 3 times less. And when, in August 2008, Saakashvili was preparing to march on Sukhumi and Tskhinvali, he raised DD reconnaissance officers immediately for $ 180 per month. With all of this tie-eater promised connoisseurs of foreign languages (you need to think, Russian) an increase of $ 90.


DD "focused" on the average wage in the country — $ 600 lei (42 euros). Salaries military to nedavneshnego time were only 5 — 8% higher. At the moment, for contract soldiers and junior officers have increased their bit — DD was higher by 10% of the average wage in the country. But senior officers (major, lieutenant colonel, colonel) receive from $ 75 to $ 140 per month with all allowances. Fighter at the call gets a little more than $ 3. By the way, the government is not serious, and once stated that the opposition running malicious rumors as if wage war issued oats, until just a rumor.


In the Square the average salary — $ 240. A lieutenant platoon commander receives $ 180 — 190. Captain — $ 300. "Ukrainian captain of a higher education is less than the janitor of Kiev", — noted the Ukrainian Grid Focus newspaper. Army majors unfasten $ 350 per month. Lieutenants SBU — Ukraine's security service (similar to our FSB) — begin a career with the $ 200 — 250 per month. The average salary of the SBU officer — $ 400. In late March, the Cabinet proposed to increase the length of service required for retirement to 30 — 35 years and retired military themselves limit $ 700.


Wages conscript-Private — $ 24 per month. The soldiers and sergeants-contractors receive $ 250 — 300. And served for 10 years — $ 400. Lieutenant — $ 470 per month. The officers receive an average of $ 670 — 700. General of the Army — $ 380 just for "star." There are compensation and surcharges. For example, utilities — $ 23 per month, and healing — up to $ 200 a year. 18 months back kazhdomesyachnoe DD Kazakh servicemen were increased immediately by as much as 40%. Office of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic argues that the level of DD Kazakh army will soon surpass any armed forces of the CIS.


DD conscripts — $ 3 per month. For contract paying $ 65 — 70. Junior officers (from lieutenant to captain) receive up to $ 200. Majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels — up to $ 300. For comparison: in Kyrgyzstan, the chief designer of the district receives $ 30, and an ordinary employee SOEs — $ 10 — 15. To somehow make better real situation of their own soldiers and officers, the Kyrgyz government has decided to legalize the "slope": who does not want to serve, to pay an amount equal to $ 300. And such a measure on the DD servicemen had no effect.


DD military so little that they are ashamed to call the number. For example, the Tajik army colonel receives per month $ 120 — 130. It is almost 2 times less than a Russian sergeant under contract. A DD Russian NCO corps of the 201st Brigade (standing in Dushanbe) is about 10 times the salary of Tajikistan Army Sgt. Ordinary conscripts are paying $ 1.5 per month. Lieutenant — $ 56, Major — $ 80.

For comparison: Tajik teacher earns $ 20 a month.


Money that receive Turkmen officers stroll legend. According to official Turkmen media, wage war so high that it exceeds the level of salaries in other armies of the
CIS. But it turns out to be just only propaganda bragging. In fact the situation is this: Private receives $ 3.5, Lieutenant — $ 250, Major — $ 450, Col. — $ 650. The Minister of Defence — $ 3 million


Draftee gets $ 2. The contract soldier — $ 60. DD junior officers is $ 120 — 130, senior — $ 200. It does not even reach the official national average — $ 220 (though real wages rarely exceed $ 60 — 70).


The harsh Latvian army has 4,800 people and steers her major-general. But the roster is made for growth: it listed as lieutenant general and vice-admiral. Which, however, still do not like. But if they were, the length of service of 25 years "ghosts" would receive $ 2,421. But Lieutenant unfasten $ 781 (at the national average "on paper" at $ 995). Corporal instructor is $ 705, Private — $ 603. A big plus — extra charge for special education and kazhdomesyachnaya compensation for the rent an apartment for $ 180.


In the Lithuanian Army — 12 thousand people. Kontraktnik-ordinary owed $ 300, the sergeant — about $ 590 per month. Wages Lieutenant — $ 660, Captain — $ 880 Major — $ 1030, Colonel — $ 1100, General — $ 1,300.


