War law

Who in the world are at once two proceedings. In fact — it is a single process, a hearing was held in different halls.

First thing — it's a case of 100 30,000,000,000, which the European Union is trying to suspend financial disaster in Greece.

Second case — the case of the billion that Berezovsky is trying to sue Abramovich, considering that amount of money equivalent of their own in Russia.

1. Assist Greece if it does not, it is likely to fall construction of a United Europe. If the construction of Europe will fall, shaken the global system — is fraught with war. The economic crisis of the 30's led to a world war, mass slaughter is always used as a means of reviving the economy. Peacetime economy is stalling — then economy rises due to the war. The war — the creation of more profitable than peace.

In economics, the war is now more money if the economy peaceful. An instrument is spent in the 10's times more than those that are necessary for the salvation of Greece. Furthermore, war almost constantly warmed over low heat — Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. So whether surgery was needed in Libya — or should these same tools to use to save the peace economy? So whether you need to increment the budget of the industrial complex to the astronomical figures — either all the same to save Greece? The answer is given. In other words, instead, to save people from confusion and poverty — countries prefer to invest in the creation of trillions guns kill people. It is not a question of humanism are the cycles of capitalist production.

Now the peaceful life of the 10-s of millions of people in question — a series of peace-time economy ended. Still trying to cure the world of medicine. Try the slack, but they pretend that they are trying. The doctor enters the room, without interest feels the pulse. Required 100 30000000000, not to Europe fell. Only just! Give 100 30 billion — and maybe the world will not fall.

Prozhrali hundred times that amount on corporate buffets, drunk on boats, lost in a casino in Courchevel. This is a general — not a means for owners of life. The combined wealth of oligarchs 5 — that's for you and save Europe. In general, the world does not use logic prodrazverstok: overwork billion acquired by wealthy izderzhat right for their needs, and not for the salvation of mankind.

Case of 100 30000000000 listen now at European summits, and the population of Europe is awaiting sentencing: will the pill unhealthy — or be cut? I would like a pill — but it seems that no amount was negligible, it must be somewhere to take.

2. Go with this in the English court case heed Abramovich-Berezovsky. Two people with unruly individuals say they became rich.

They say that everyone knew — but, as they say in such cases, the evidence is not there.

All in Russia knew that the securities auctions — are fictitious. Bowels of the earth, the industry, resources, formally owned by the people, were transferred to personal parties — apparently, it came out on competitive basis, and the funds from the auction go to the Tipo budget. In fact, the same corrupt bureaucrats distributed property among themselves and organized criminal groups. Usually when such a comment is pronounced, the source indignant: and you that you have confirmation? Honestly it was! But here, the owner supplies revealed that he bought a thing, not having the funds, received a huge slice of the nation's wealth as agreed, taking partners recognized the thieves.

It was made with the knowledge of management of the country. It did not work out in the year one — it did yesterday, people who have not come to believe that robbed his people. It was almost a second enslavement of the Russian people, and it did not so long ago. And even clear how and by whom.

Awareness of the issue (as always) is to produce a simpler function: put two and two together. The press often referred favorites so called criminal gangs that are mined by means of racketeering and other crimes. Society of criminals condemned in principle. But here, Abramovich knows that the shareholders of companies, state owned property, were favorites of organized criminal groups (Anton Malevsky, etc.), he explains that the management structure of Sibneft was closed, specifically in order not to betray the names public. Abramovich describes how to pass a bribe of one million dollars to Berezovsky, he explains how a system is in the agreements between the offenders and the bureaucrats.

Wait, can voskriknut wimp: it is robbery! Means the people's wealth — with the knowledge of municipal officials — to transfer the management thugs to help those means faithful treasurers of the government? As well, excuse me, people? And, sorry, democracy?

Obyvatelyudavno explained to that democracy — this is for you not to have gingerbread. Infringed the rights of people retell each other phrase, allegedly belonging to the young reformers, "If 30 million will die — means do not fit into the market. Nothing new will be born. " Anyone read a phrase or not, is not clear — perhaps nervous Patriots preomnazhayut all the same number of reported victims than even Stalin's plans. But, here's a litigant knows how he made a fortune — and now there is actual evidence. The English court was suddenly such modern "thing about the burning of the Reichstag" — in which the well-known fact plunder of the country made public. And without much affectation, as there is nothing special. Well, they took. And we continue to take.

There remains to add that we took for ourselves not just the people's wealth — people take the future. In order to take the life of people in the war, this life is required initially depreciate in peacetime. It happened, it should be realized. But to lay down two and two together — a procedure unpopular.

