Warm weather in central Russia hold out until Friday

Period of sunny and warm weather in the central regions of European Russia last until Friday, the weekend will begin rain and colder, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"In the center of European Russia seasonal drop in temperature occurs against a comfortable September weather … Monday to CFA approached from the west a new anticyclone. He again returns tranquil calm weather. Until Thursday's average temperature will exceed the norm by 3-5 degrees," — said.

Day in the district will be predominantly sunny weather, the temperature in the middle of the day — from 14-19 degrees in the north — up to 19-24 degrees in the south district.

According to meteorologists, the weather will change on Friday, starting with the western areas, rains, followed by a decrease of temperature occurs at 2-3 degrees.

"Atmospheric front, pushing warm in the south-east, will spread more cool air mass already across the CFA, thermometer readings will continue to decline," — said in a statement.

In particular, on Saturday in the morning will be from 3-8 degrees to the north-west of the territory to 8-13 degrees to the south-east. "Day — from 10-15 degrees in the northwest to 15-20 degrees in the south-east. Weather will be cloudy and rainy," — said in a statement.

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