Under the Gun — 5400 people (2700 staff and 2,700 conscripts). Oh, so they get paid: General — $ 2560 Colonel — $ 2200 Major — $ 1,300, Lieutenant — $ 1000, Sergeant — $ 980, the ordinary — $ 730. Assessing the real position of the Baltic military, we can draw a general conclusion: the smaller army, the thicker wallet.


For run-of-contract employee with the addition of transportation, food, odezhku and coupons on vacation out here and $ 800. This, by the way, the average salary in the country. Rates are higher for officers: Lieutenant has $ 1300 plus allowances ($ 130 — 200). The Colonel is now $ 2730 plus allowances.


If the data on DD war in the former republics of the USSR or the countries — participants of the Warsaw contract to collect on a poppy seed, then the Germans money secrets from anyone there. Come to the website and read the defense ministry. Much of interest.

DD in the Bundeswehr — one of the largest armies in the middle of NATO and often increases. The basic salary is dependent on rank and length of service, and the general preferential increase — from tariff groups and home position. Military personnel who have kids, get kazhdomesyachnye child allowances: $ 125 for 1st child, $ 250 for 2-yi, $ 565 for 3, $ 880 for 4 and $ 132 for each subsequent child.

In addition, allowances are provided for each overtime hour service — from $ 0.88 to $ 3.75 depending on the position. Surcharges Air Force flight personnel are making $ 611 per month. Personnel, often jumping with a parachute, a $ 150 increase for the month. Special Forces and combat swimmers — $ 1170 for the basic salary. Staff of surface ships — $ 105 per month, and divers — $ 300. In the long hikes added another $ 150. Allowances for business trips vary by area of secondment. Such categories 6. 1st — where living conditions are different from nekordinalno Fri constant dislocation. Still, $ 33 a day win! 2nd — habitation in the tents, challenging living conditions, the cost of life support and close calls. There certainly less than $ 53 a day is not enough. Is the highest category, the sixth — war zones at the risk of life. Here payout — $ 120 per day. In addition to funds, the Bundeswehr lure opportunity to get an education and one of the 60 civilian professions.


In the army of Her Majesty — only contract. And pay them at first glance good. But General Sir Richard Dannatt referred to the most acute problem of … "Very low" wages of military personnel: that the workers at car parks earn more than the men on the front lines.


All military taking part in missions abroad, rely allowances equal to the salary. And in France there Legion Etrangere — Foreign Legion. Here ensign — with fighting and foreign — paying $ 5650. In addition to wages — regardless of the award of the job. Clothes, food, shelter and medical care — free of charge. Are open to all from 17 to 42. Citizenship and look morale are not interested.

In India even pay servant officer

The officers — the elite of Indian society. Receive about $ 1,000 per month. The average income of Indians — about $ 100. Meals and accommodation officers — at the expense of the country. In addition to this they have a discount on any products directly to 50% in specialty stores. Officer provided a house, and if he has a family, then the area of the home is determined by the number of its members. Housing (with the following privatization) is released immediately after the assignment of the first officer's rank. Every officer — from the company commander and above — has the right to acquire a military servants (sahayak). The servants, or batman, lives in the house officer and receives a salary from the budget. Indian officer is entitled to extra time education, paid by the state. And yet — for a two-month leave of absence from the yearly "wellness" rupees.


The rank and file, regardless of where the service receive $ 100 — 200 per month. Soldier-alone paid double currency composition: to pay the rent and "communal". And if his ancestors had lived abroad once a year for the service, he is entitled to a 21-day vacation to visit relatives. And the ticket is paid both ways!

The average wage was $ 11 General 000 per month. Lieutenant is about $ 1200, and the army has always complains about the low wages low-ranking officers. But when it comes about extra charges to pay, they usually get higher officers. If their average wages increased by about 7% per year, the junior officers enjoy an increase of 1.5%.

Who gets how much in dollars?

Title Germany England France
Soldier 1668 — 2839 1625 — 1750 1400 — 1700
Sgt. 2401 — 3559 4000 — 5000 1700 — 2600
Lt. 2913 — 3999 3500 — 3800 2300 — 2900
Col. 6008 — 8413 9500 — 10600 5000 — 5500
Gen. 9015 — 13798 11700 — 12000 6000 — 8000

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