Abramovich talked to him as a billion appropriated for themselves — without creating anything, do not think of anything without producing anything. His work was his ability to negotiate with the bandits and the administration, the device of corporate affairs. And the world has agreed that such an ability to negotiate and there is now a genuine work — but the fact that there were up to this work, this is not so essential.

What is happening — a spit in the face of the law.

If it is true that bribery is punishable by law — that here, the man admitted that he gave millions in cash bribes.

If it is true that the relationship with the officials of organized crime punishable by law — that here, the man admitted that he provided a connection with organized crime by government bureaucrats.

If it is true that the question of the legitimacy of capital is important — it's the person at the trial showed that the auctions, privatization, asset purchases was phony.

If it is true that the law is equal for all — that this person is certainly offender.

So as not to divide, had to say that all the funds in general — stolen.

It seems much more? All of it is written!

3. Mir used to, he spit in the face of the world will wipe. These offenders are taken enlightened public land. On the stolen money bought the best house in London, politicians and businessmen painters were honored to attend receptions on yachts and opening-sponsored exhibitions. Yesterday's fighters with Russian despotism cling to bold business partners. Best Western people clink champagne on opening days — but the fact that they all drink champagne stolen, they have long been interested. And to tell the truth, no one in the West, it never becomes interested.

At times — when it becomes profitable — West recalls justice and happy hunting dictator, who 40 years earlier shook hands and shared the profits with anyone.
Even yesterday, Gaddafi tent stood on the lawn in front of the Elysee Palace — what the French president did not know about the fact naizloveschey Colonel? Not long ago, Saddam was a guest, along with it waged war Iran, but later turned out that the Saddam — a possible Hitler.

Until such time as not useful to think of morality — steal the capital in the West generally happy. You should not exaggerate the West End to moral principles: just lazy fighter against totalitarianism is not about the Ukrainian Famine says — but no one remembers the famine in Bengal, which claimed the British authorities with the knowledge of four million man, no one reads about the famine in Ireland, of colonial diseases and morah, and that under Roosevelt in the 32nd-33-ies of the American population has decreased, too, do not they say. In fact, this vale of tears left by those who do not fit into the market — and the women, as rightly seen to give birth to new ones. Now and in the States and in Europe — in banks, joint-stock companies, in politics and in the economy, there are billion in stolen funds. Western politicians are advisers to the Russian oligarchs, clearly knowing that the wages derived from the loot. Western gentlemen know the origin of equity — but work hard. Trace the path of bills from the pocket racketeer, eviscerated stalls, to the bank accounts of the Lord — it is easy. This is a common mathematics. But to lay down two and two British did not exactly love as Russian — to motivate them to a huge amount.

Of public opinion has long been there at all. Of rascals in London quickly make pochetaemyh people and prisoners of conscience, and at the Biennale artists seek out the patronage of bandits and drug traffickers. In the minds of intellectuals coup, those who once fought the Russian government barracks, now bow and scrape before tillage, bend the neck in front of thieves — and it is progressive. At times, the abscess bursts: what if someone sends someone in a low voice, that no matter how progressive editor of any publication, millions kidnapped, but public opinion condemns gossip faster than its prey. Say something about the shortfall in the budget, "Snob" — but, upon my word, you are the millions that counted? And if they took the man, so he should be. Some metropolitan gallery as it was the roof of gambling — but let it really should stop us clink on the opening days? Bandyugany passionately loved by the public — and it's only natural thieves and specifically represent progress. Other progress in this society do not.

World agreed that the usual aspects of labor — labor lost aspects of crime. But what is with all this human rights are face!

4. Precisely so to speak: the population of the planet (and its attendant legislation) — it seems to be the rear. Unemployment, falling production, inflation, refugees, homeless, low birth rate, the highest mortality rate — all prepyadstviya rear. Complaining will not do: surround life in general is likely insofar as there is a war. The real work is not in production — the factory bankrupt and closed — is a genuine work of thieves on the front line, in the middle of the owners of life, where reigns a different morality and rules in another law. Peaceful economy has long obeyed the military economy, we have long been living under martial law.

And if it was different — perhaps would have stood the question, where will the money for Greece?

Yes, that's how: from those that are assigned Abramovich and Berezovsky.

Of the thousand billion stolen from the people for the last 20 5 years.

But this did not happen: the loot will not return. Thieves will not condemn. The world will not help out.

Now the well-being of the 1st thief — in fact amount to the health of the world.

And that's fine: the war is the general life of hundreds of thousands of soldiers' lives.

We are called to war — you want to wage war in the army itself?

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